Oi!Corres – ST 2020


Oi!Corres presents their new material self titled with 6 tracks. The band formed in 2013 in Argentina and they have their first material out in 2014. Their sound is a mix of streetpunk/oi with sing along choruses. This is the sound of working class, the sound of the streets, their lyrics are about various social problems, against police brutality and of course football and beer. It’s about having fun and do this proud with your friends. The EP is out on Oi! Algo Está Pasando!from Argentina. If you are into The Oppressed, Evil Conduct and any of the good oi bands then you need to check them out.
Make sure you will check all the bands on their bandcamp. Kuatro Barrios, Tango 14, Espiritu Callejero, Camorra, Ración Doble, Terapia Intensiva and more.


1.El tiempo pasa
2.Viejo orgullo nuevas glorias
4.Tiro de skina
5.Como hermanos

MPTY ZINE no. 46 out now


Oi you! It’s a pleasure to share with you our latest number. For this number we have:

Grados Nocivos (Mexico-streetpunk) – interview in spanish.

Promos with: Anti Flag / Out Of Bounds / Svetlanas / Cutthorat LA / Motina / All Worked Up / Oxymoron / Treason/ South Class Veterans / Kings Never Die / Foreign Legion / Harbour Rebels / The Magnetics / Concrete Elite  / Bull Brigade

Special thanks to Rene from Demons Run Amok, La Victory Store, Infeztado Records, Grados Nocivos, New Age Records and all of our friends all over. #seeyainthepit

You can read and download the number (right click and save as the pdf 14 MB)


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Demons Run Amok promo CD’s

Oi you! We are happy to share some bands from our friends at Demons Run Amok.

Svetlanas Disco Sucks cover

Svetlanas-Disco Sucks

Svetlanas formed originally in 2009 in Moscow but wow…is a long story how the band members become banned in their own country. After some line up changes the current one is: Olga, Diste, Steve and Nick. The band now is in Milan, Italy and this is their 5th material, out on Demons Run Amok, called DISCO SUCKS. The band sound is a mix of punk-rock and hardcore and this is valid as for the rest of albums, pure anger and packed with a lot of attitude. The album was produced and mixed by the band in their own SVETS Modular Collective also known as SVETS MC, their DIY studio inside Pinbowl Skatepark close to Milano, Italy. Check them out on their facebook HERE. Also check their video for their first single from the album Jump here:


MCD_9535 by Jerry Milton
Svetlanas photo by Jerry Milton used for promo


2.All I See Is Red
3.Don’t Do It
4.Pussification Of Punkrock
5.Spit On Your Mother’s Face
6.Karma Soldier
9.Tear Me Down
10.Never Sleep Again

COVER Digital

Cutthroat LA – Reflekt

Demons Run Amok presents the EP from Cutthroat LA out this year in January. This is Reflekt, a mix of old school hardcore with beatdown and hiphop elements, personal, politic, frustrations and religious chaos.The band shared the stage with names like: Agnostic Front, Evergreen Terrace, Billy Bio, Street Dogs, Gorilla Biscuits, H2O among many others. They formed in 2003 but all the band members come from different hc projects along the years and this brings all the good influences in one band. HC in your face old school! Also a first video from the album is for the song Trouble, check it here

From L.A. with anger, old school HC for the fine ears!

Circle Logo
Cutthroat LA logo
Cutthroat LA promo photo from Demons Run Amok


01. Trouble
02. Last Chance
03. Rat
04. Drown with Me
05. Never Settle


SCV CD 1440
South Class Veterans Hell To Pay – cover promo

South Class Veterans – Hell To Pay

The boys are coming back with Hell To Pay, out on Demons Run Amok. 10 tracks of Oi/streetpunk for the fans of Old Firm Casuals, This Means War, Anti Heroes, Warzone, The Take or any of the good oi/punk bands out there. They are coming from New Jersey, USA and formed in 2017, the band members all have played in various bands around the area and they are no strangers to Oi and Punk scene. Oi/punk with some hardcore influences straight in your face. You can check the band on Facebook HERE

Check their latest video for Lies:

South Class Veterans promo photo from Demons Run Amok



1. Squared Away (Teaneck99)
2. Read
3. The New Neighbors
4. Shortcomings
5. Repass
6. Tall Cans
7. For Hire
8. Those nights
9. Imposter
10. Cape May Street

Some other good stuff from Demons Run Amok here on their SHOP.

These are some bands that the label promoted and released along the time: 50 Lions, A Perfect Murder, Akani, Alcatraz, All For Nothing, Beat Down, Bleed Into One, Cold As Life, Dead Reprise, Do Or Die, Deliver, Grade 2, Hardside, Kingpin, Last Mile, Manifestation, Merauder, Old Firm Casuals, Raw Power, Samsara, Second Youth, Subzero, Take Offense, This Means War and many many more. Pure HC/PUNK! Thanks to Rene from DRA.

