Punk in Romania a bit of „magic”

Oi you! I have been asked by a friend in Mexico to write something about the Punk scene in Romania. First of all I want to start with a disclaimer, maybe I am not the right person 100% to write it, but I will give it a try and a honest thought. Also before comment, critic me, read all the article and please I encourage you if you have more info share it. To write about Punk scene in Romania, please bare in mind that you cannot go on Google and do a research, (you will find some articles in English on Vice regarding the Craiova punk scene, DIY Conspiracy blog and some other personal blogs) everything that I am writing here is from my personal knowledge, I will share some info about all types of bands, from anarcho punk, pop-punk or ska-punk so please do not try to play smart and start again the old plays like “they are not punk” bla bla. I will not post links (most of the bands are not alive anymore-or the old myspace, blogspot links are not working), on some of my old hard drives I have some old photos with some of the bands, cd covers scanned and flyers so if you want them please drop me a line. I do apologize for my English writing and also for the grammar mistakes that may occur. Ok, grab a coffee and enjoy it!


Early years

After the collapse of Communism in 1989, many from our neighbor countries started to develop the DIY attitude and to start an underground movement. Countries like: Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia or Hungary had already few bands and fanzines, not Romania. And here I will not even speak about western Europe where the scene was really strong. For us the movement started with small steps. It is something “magical” happening here in Romania 😊

The first city that started to develop more was Timisoara (in the western part of Romania), here started the first Romanian punk band: Haos and in another city Craiova, was TerrorArt (postpunk). After TerrorArt broke up another band came in Craiova called: Critica Radicala (was a political band that had gypsy folk elements in their sound).

Other bands that were in the same time in both cities Timisoara and Craiova were: Guranii, Anti Pro, Radical din Val (Timisoara post punk) No Man’s Band.

In Bacau (on the East side of Romania) started in bands like Scandal (formed in 1997), Sictir and Manifest (with Oi! Influences). Also in cities like Brasov, Iasi,Sibiu and Cluj appeared bands like: Rabla, Pansament, Ura De Dupa Usa, Los Pogos, Praf n Ochi, Protex.

Started the first concerts and step by step the scene started to grow a bit.

Years (2000-2015)

I will mention here other bands from Bucharest (the capital city), where was ZOB, Los Embecilos, EMIL, Recycle Bin, Cobe, Pistol Cu Capse, Sport Sangeros 3 that they had various influences and a more modern sound. Also in Bucharest probably a Mecca of the clubs for the punks was Underworld Club that was opened by Gabi Molotov, after his return in Romania from NY (who is a member of Molotov Cocktail and The Dead Ceausescus bands) and they did a lot of good concerts with local bands and with bands from outside Romania. Also another support in Romania was Hefe and his Bring The Noise, that did some nice concerts with bands like: NOFX, La Plebe, Strike Anywhere etc etc. In my personal opinion the scene grew up significantly with the bands from Bucharest and Underworld Club. I remember that in those years were a lot of good concerts in Underworld and I was coming from my city, to listen some good music and to share a coffee with some good people. Also in the same years more or less 2004-2006 where a lot of small groups from different cities that we were “fighting” online that Bucharest bands are commercial or that “I am more punk than you”, at the end , in Romania we missed one thing: UNITY! But this is another story.

Let’s move on…so there were a lot of concerts and good people, I want to mention that in this time in Cluj and Bistrita appeared small collectives DIY like: BHCB, TBC and others that started to bring a lot of cool bands from punk, hardcore, crust to their cities and again the movement grew up. In Timisoara it was another great collective: Gluga Neagra aka Black Hood Society with Pavilionul 32, Tavi that was making some great shows (more into anarcho/punk) but they were a solid ground when it comes to DIY in Romania. Also in Timisoara were the clubs like INCA, Atelier DIY. Miscarea Underground (Underground Movement Timisoara-UGTM) was one of the oldest DIY collectives in Romania with members from Haos, Umbre Zidite or Arc Gotic. This festival was the first one in Romania and for more than 14 years was the center in DIY movement. In Brasov started Play Or Die booking that was promoting and bringing local acts like: Stared Into Forest or Coins As Portraits. Other bands from those years were: Nihilistic (Craiova), Tarabostes (Brasov), The Mohawks (Bacau), POV (Tg Mures), Stuck In A Rut (Cluj), The Barricade (Tg Mures,Cluj), Headphone Kicks, Ska Fara Trompete (Iasi), Mediocracy (Bucharest) among many many others (really sorry guys if I am missing some of you)…

