Far From Finished (promo album)

Oi you!

We have some amaizing news: Far From Finished (Boston-US) will release a new album on Flix Records (distributed by Cargo Records) on 8 march 2013. The EP is called „Let’s Be Frank” and it has already a promo on our latest number.

However you can download for free the new track:Mother Mercy

Link: https://soundcloud.com/flix_records/far-from-finished-mother-mercy

For pre-order:

„Let’s Be Frank” 7″ on green and orange vinyl
Promo picture:
thanks to Felix and Flix Records

Interview-One Short Fall

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE) Hey guys, what’s up?

Matt :  What’s up dude! Thanks for interview…anyone reading this  If so find us and hit me up on our Facebook to prove it! 😉  Ok so since  the last album we have toured, had a fire, toured, got robbed, toured, had an engagement (wink), moved multiple times, and had some job changes ha! We have had kinda busy schedules recently.

Dan: Hey dude! I’m chilling listening to the new Souls Record!

2.I’ve listened to your album over and over, but i think it is time for something new…
Matt: I think so too man! …Dan?…

Dan: I agree! It will be four years in October since our last full length came out and we are ready for new tunes also. We have all been really busy with our personal lives this past year but we starting to get a new release together. We currently have a few songs ready to record and many more are in the works.

Matt: Ye We have been working on a bunch of stuff! In between all three of us moving and some job and schedule changes we have been working on 2 splits and a new full length! The first split „Melting Cheese” we did with our friends from Delaware “Tit Patrol”.  We will be pressing it to vinyl so thats awesome!  (its not out yet but as soon as we have a release date we will let you know, if you want one! We have recorded our half of another split we are doing with „The Headies” also from Delaware.  Once we get them up here to record in our studio, Rat House that one will also be coming out (that one will have new songs and covers) So far im loving all the new stuff we’ve been writing and I feel like we are still developing our sound which is super cool!  There is a clip of our last live show on our facebook that has some bits from new songs so check it out!

Brian: In my opinion, this split and new record we are working on, this is the best new tunes we’ve done!

3. Tell me something about the band, how you start and something about Nothing Left To Say

Dan: It’s been too long ago at this point to remember exactly how we started… It’s like we’ve been black out drunk the whole time. The Big Man and I went college together and started this band together almost 10 years ago.

Brian: I was living in Newark and saw that they were working on a new record and needed a new drummer.  I came down and auditioned a bunch and wasn’t good ha! However since I like to drink, I got the job.

Matt:  Brian did great at the auditions haha!  Dan and I had been doing this for a few years and our old drummer left.  We kind of floated in limbo for awhile but then started writing “Nothing Left to Say” and figured we would work out the drummer thing after.  We had a little label interested in us assuming we found a drummer so we started looking.  Brian came through in the clutch and rocked hard…plus he is really good looking 😉  The rest as they say is history!

4. Snowfall In Killarney reminds me of Dropkick Murphys or Street Dogs. What is the story of the track?

Matt: We will give that one solely to Dan ha!

Dan: The song is about when I went to Killarney, Ireland in 2006. We woke up one morning and it was snowing and there were ice caps on the Macgillycuddy Reeks. Our bus driver Tom O’Toole told us we were very lucky to see it cause “Frost upon the Reeks” was a rare occurrence.

5. Who is the Jersey Girl?

Brian: Ah…miss Jenna Von Fury! What a woman…wonder where she went haha!

Matt: You can find her on the internets if you felt like looking hard enough! She was a friend of ours from awhile back who was/is a badass haha

6. Bouncing Souls or Rancid?

Matt: Unfair Question! I mean Freeman is sick…but c’mon the Souls? sooooo good…and from the dirty jerz!

Dan: That’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is. So… Rancid.

Brian: Rancid

7. Obama or Bush?

Brian: I didn’t vote: You are always gonna wind up with the same                              thing…no matter who you vote for they are all the same fuckin thing. 2 party system sucks.

Matt: HA! Same person…well atlas Obama can articulate a thought

Dan: Neither but if I had to choose def Obama.


8. For the near future you have some new tours or some gigs?

Matt: Right now we are actually focusing on just writing this record and trying to get those other discs out…cause like you said….its been FOREVER!

9. Tell me if you know something about Romania or the scene here

Brian: I went to school with a kid name Alex… he was from Romania, pretty cool other than that no…no idea about the scene I hope it’s doing well I’ll have to look into it!

Matt:  Not a single thing…but you gimme some bands from there I should check out and I will look into it for sure! I hope the kids there have fun and work at keeping there scene alive cause its on life support over here…but we are workin for it…it means a lot to know you have heard us there!

10. Make me a top 5 with the best bands ever…

     Buddy Holly
     Blink 182  (this list for me changes weekly)

Brian: Iggy
       The clash
       Op Ivy

Dan:  The Beatles, Rancid, Social Distortion, The Clash and… One Short Fall.

11. Thank you for your time and if you have something to add, please.

Dan: Thanks You!

Matt:  Sorry so long to get back at you but thanks again!  Hope you guys enjoy the tunes (I will send you our new single if you want to be the first to debut it anywhere)

Brian:  In these modern times with music the way it is and live (actually live not computer based) performances harder and harder to come by musicians should stick together whether it’s Rock & Roll, Ska, Reggae, Punk, etc. ALL Stick Together!

Mirceone vs. One SHort Fall – January 2013