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Interview: Voodoo Healers

Exclusive interview with Voodoo Healers (Punk Rock’n’Roll from Greece). The interview will be available as well on our next number, coming out soon in .pdf for free.

gateshead 16.05.2018

MirceONE (MPTYZINE): Hi guys, this is Mirceone from MptyZine, it’s been awhile since we talk last time. How are the things?

VH: Hello Mirceone and many thanx for the contact and your interest to put out infos and news about the band through this interview.We are doing good in general keeping ourselves busy and active as much as possible with tours, recordings etc.

I remember first time when i did listen to you was in 2006 with Living In A Dogville, years have passed and i see that you are still going strong, congrats!

We try…we really try hard to keep it alive in total 15 years from 2003 the band established till today and hopefully few more years.

Saw some new tours for the band in Europe, how are things so far?

The world was always the target, not staying in our city or country, Rock n Roll is the idea and the cause and its bigger than anything else thats why we are touring as much as we can all around Europe, would be great if we could move even further but its very difficult. We had good times bad times….any kind of times…living on the road from 2007 till now. Doing this for such a long period and constantly is tough, the price you pay is high, you don’t choose life after all life choosing you, you just let it take you by the hand.

Any new stuff for 2018?

On March 2018 we re-released our first album „Living In A Dogville” this time in vinyl, its a new fresh recording of the original material plus a bonus track.

Planning a new recording of totally new material till the end of the year and having the album released in the fist half of 2019.

For those that don’t know you please tell us a few things about Voodoo Healers.

We are a Rock n Roll band, fast loud and sweaty, we started on 2003 and we stay loyal as we can in the idea that makes us started, we dont want to change we would love to be better on what we do not change it.

We dont like terms and headlines no fashionable, academic, veritable but not real, correct in the way fits to us and more issues.

Tell me about your music and message

Everything is clear from our side in a world that likes the blurry mixed up situations, Rock n Roll is the answer.

In a personal or social level here is few lines from us for us and to the world.









If you have to do a band top 10, what bands will be in it?

That’s tough but we ll try…in not particular order…are 12…

-Link Wray





-Velvet Underground

-Rolling Stones



-Radio Birdman


-Johnny Thunders And………..

Few words about Greek scene and interesting facts maybe?

Some maybe say that the Rock scene in Greece is general is really ok, of course its matter of opinion and how a person see Rock n Roll, we believe we have the scene we should have….bad or good dosen’t matter too much, in every place cultural or subcultural activities are moving based to the local standards.

One chance to make an split EP with a favorite band, what band will be?

If we are talking for bands are still active it would be The Damned or T.S.O.L…..better to stop with these two.

Any plans for the near future? where can people see you live? where also you can be found online for people to listen to your music?

Besides the recording of the new material till the end of the year hopefully we ll be on tour during March and April 2019, we can’t announce any schedule at the moment but for those who likes to see us they can follow the band on internet and get all the news.



You Tube:


I know that Romania gave you a good impression? Someday soon you will come back?

We are coming every year in Romania and i m sure it will happen on 2019, stay tuned!!!!

A tough one: Clash or Ramones? Why?

We could write books for both of the bands but since i must give a certain reply….

Ramones, they ReDefine Rock n roll after a period that things were kinda blurry and they stood for that for a lifetime.

Guys thank you so much for this short online time, i know you are busy, anything for our few online readers to add?

We thank you for the chance, we hope to get some feedback from any of your readers during the time. Take care


MirceONE vs. Voodoo Healers – July 2018

interview: Voodoo Healers (punk’n’roll from Grecee)

I know Chris for a few years and he’s a really nice guy, with his band Voodoo Healers they make a mix from punk to rock’n’roll made in Grecee. I caught him in a discussion on the net, we talked about music, tzatziki and Zorba and this is what came out. PS. please excuse our english…enjoy it!

MPTY ZINE: Hello Chris, how are you? fun at the beach with Mediteeranean girls?

CHRIS: well i cant tell i m ok but lets say so and so, about beach yes man  i can have my fun, about Mediteeranean girls i dont know, about Greek girls i know a thing or two and my way of fun is not so close to their way.

I know you’ll start a tour in the fall, tell me a few words about it.

Yes we are working on next tour October 2011, it will be probably the biggest tour Greek band ever succeed, previous one i think was also ours,26 or 27 gigs we ll start at 2nd or 3rd of October and we finish at 29th, the band will play in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, so far Greek dates are booked, Bulgarians almost all and we are waiting one more answer from Hungary,about Romania we hope to have soon the answers we need, we are planning 5-6 gigs in Romania, truth is this will be first time we gonna play so many shows in Greece, it was hard in the beggining but on the way things worked nice.

You’ve been last year in Romania with Green Goblins, how was the public?

Our previous time in Romania was really great, it was first time for us and for the Goblins as well, i didnt know what to expect, we saw different kind of people to our gigs, most of the audience was really warm.

What is the situation in Greece, i saw on news that you have a shitty situation there with the gouverment…

You are asking me about situation in Greece and what the nets reporting, well it is,  it used to be and it will be too fucking shit, and simple people is responsible for this, we have the politicians we deserve, we have what we vote,  we have the same stupids for years,  maybe faces can change,  and people still support this system, going to elections, voting and supporting this corrupted system, what else can i say.

What Voodoo Healers prepare for the near future, working on something new?

Voodoo Healers besides the upcoming October tour  finishing an album with title ” Dawn Of A Day”,  album will be totally ready late summer,we re gonna have few gigs in Greece till the end of this years supporting Godfathers the  legendary English rock n roll band, and for 2012 target is England , Germany and Finland.

Please make me a top 10 of your favorite bands and artists.

Mircea this question is really tricky but i will try: Stooges, Motor City 5, Motorhead, Rolling Stones, Dr. Feelgood, Ramones, Who, Roky Erickson, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Damned

Choose between Tzatziki and Kebab 🙂

Tzatziki and Kebab are two different things, one fits to another, thats why i choose both

You thought to do a cover version punk’n’roll for Zorba the Greek?


So what do you think about Romania?

Romania i have to say is really beautifull,  the county side ,the mountains the  forests …really  great, i love the idea to spend more days there and meet more people, most of the people we met during previous tour were cool and kind to us, i m looking forward for more.

On Living In A Dogville appear a funny logo from Juicy Pussy Records, it’s your label?

Yes, actually is a label i did for our first release, from the moment that it was almost impossible to find another label to do that for us i did it myself, the logo is an artwork from a friend who offered to draw something, i liked it, its funny as you mention, but only that…

Thank you so much Chris for the answers and if you have something to add, please do it.
I like to say one more, one more thing that i m always saying, support your local rock n roll scene, support the bands with  original material,  this few people who fighting to keep the idea of a band alive…

see you around
„Fast” Chris from Voodoo Healers vs. Mighty Mirceone from Mpty Zine / july 2011

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