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Oi you! It’s a pleasure to share with you our latest number. For this number we have:

Grados Nocivos (Mexico-streetpunk) – interview in spanish.

Promos with: Anti Flag / Out Of Bounds / Svetlanas / Cutthorat LA / Motina / All Worked Up / Oxymoron / Treason/ South Class Veterans / Kings Never Die / Foreign Legion / Harbour Rebels / The Magnetics / Concrete Elite  / Bull Brigade

Special thanks to Rene from Demons Run Amok, La Victory Store, Infeztado Records, Grados Nocivos, New Age Records and all of our friends all over. #seeyainthepit

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Demons Run Amok promo CD’s

Oi you! We are happy to share some bands from our friends at Demons Run Amok.

Svetlanas Disco Sucks cover

Svetlanas-Disco Sucks

Svetlanas formed originally in 2009 in Moscow but wow…is a long story how the band members become banned in their own country. After some line up changes the current one is: Olga, Diste, Steve and Nick. The band now is in Milan, Italy and this is their 5th material, out on Demons Run Amok, called DISCO SUCKS. The band sound is a mix of punk-rock and hardcore and this is valid as for the rest of albums, pure anger and packed with a lot of attitude. The album was produced and mixed by the band in their own SVETS Modular Collective also known as SVETS MC, their DIY studio inside Pinbowl Skatepark close to Milano, Italy. Check them out on their facebook HERE. Also check their video for their first single from the album Jump here:


MCD_9535 by Jerry Milton
Svetlanas photo by Jerry Milton used for promo


2.All I See Is Red
3.Don’t Do It
4.Pussification Of Punkrock
5.Spit On Your Mother’s Face
6.Karma Soldier
9.Tear Me Down
10.Never Sleep Again

COVER Digital

Cutthroat LA – Reflekt

Demons Run Amok presents the EP from Cutthroat LA out this year in January. This is Reflekt, a mix of old school hardcore with beatdown and hiphop elements, personal, politic, frustrations and religious chaos.The band shared the stage with names like: Agnostic Front, Evergreen Terrace, Billy Bio, Street Dogs, Gorilla Biscuits, H2O among many others. They formed in 2003 but all the band members come from different hc projects along the years and this brings all the good influences in one band. HC in your face old school! Also a first video from the album is for the song Trouble, check it here

From L.A. with anger, old school HC for the fine ears!

Circle Logo
Cutthroat LA logo
Cutthroat LA promo photo from Demons Run Amok


01. Trouble
02. Last Chance
03. Rat
04. Drown with Me
05. Never Settle


SCV CD 1440
South Class Veterans Hell To Pay – cover promo

South Class Veterans – Hell To Pay

The boys are coming back with Hell To Pay, out on Demons Run Amok. 10 tracks of Oi/streetpunk for the fans of Old Firm Casuals, This Means War, Anti Heroes, Warzone, The Take or any of the good oi/punk bands out there. They are coming from New Jersey, USA and formed in 2017, the band members all have played in various bands around the area and they are no strangers to Oi and Punk scene. Oi/punk with some hardcore influences straight in your face. You can check the band on Facebook HERE

Check their latest video for Lies:

South Class Veterans promo photo from Demons Run Amok



1. Squared Away (Teaneck99)
2. Read
3. The New Neighbors
4. Shortcomings
5. Repass
6. Tall Cans
7. For Hire
8. Those nights
9. Imposter
10. Cape May Street

Some other good stuff from Demons Run Amok here on their SHOP.

These are some bands that the label promoted and released along the time: 50 Lions, A Perfect Murder, Akani, Alcatraz, All For Nothing, Beat Down, Bleed Into One, Cold As Life, Dead Reprise, Do Or Die, Deliver, Grade 2, Hardside, Kingpin, Last Mile, Manifestation, Merauder, Old Firm Casuals, Raw Power, Samsara, Second Youth, Subzero, Take Offense, This Means War and many many more. Pure HC/PUNK! Thanks to Rene from DRA.