There was the time for the fanzines as well. It started in the same cities Timisoara and Craiova with zines such as : Love Kills, Ura, Slogan, Revolta, Buletin DIY (all of them anarcho/punk). In Cluj it was another DIY anarcho zine: Leave Me Alone. There was Skinhead Times a OiZine from Brasov edited by Sorin, in Bucharest, Cezar started another OiZine, called No Bollox Just Oi!, and as well he did some nice concerts around that time.

Other support for the west side, in Timisoara was Casian and his booking 3 Ceasuri Rele (more into psychobilly, rockabilly and punk) he did some nice concerts and as well for a short period of time was a shop as well called Kool Cat.

Few words about my city Constanta, I am not aware what was happening in 1994-1995 but I do have some friends that they were around in that time…I know the first real hc and punk concert was around 2003 in Pheonix club with bands from Bulgaria. In 2005 I started to write few stuff about punk bands in the first zine from Constanta (extreme metal zine called Raport Extrem), along with Florian from Protest Urban (Metalcore band) and Cosmin. Later in 2005 I wanted to make something just more into punk, so was born MPTY ZINE (More Punk Than You Zine) so I started in the end of 2005 along with Alex (from the 1st punk band in Constanta called Coercion). The zine was not anarcho, was not political and for many people in that time was not even a zine, so even now after all these years still isn’t😊 it is just something that I like to do in my free time, is about sharing and promo bands that I like, simple as that, no politics, no religion, no bla bla , just PUNK ROCK! Get it? Aaa and around 2007-2008 I did had another small project called Behind The Scene-I was trying to promote some labels and people that were involved in the punk scene-there were 3 numbers out (I still have them if you want them, drop me a line).

Ok, we were gathering in few places in the city and we “formed” something like a nice crew called CST (CTHC) with people that were listening to punk, hardcore, hiphop, ska and a lot of other things that they were kind of new for a city like Constanta. Anyway regarding how it all started I have other friends that if they have time they can write more, hahaha. I was trying as well in 2009 to do something like a small label and booking called ECK (East Coast Kids) and we did manage to do bring some bands outside Romania, and that was something huge for Constanta. Bands like: Manifestation, Determination, La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro and local acts Coercion.

Clubs? Uhhh I think everything started around 1995 with Popular (where was the Rockoteca), after that changed the location many times but the most known were during the summer at Casa Ialomita and during winter in Brotacei and Nord. Here we did some punk nights as well. The club changed later to AK47 and later on Nord changed to Heaven’s Hell. There were other small clubs like: Subculture, Hang Out, Friends (we did the first Ska night there in 2010), Pulse (where we did 2 concerts), Club 13. Now after many years I don’t know if there are other clubs that promote punk. Anyway we grew up and we move on, with a lot of respect for the people that were involved along the years.

Present (at the time of writing this stuff)

I left Constanta so I do not know what is the situation now, however there are new acts all over the country like: Anexa Unu, Fuck You! Dracu, Cold Brats, Las Poftas, Magazinu 51, Bastos, Ropeburn, TBA and uhh could be more but I do not know all of them😊. All these bands have something punk in their style, I am not saying are 100% punk rock but hey this is better than nothing, in a country that like I said in the start is happening something “magical”. Ok…I am tired, I don’t know what else to say, just listen to music and enjoy it, at the end of the day everything is coming to this…be simple, be nice, always be yourself and work hard. Cha Cha!

MirceONE – mptyzine – March 2020.

Black Skull Radio-interview in Spanish.


This is our first interview in Spanish with Erick (drummer) from Black Skull Radio (punk rock from Mexico City). You can read the interview also in our new number 43 coming up soon. Stay rude,stay rebel!