Bull Brigade -Stronger Than Time EP

Bull Brigade

Oi you! As you know already i am a big fan of Italian punk, and it’s always a pleasure to share some news about my favorite bands. Now it is time for Bull Brigade. For those who don’t know them, i will tell you that as a band they formed in 2006 in Torino from the ashes of bands like: Banda Del Rione and Youngang. The line up changed a bit along the years with members from bands like: Gavroche, S Contro, Los Fastidios, Cervelli Stanki. Their first release come in 2008 „Strade Smarite” that soon become an icon album in the oi! scene. They have shared the stage in many festivals across Europe with bands like: Nabat, Brigada Flores Magon, Perkele, Non Servium, Stage Bottles, Toxpack, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects and many more.
In 2016 is released „Vita Liberta” their second material with a bit more hardcore and attitude and a lot of festivals as well. Followed by many 7″ with bands like Non Servium and Knockout, Gonna Get Yours and Hawkins Thugs and also with Action Sedition.
The new EP will be out on March 27 on Demons Run Amok and it is their first material in English with 2 tracks: Stronger Than Time (the track that gives the title) and Circle In A Square.
This is a pure streepunk/oi with hardcore influences to the bone, honest and with attitude.


Band: Facebook / Bandcamp / Spotify / YouTube

Check their new video here:

Thanks to Eugy and Bull Brigade


Oi amigos! We have a brand new interview with Grados Nocivos , after seeing them live they sound raw and we love their attitude, honest streetpunk Oi! Give them a try and support the independent bands!!!



Grados Nocivos: Muy bien hermano muchas gracias !!!!


Bueno pues la banda se llama Grados Nocivos esta conformada por 6 integrantes, somos del Estado de Mexico (Atizapan de Zaragoza) y orgullosamente de un pueblo llamada San Mateo Tecoloapan, el proyecto comenzo po ai del 2011 y nuestra principal influencia es el Punk es sus diversos sub-generos como es Street Punk, Oi, Punk Rock, etc….

Pero al final intentamos crear musica sobre el Street …….

Contamos con dos albums, el 1ero salio en 2016 llamado Estilo de Vida y en el 2019

Punk hasta la Muerte ….


Antes que otra cosa queremos agradecer a nuestros carnalotes de HELL FISH por su apoyo y darnos la oportunidad de acompañarlos, asi como a CASA FOGATA (Pana), HARLEM, Gera (30-30) y a los demas carnales que nos brindaron su amistad y hospitalidad…

Los proximos planes son el poder presentarnos donde se nos de la oportunidad, para seguir impulsando este nuestro ultimo material Punk hasta la Muerte, por ai tenemos algunas fechas cercanas importantes,

El 22 de Febrero en el Aniversario de Botas y Tirantes que ya esta muy cerca….


Nos gustaria aventarnos un EP de 6 o 7 canciones, donde pretendemos evolucionar mas musicalmente

y experimentar con nuevos sonidos, sin dejar por su puesto nuestra base principal y la velocidad asi

como las letras, siempre pensando en dejar un mensaje.

Esperamos tenerlo a finales de este 2020 o principios del 2021 de echo ya tenemos 3 rolas nuevas para este nuevo material.


En la mayoria son protestas a lo que se cree correctamente establecido, inconformidades que tenemos a lo que estamos expuestos día a día como parte de una sociedad, a lo que no nos convence ya sea de indole politico, religioso etc…. a cualquiera de estos sistemas impuestos en los que nunca estaremos deacuerdo.

Es nuestra manera de protestar, es nuestra forma de levantar la voz…….

En algunas otras escribimos sobre vivencias, recuerdos, sobre lo que nos gusta y no nos gusta por supuesto, sobre todo lo chingon que emos experimentado en este camino llamado vida.

Respecto a las influencias no solo es la musica, tambien el cine, los libros, la vida diaria, el barrio que nos vio crecer, amigos y enemigos que son para siempre.


Si tenemos un buen, vamos aponer las que decidimos entre todos


Nos faltan muchas mas …….



La verda solo habia escuchado a los 30-30 actualmente, pero hasta el día que compartimos aya,

honestamente me sorprendio escuchar a bandas tan buenas con un nivel muy cabron,

de las que mas me llamaron la atencion estan los ALTIBAJOS, DIAS DE VICIO, SUCIEDAD DE SOCIEDAD los 30-30 por su puesto, en conclusion a la banda y ami nos gusto y esperamos proximamente poder compartir con ellos.


Pues me dedico a pasar timpo de calidad con mi familia, pienso que la familia siempre es primero,

despues trabajar para salir adelante pues tenemos que laborar para tener ingresos y el tiempo que me queda lo dedico a la banda a la musica al 100% es mi pasion es lo que mas me gusta es parte de mi.



La verda no se  nada al respécto


Nos pueden encontrar en facebook, youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp como Grados Nocivos


La verdad me gustaria compartir con un buen de bandas, no podria solo nombrar a una, pero estoy a la orden y quien me de la oportunidad de participar en su proyecto, tenga por seguro que dare lo mejor de mi.