Treason – sXe HC – True Believers EP

Treason promo photo high res
Treason band – promo photo

Oi you! You must check this band, straight from the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio with a blast in your ears: Treason. They are a sXe hardcore in your face band that presents their new material out in March 2020: True Believers. The band formed in 2017 but they have decades of experience behind, the members are coming up from bands like: Suffocate Faster, One Nation Under Blood, Blood Has Been Shed or Terror. And speaking of bands, their sound is raw, fast and agry for the fans of: Biohazard, Hatebreed, Madball, Gorilla Biscuits…so all good things from NYHC to WestCoast sound, packed in sXe attitude and positivity.
The band is signed with the hc label New Age Records (you need to check them as well for some heavy stuff), and this is their 2nd EP after No One Is Safe.
True Believers has 5 tracks of pure madness, heavy riffs and good for mosh! See ya in the pit!

Check the band on FB / BANDCAMP, also check NEW AGE RECORDS for some cool bands and merch.


1. True Believers
2. Please Believe
3. We Are Against
4. N.O.I.S.(E)
5. Balaclava

Treason -True Believers- cover high res

stay tunned for our new number coming up soon. Treason will be featured here. Thanks to Mike from New Age Records. Cheers.

Out Of Bounds – new single and UK video tour

Out Of Bounds cover single Enough

Out Of Bounds are back in 2020 with a new single titled Enough. They have as well the video filmed in their UK tour. We did write a bit about them in 2019 when they have released their EP Eat, Sleep & Greed. The single goes on the same path of punkrock made in the 90’s with a bit of hardcore that will remind you of Propaghandi, Pennywise or Strung Out. The danish trio already have the song up on Bandcamp and i will recommend you to visit them on FB or Bandcamp. In short words if you remember the old Offspring and NOFX albums, this is something for you. All their materials are released thru 5Feet Under in Denmark and Entes Anomicos in Germany. Melodic punk of the 90’s in your stereo.

UK tour video for Enough here:


Bull Brigade -Stronger Than Time EP

Bull Brigade

Oi you! As you know already i am a big fan of Italian punk, and it’s always a pleasure to share some news about my favorite bands. Now it is time for Bull Brigade. For those who don’t know them, i will tell you that as a band they formed in 2006 in Torino from the ashes of bands like: Banda Del Rione and Youngang. The line up changed a bit along the years with members from bands like: Gavroche, S Contro, Los Fastidios, Cervelli Stanki. Their first release come in 2008 „Strade Smarite” that soon become an icon album in the oi! scene. They have shared the stage in many festivals across Europe with bands like: Nabat, Brigada Flores Magon, Perkele, Non Servium, Stage Bottles, Toxpack, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects and many more.
In 2016 is released „Vita Liberta” their second material with a bit more hardcore and attitude and a lot of festivals as well. Followed by many 7″ with bands like Non Servium and Knockout, Gonna Get Yours and Hawkins Thugs and also with Action Sedition.
The new EP will be out on March 27 on Demons Run Amok and it is their first material in English with 2 tracks: Stronger Than Time (the track that gives the title) and Circle In A Square.
This is a pure streepunk/oi with hardcore influences to the bone, honest and with attitude.


Band: Facebook / Bandcamp / Spotify / YouTube

Check their new video here:

Thanks to Eugy and Bull Brigade

Kaos Urbano – Suburbiales – promo

kaos web
KAOS URBANO – band photo

Kaos Urbano are back with their new material called Suburbiales, out at Potencial Hardcore and Canibal Producciones. Is the new LP since the one from 2016, La Hora Del Baile and it follows the same path of streetpunk/oi with hardcore elements. They formed at the end of 1995 in Madrid and soon become one of the best acts in streetpunk out there. Suburbiales is a manifest of the band against the artificial glamour of society, and a message for the workig class all in the raw, angry sound and attitude direct from the suburbs. This is something real, that comes from the heart with a lot of pride and a smile on the face. This is the soundtrack of their life for more than 20 years and many to come. Streetpunk/oi at the finest, made in Madrid. A strong message anti-racist and anti-fascist, for the nice memories, for your friends and any Friday night.