MirceONE (MPTYZINE): Hola Erik, que tal carnal?
Erick (Black Skull Radio): todo bien hermano, ensayando mucho y dando el rol bro

Que novedades hay?
Pues estamos en una fase de desarrollo de las últimas ideas para detallar nuestras canciones nuevas y darle un refresh al acto en vivo. Ahora contamos al fin con dos guitarristas y pues emocionados con el sonido que va madurando dentro de la banda.

Vi que tuvieron algunos conciertos y cosas nuevas.Saldra algun album pronto?
Si, efectivamente tuvimos una gira por el bajío y norte del país, se llamó Sensacional De Punkeros, compartimos kilómetros de carretera con dos muy buenas bandas Mexicanas que se llaman Rotten(CDMX)y Hollywood Babilonia(GDL, Méx). Fue una gran experiencia que tuvo todo tipo de matices que nos acercaron mucho como amigos y como parte la escena punk rock mexicana, es siempre muy emocionante conocer personas nuevas y también conocer su visión de la música y de la realidad que se vive en este país. . Estuvimos en la ciudad de Aguascalientes, Monterrey y Guadalajara. Ciudades históricas y ricas en su contenido cultural y por supuesto contracultural. Y si, todo esto se verá reflejado en el nuevo trabajo de Black Skull Radio. Es necesario compartir el sonido y energía que percibimos en este tiempo desde que salió Mala Suerte Y Días Grises. Es retroalimentar el cariño que nos tiene la gente y el que nosotros le tenemos a este sentimiento punkrocker que llevamos en el pecho.



Para los que todavia no los conocen, podrian compartir algo de su historia con nosotros?
Claro que si, somos seis sujetos de la Ciudad de México que afortunadamente coincidimos en el camino dentro de la escena hardcore punk y punk oí! Nos conocimos y nació una amistad antes que la idea de ser una banda. Hace casi cinco años iniciamos Con Black Skull Radio, una banda que lleva acabo un sonido punk rock “californiano”, siempre de la mano de la música rebelde, música para darle voz a la gente del barrio, del pueblo, de los sentimientos urbanos y de historias que merecen ser escuchadas. BSR es una banda que pone el corazón en la tarima.

Cuales son sus influencias? Nombren 10 bandas.
Esta siempre es una de nuestras preguntas favoritas, a nombre de toda la banda podríamos nombrar a Rancid, GBH, Maldita Vecindad, The Suicide Machines, Ilegales, Cock Sparrer, Social Distortion, The Clash, Misfits y Kortatu.

Si necesitaran llevar con ustedes tres cosas a una isla que seria?
Jejejeje buena esa, obviamente un stereo, el disco The History of The Clash y un buen encendedor.

Nombren con que banda les gustaria tocar (nueva o vieja)
Tocar con una banda nueva? Pues no tenemos problema con los géneros, si nos gustaría un show con Cypress Hill, con Rancid, Con The Adicts, con Toxic Holocaust, con Wolfbrigade, por supuesto con Fermín Muguruza. Uno siempre quiere dar un show con bandas que de alguna forma influencian al sonido propio.

Saben algo de la corriente punk de Europa del este?
El intercambio de material y el DIY ha funcionado después de todo en cuanto al tráfico de ideas y música. Conocemos algunas bandas sobre todo por recopilaciones y acoplados que hemos recibido por parte de punx que viajan de Mexico hacia Europa, y de mismos europeos que también dejan discos con mucho gusto. Gogol Bordello goza de cierta popularidad pero también nos gustan los sonidos más underground, por ejemplo Leukimia de Hungría, Trottel igualmente de Hungría suena por aca, Hopes es una banda República Checa con sonido hardcore que en lo personal nos gusta mucho.


Que mas haces aparte de la banda?
Pues lo común, trabajar, ver a nuestras familias, ir a shows, ejercitarse un poco y por supuesto jugar con nuestros perros. Todos en Black Skull Radio tenemos proyectos alternos a la banda, tenemos otras bandas. Eskirt (bajo)tiene un proyecto de oí! Llamado Los Villanos, Txop (guitarra) toca en Working Class, una banda punk oí!, Tío (vocal) está en Los Frankys, banda de garage Terror. Yo me preparo para salir de gira por Europa con Excluded banda de street punk. Son cosas que llenan nuestros días y que alimentan al BSR.

