Jimmy Jazz Records presents:

The Lunatics-Swienci i Grezesznicy
Jimmy Jazz bring the latest material of The Lunatics. The band was formed somewhere in 2005-2006 in Poland and became one of the most well known pure punk-rock bands here. Their style is pure punk-rock without too many influences that could remind of Rancid or The Clash. The lyrics are in Polish as well as the attitude even if they don’t want to seem Polish. A goog album 100 % punk-rock !

Ziggie Piggie-Light Smyk Music
100 % ska old school direct fron Poland. Jimmy Jazz presents the latest Ziggie Piggie material, Light Smyk Music. Influenced by Judge Dread, Skatalites, Prince Buster, Studio One and everything that meant TRojan Records, Ziggie Piggie are one of the most appreciated Polish ska bands together with names such as:  Skapoint, Skampararas or Skambomambo. The reggae of the late ’60s brought together with lyrics filled with optimism and a skanking rhytm make this album a ‘must have’ for all those that appreciate this music. An album for the old school ones, for punkers, rudies or skins from anywhere, for the summer nights, for Saturday evenins, for pubs, for skanking, for relaxation.. this album has it all.

The Headhunters-Wczesne Lata 2000-2002
The Headhunters are already an old band in the Polish underground, formed somewhere in the early ’90s. After an agitated period in 1994 they break up and come back in 2000 with a new line-up. Their style is a mix of old school punk, psychobilly, rockabilly and a load of influenced from bands such as : Misfits, Social Distortion, Turbonegro, Motorhead or Tiger Army.    13 original songs signed by Headhunters, gathered in the album released by Jimmy Jazz. Haven’t understood too much from the lyrics since they are in POlish, but I promise I will have a better documentation.

Komety-Ztoto Aztekow
Komety represents for Poland one of the most liked alternative band. A mix of indie/punk and garage that reminds of bands such as Nirvana or The Who. They were formed in 2003 and became a band with its one cult in the musical peisage in POland. This album is a collection of live recorded songs as well as some studio tracks, all new. Komety is also one of the few Polish bands included on genre compilations from the US, Germany or France. Well, if their former album, Akcja v1 had an English version, this one doesn’t.

Skambomambo-100% PolSKA
Skambomambo, ohh yea! To my mind, one of the best Polish ska bands. 100 % 2 tone ska. The band started in 2001 and here they are, among the best bands in Poland. They had a dynamic activity, shooting a clip and having lots of concerts, as well as being on various compilations. The style is a mix of 2 tone ska and a bit of punk, 100 % skank rhytm and lots of influences from The Toasters, The Selecter, Specials, Madness and closer to us, The Chancers or Ska patrol.
optimism, skank as much as possible ! I can forsee a skankin’ summer !

The Analogs-Miejskie Opowiesci
Analogs are one of the best oi/punk bands from Poland. Their last album was released by Jimmy Jazz and has 13 tracks They were formed in 1995 and quickly became an interesting band for genre compilations worldwide, such as Oi It’s the World Invasion and others. There are many influences such as those from Business, Cock Sparrer, 4 Skins, Undertones or The Clash, a great mix of punk and 100 % oi. In the close future, we will have a surprise from their part, an entire cover album after Misfits, Undertones, Clash, Business and other with Polish lyrics. We shall see !

Anti Dread-Zestaw Do Samobojstwa
Anti Dread is a hybrid, formed with members from Analogs, Road Trip’s Over or The Chiave. Their style is a combination of ’70s punk with a bit of rock’n’roll and glam. The bands that were source of influence for the Anti Dread music are bands such as Ramones or The Rats or even Undertones. 9 great songs, in polish unfortunately, for me, taking into consideration that I can’t understand a word. They call themselves the most ‘scum pop-punk band fron Poland’.

Pavulon Twist-No Twist, Just Boogie
Boogie in my veins ! will bring back the American movies of the ’50s-’60s, pin-ups, Cadillacs, whiskey.. Pavulon Twist don’t do twist but rockabilly. They combine in a perfect way Johnny Cash’s country with rockabilly and the macho boys’ ’60s surf.
The album has 12 songs included just perfect for a mad dance on a Friday evening at a high-school party. Surf, rockabilly and a bit of old school punk, It’s enough already, let’s twist again !

Dumbs-Worst Nightamares
They’re not Ramones, but Dumbs and come fron Poland. They started back in 1995 with covers of Ramones, but in time they got to have their own songs. Worst Nightmares is their latest material and was released by Jimmy Jazz. 16 songs 100% rock’n’roll/ punk a la Ramones. Short tracks with kiddy lyrics in the style that Joey did. The band brings on forth simple things among a soft irony to nowadays bands and on the underground scene in songs like Sunday Punk or they bring us back in the ’70s through songs like Seventies in New York city.

thanks to Dzidek -Jimmy Jazz and Cristina