The album has already few videos for: Spanish Rockers, Como Cantona, Ante La Muerte and Reyes Sin Reino. Also you can check their YouTube for all the lyric videos from the LP.

Check their WEB HERE and YT Channel

Kaos Urbano – logo


Spanish Rockers
Ante La Muerte
Reyes Sin Reino
Sangre Proletaria
Como Cantona
El Aeropuerto
En Busca Y Captura
La Última Canción

Out Of Bounds promo


MPTY ZINE presents for Romania:
Out Of Bounds are coming from Denmark from the city of Aalborg, the band presents their new EP on 28th January 2019 at 5feet under Records and Entes Anomicos. It’s a 4 track EP „Eat, Sleep & Greed” that will be released on 7″ black or white vinyl/CD and Digital. Around 15 minutes of pure punk-rock/hardcore style for the fans of: Pennywise, Propagandhi, Strung Out and more. With the real punk sound of the 90’s bands, and a bit of hardcore they are delivering a unique sound that for sure you will like. It’s a pure and honest punk rock, the way it was and the way should be. Lyrics are focused on modern day issues, frustration and personal themes. The band played with bands like: Comeback Kid, Total Chaos, A Vulture Wake and The Dwarves.
Check them on facebook and look for 5FeetUnder Records releases and give them a try.


Side A
1. Out Of Bounds
2. Unnecessary Greed

Side B
3. Together As One
4. Tomorrows Sympathy

Bitter Grounds – promo

MPTY ZINE promo for Romania:


Bitter Grounds will hit you with their 2nd album, Two Sides Of Hope, will be out on 5th October 2018. Bitter Grounds are coming from Netherlands and they are formed in 2015. The new album is coming 2 years after their debut album: Hollowlands. This is a singalong punkrock with influences from ska all the way to hardcore. The album has everything packed good in energy, attitude and the sounds from the streets. Also lyrics talking about different social problems, frustration, fear and hope. Band was playing with bands like Real McKenzies or Interrupters and played on festivals like: Punk Rock Holiday or Nice’n’Sleazy. Singalong, raise your fist on the dancing floor. True and honest for the punkrock lovers of 90’s. Also do not forget to check them online at: and to check their new video Two Sides Of Hope.

Guilty people for this: Ring Of Fire Records // Bad Granola Records // Aggrobeat Records // Mass Production Records

Video: Two Sides Of Hope



Latest number for download. Exclusive interview with Voodoo Healers, promo bands/cd’s : The Interrupters, Pennywise, Street Dogs, Talco, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mad Caddies, Night Birds, Madball, The Sentires, Los Elefantes, Maskatesta, Hub City Stompers, Juantxo Skalari and La Rude Band, Rude Bones, Modern Enemy, Skalapper.

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The Infested – Raw Ensemble promo

MptyZine promo exclusive for Romania- The Infested-HC/Punk-UK
The Infested will blow your P.A. for sure. I did listen to them on repeat for last few hours, is fast and is angry and full of energy. Brings back memories and is true to the bone and is in the pure underground punk.They are coming from Leeds (UK) and this is their 3rd material: Raw Ensemble that will be out on 21st May on EHC Records (Colored Vinyl, CD and Digital Download). Has 12 songs in a mix of Hardcore/punk with some ska elements, all made in 90’s skatepunk scene, for all the kids on the streets!!!.
Strong lyrics about terrorism, political and religious war around the world, social media and tv brainwash, financial system and internet shopping propaganda or sharing memories about tours and past gigs are themes in this album. Everything packed raw, crazy guitar riffs with angry and fast vocals, a reminder that good old days are not over, the same gang with the same old van sharing memories. Pure and true, fast raw hardcore punk for all the angry kids.
More info about them: also don’t forget to check EHC Records on: or on Thanks to Shay and Infested.



1. Believe
2. Hoax
3. Shackles
4. Shackles (Part 2)
5. Fight Or Flight
6. Dopamine
7. Monsters
8. SSRI Or Die?
9. Busy To Survive
10. Another Life
11. Outro
12. Turn The Page (Demo Version)