Podrias compartir un mensaje con nuestros pocos lectores en linea?
Un mensaje que le daría a la gente sería: nunca dejen de escuchar música, nunca, no tengan prejuicio por los géneros que la música rebelde siempre viene en infinitos sabores, hay música regional de todas partes que tiene letras caravanas de mensaje y sentimiento puro. Manténgase jóvenes en el ánimo y ganas de divertirse, que se joda la apatía y que se joda el Real Madrid.

Donde te pueden encontrar en linea y escuchar la musica?
Nos encuentran en plataformas digitales como Spotify, YouTube y en nuestra Fanpage como Black Skull Radio, estamos en Instagram igualmente y podemos enviarles un link de descarga de nuestro primer trabajo Mala Suerte Y Días Grises con una calidad de sonido bastante buena.


Gracias hermano por tu tiempo, algun ultimo mensaje que quieras compartir?
Muchas gracias por el tiempo suyo y por darle voz a la escena punk rock de la mera ciudad de los muertos, del DF para todos nuestros amigos de Europa.

MirceONE vs. Erick – Junio 2019

check the band HERE and HERE

Die Wrecked-Mongrel Hordes promo album

MPTY ZINE promo exclusive for Romania

Die Wrecked are coming from Leicester in UK and this is Mongrel Hordes their 3rd material after their demo in 2012 and a split ep in 2013 with Krass Kepala from Indonesia. Short and energic songs from the start with Middle Class Hyprocrisy with both male and female voices, many of the songs are talking about injustice, human rights and other social problems. They were already across the Europe and also in Middle Asia to promote their material. It was released DIY on their own Die Rex Label with the help from their friends Mass Prod. This album is about people who are angry, ANGRY ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT like they say. 18 minutes on 10 tracks in full speed, anger, fast enough for your inner circle pit with your friends and passion. Also on their booklet you can find the translation of the songs in many languages. No One Is Illegal!!!. A must have for all the angry kids out there.

die wrecked

playlist Not Broken In Spirit (28 iulie 2011)

In fiecare joi si duminica de la 22.30 pe 3 Ceasuri Rele. O ora de punk, ska, oi si hc cu Mirceone

1. Always War – these are the ways (2:34)
2. Atarassiagrop – Un’altra domenica (3:36)
3. Bluekilla – Bluekilla Siempre Sera Banda De Ska (feat. Haracio Blanco) (2:54)
4. Broilers – Wie weit wir gehen (2:59)
5. Face to Face – It’s Not All About You (3:02)
6. Manu Chao – Mr. Bobby (2:44)
7. Pipes And Pints – City By The Sea (2:27)
8. The Real Mckenzies – Bugger Off (3:32)
9. Sir Reg – arrive on st. patrick’s day (3:16)
10. Trade Unions – Cuori Rossi (2:54)
11. Rezurex – Black Sunday (4:12)
12. Rancid – Brews (2:06)
13. Paddy And The Rats – Ugly Drunken Woman (3:47)
14. Lionheart – Pure Anger (3:19)
15. Los Fastidios – Hooligirl (2:15)
16. Bouncing Souls – Private Radio (2:12)
17. Give ‘Em Hell – When This Ship Goes Down (3:10)
18. Looptroop Rockers – This Music Sounds Better at Night (3:44)

playlist Not Broken In Spirit

Joi si Duminica de la 22.30 avem Not Broken In Spirit cu Mirceone (mpty zine) punk,ska,oi si hc pana la ora 23.30 pe 3 Ceasuri Rele Radio stream web http://treiceasurirele.rudisoft.net/ sau download streamul pt winamp de aici http://www.mediafire.com/file/pkpg1x6ad67bot4/treiceasurirele.m3u

1. Flatfoot 56 – Thick And Thin (2:49)
2. The Real Mckenzies – Kings O’ Glasgow (4:54)
3. La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro – Ricordo e’ (3:02)
4. Broilers – Vom Scheitern (The World is yours, nicht!) (4:04)
5. Evil Conduct – What`s happening (3:06)
6. Disorderly Conduct – Government Waste (1:19)
7. Gavroche – L’arte della strada (3:01)
8. Kattiva Reputazione – forza giovane (3:32)
9. NOFX – Don’t Call Me White (2:33)
10. Perkele – Me (4:17)
11. Sex Pistols – No Feelings (2:50)
12. Social Distortion – Still Alive (4:04)
13. The Peacocks – Zurich is a cocaine town (1:09)
14. Funeral Dress – Rebel Radio (3:08)
15. Benuts – Skaska City (4:36)
16. Yellow Umbrella – Boys Don’t Cry (3:42)

playlist Not Broken In Spirit (6 martie 2011)

Joi si Duminica de la 22 avem Not Broken In Spirit cu Mirceone (mpty zine) punk,ska,oi si hc pana la ora 24.00 pe 3 Ceasuri Rele Radio stream web http://treiceasurirele.rudisoft.net/ sau download streamul pt winamp de aici http://www.mediafire.com/file/pkpg1x6ad67bot4/treiceasurirele.m3u

1. The Professionals – Payola (3:39)
2. Agnostic Front – More Than A Memory (2:39)
3. Towerblocks – no englishmen at the bar (3:03)
4. The Offenders – sandy (3:28)
5. The Valkyrians – Make Up Your Mind (3:51)
6. Rat City Riot – A match made in Germany (2:13)
7. Nothington – Sell Out (2:57)
8. Mala Vida – el raton negro (2:13)
9. Guacamaya – fino all’ultimo bandito (3:02)
10. Harrington Saints – Working Class Friday Night (2:05)
11. D.C.P. – Ipocrisia di Stato (3:48)
12. Violent Society – Totally Fucked (1:58)
13. Firkin – Bitchin’ In The Kitchen (2:44)
14. NOFX – Don’t Call Me White (2:33)
15. The Triggers – From The Streets (3:47)
16. Roy Ellis (Mr. Symarip) – She Called Me Up (4:35)
17. Judge Dread – Big Punk (2:47)
18. Los Fastidios – Always With A Beer In My Hand (3:30)
19. Ramones – I Don’t Want To Grow Up (2:46)
20. Squid 58 – Last fag (3:36)
21. The Selecter – Madness (2:51)
22. Toy Dolls – I’m A Telly Addict (2:48)
23. Voodoo Healers – Fare Well (3:50)
24. War Hound – Reality Check (2:42)
25. Social Distortion – King of Fools (2:50)
26. The Pokes – the day i pass away (2:52)
27. The Skatalites – Ska Fort Rock (4:10)
28. Skambomambo – Taxi Driver (2:24)
29. SKA-P – El Vals Del Obrero (4:35)
30. On File – back to the roots (2:36)
31. Madness – Shut Up (4:04)
32. The Locos – Resistire (4:17)
33. Klasse Kriminale – Anti Police Hooligans (2:15)
34. Alerte Rouge – Vamos a la Vida de Noche (3:59)
35. Brigata Alcolica – Cantina Sociale Skins (2:29)
36. Boikot – Hasta Siempre (3:42)
37. Talco – St. Pauli (Bonus) (2:32)
38. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – So Sad To Say (3:11)

playlist Not Broken In Spirit (24 februarie 2011)

3 Ceasuri Rele Radio stream web http://treiceasurirele.rudisoft.net/ sau download streamul pt winamp de aici http://www.mediafire.com/file/pkpg1x6ad67bot4/treiceasurirele.m3u

1. True Colors – My City (1:43)
2. The Dreadnoughts – Katie, Bar The Door (2:59)
3. Born To Lose – Saints Gone Wrong (3:10)
4. Defeater – No Kind Of Home (2:37)
5. Circle Jerks – Teenage Electric (2:46)
6. Roy Ellis (Mr. Symarip) – The Skinheads Laugh At Me (4:33)
7. 7 seconds – not just boys fun (1:29)
8. L.I.O.N. Crew – …The Fuck Outta Here (1:14)
9. Hyperjax – Blacklisted (3:30)
10. Roger Miret and the Disasters – We’re Gonna Find A Way (3:14)
11. Roots & Boots – Having Our Laugh (4:03)
12. Whiskey Daredevils – God Save The Queen (2:31)
13. Runnin’ Wild – That’s What I Like (2:08)
14. Stage Bottles – Madness on my mind (3:52)
15. Societys Parasites – L.A.P.D. (1:24)
16. Skalariak – José república (4:46)
17. Soberphobia – Hold my Beer (3:22)
18. Whiskey Trench – I’ll Be O.K. (2:00)
19. Tiger Army – Santa Carla Twilight (4:44)
20. Pressure Point – Heart Like a Lion (2:14)
21. Perkele – Waste of time (3:57)
22. Blood For Blood – Hanging On The Corner (3:14)
23. Wisdom In Chains – Land Of Kings (1:21)
24. Vote For Bums – Whatever (2:24)
25. Kicked In The Head – I Want You Dead (2:15)
26. Jerry’s Kids – Straight Jacket (0:22)
27. The Vibrators – Love´s made a fool to you (2:01)
28. The Sewer Rats – Subway Sewer Rats (2:59)
29. On File – back in the papers (3:18)
30. Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster (3:32)
31. Youngang – Dimmi Bel Giovane (2:38)
32. Los Fastidios – 3 tone (4:27)
33. Holy Racket – North rebel radio (3:02)
34. Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia (4:32)
35. Bambole di pezza – La Mantide (2:54)
36. Street Dogs – In Stereo (2:43)
37. Judge Dread – Up With The Cock (2:51)
38. Cock Sparrer – Better Than This (3:31)
39. Oi! Se Arma – Clockwork Oi! (3:24)
40. Beerzone – Punk Rock Party (2:04)
41. No Respect – Black And White World (2:33)

playlist Not Broken In Spirit (10 februarie 2011)

In fiecare joi si duminica de la 22.00 la 24.00 avem punk, ska, oi, hc cu Mirceone la Not Broken In Spirit live streaming AICI

1. Mala Vida – un’ altra globalizzazione (3:55)
2. Propagandhi – Albright monument Baghdad (2:27)
3. UK Subs – Rock ‘n’ Roll Whore (3:03)
4. Skarhead – We Love ****** (6:22)
5. Take Offense – Walks Of Life (2:29)
6. True Colors – My City (1:43)
7. Stick Together – For Myself (2:04)
8. Al & The Black Cats – Move On (2:56)
9. Gob – asshole t.v. (2:16)
10. Yellow Stitches – Tale of a Fat Fucking Retard (2:38)
11. Goldblade – Black Sheep Radical (2:30)
12. Guy Lombardo – Enjoy Yourself (3:18)
13. The Maytals – Monkey Man (3:48)
14. Firkin – The Galway Races (4:01)
15. Wisdom in Chains – back to the ocean (1:45)
16. The Offenders – coventry rebels (3:14)
17. The Adolescents – Where The Children Play (2:32)
18. Stigma – NY Blood (2:39)
19. 2 Minutos – Rompan todo (1:27)
20. Madball – All Or Nothing (3:00)
21. Bim Skala Bim – Set Me Up (2:21)
22. No Respect – Human Scum (4:48)
23. Anti-Flag – 1 Trillion Dollar$ (2:30)
24. Street Dogs – In Stereo (2:43)
25. La Plebe – pinches fronteras (1:53)
26. Rage Against The Machine – Ashes in the fall (4:39)
27. Stiliti – lucyenne (2:52)
28. The Vandals – Mohawk Town (2:49)
29. The Crooners – marry me (2:40)
30. Subsistance – 6 Decembre ’89 (2:00)
31. Produzenten Der Froide – Skinhead times (2:02)
32. Loaded – Vivian Oblivion (2:41)
33. Los Fastidios – Radio Boots (3:01)
34. Flogging Molly – Within A Mile Of Home (3:52)
35. Bad Manners – Skaville UK (2:34)
36. Dims Rebellion – Sthlm RIP (3:22)
37. Casey Jones – Louisa (2:12)
38. Lionheart – Pure Anger (3:19)
39. The Mahones – Paint this town red (3:20)