Hay muchos pero esta ves me quedo con estos

1 R.I.P – No te Muevas

2 Los Muertos de Cristo – Bienvenidos al Infierno

3 Non Servium – Orgullo Obrero

4 Nacidos del Odio – Orgullo Punk y Skin

5 Kaos Urbano – Bronca y Rebelion

6 Ultimo Asalto – Nuestro Orgullo Pasado

 Muchas gracias por el espacio, por la espera y sobre todo por apoyar y darle difusion a esta humilde banda, cabe mencionar que nuestra postura siempre sera clara y transparente

Orgullosos de nuestras raices, de nuestros ideales, siempre firmes, siempre ANTIFASCISTAS y ANTIRRASISTAS,GRADOS NOCIVOS hasta la muerte …….

MirceONE vs. Grados Nocivos – February 2020

Exclusive interview: La Gachette (oi from Canada)

For our last number in 2019 we had an awseome interview with Erik from La Gachette (oi from Canada), thanks to our mate CezarOi!. The band will prepare a Mexico Tour in 2020 and we will see them live in Guadalajara on 21st of March. Our latest number will be out at the end of this December. Stay rude, stay rebel.

la gachette
La Gachette logo

MirceONE (mptyzine): Oi Erik, this is MirceONE from MPTY ZINE, how are you?

Erik: Very good, thanks for having us in your zine!

For those who don’t know La Gachette, please tell us a few words about how you guys started.

We started the band in 1998, we were two young punks with a beatbox at the time, living in a small town about an hour from Montreal. There weren’t a lot of musicians who were into Oi! and old school punk rock where we came from so it was just us for 2 years before meeting our first drummer in 2000. We’ve had a different band members throughout the first years but the same guys since 2012.

Please tell us few things about your influences and message.

Our biggest influences when we started were a lot of old bands from France like Béruriers Noirs, La Souris Déglinguée, Les Sheriff, Komintern Sect, etc. That was the sound we were looking for at the time. We also had a really good Montreal scene when we started in the 90’s so we were inspired by all the bands we were hanging with. For example Self Control, Les Ordures Ioniques, Vagabonds, Les Bons à Riens and many others. There’s no particular message in our music, we just sing about the things we’re passionate about.

la gachette net
La Gachette promo band photo

Few words about the scene in Montreal, bands, clubs, people

Montreal always been a great city for punk rock and Oi! bands. We have The Prowlers (in which I play guitar), Offside (in which our Guillaume plays guitar), Les Ordures Ioniques, Ultra Razzia, KingCans, Force Majeure, Béton Armé etc. We have a few great places to play at but our favorite is Katacombes. Unfortunately it’s closing down at the end of the month due to the owner not wanting to fix up the place. It’s a big loss for the scene.

I know that you have been in Mexico, and that you guys will come in March 2020 again, how was the public back then and how was the experience?

Everytime we come we have a blast and the reaction is amazing every time. The crowd singing our songs in french make us so proud. The craziest show we did was in Aquascalientes in 2017. It was an outdoor show where we played in front of 500 angry kids of all kinds of subcultures and it was the best shows of our lives.

I will wait for 21 March to see you in Guadalajara, did you played here before?

Yes ! We’ve played there twice. Once in 2010 with Acidez and Nacidos del Odio and in 2012 again with Nacidos del Odio and Diedreis. We had a great time and can’t wait to go back.

La Gachette Tour Mexico

Name me a top 10 of your favorite bands

In no particular order The Business, Cock Sparrer, The Clash, D.O.A., Dayglo Abortions, Bishop’s Green, Warrior Kids, Komintern Sect, Bonecrusher, Eskorbuto 

Where people can listen to La Gachette and do you prepare something for 2020, a new LP?

You can listen to most of our songs on Spotify, BandCamp, iTunes and YouTube. Nothing new coming in the new year, still promoting our new record, 20 ans d’Insoumission, for now.

Tell me if you know something about the Eastern European scene and Romania as i like to ask this question for all my interviews and see how much people are familiar with my country.

We haven’t had an offer to play in Romania yet but in 2013 we played in Czech Republic and in 2015 we played in Hungary and Serbia. In Serbia we played in Novi Sad and it was a really good time. We’re not as familiar with the Eastern European scene as we’d like to be .

A Christmas wish list or some resolutions for 2020? Did you write to Santa Claus already?:))

I am not a big fan of Christmas or Santa Claus but my resolution for the new year will be to continue to play more shows everywhere we can.

I know that Canada was recently voted best country to live, is that true?

I haven’t heard but it is a great country to live in except the weather is shit. Winter lasts five to six months and the summers are short and hot. Politically it’s not too bad if you compare us to our american neighbours. Our prime minister is a left winger but he’s out of reality. His father was our prime minister in the 80’s. So he’s a daddy’s boy and he obviously doesn’t know what it’s like to be part of the working class.

A few words for our few online readers for 2020?

Come see our shows and we’ll give you a free DVD ! Hahahahaha we have way too many in our rehearsal room!

Thank you so much Erik for your time, i will see you guys soon for some tacos here in Guadalajara, a message for the people here in Mexico?

Hasta Pronto Cabrones !!!

MirceONE vs Erik – December 2019. Thanks to Erik and La Gachette and CezarOI!

Kaos Urbano – Suburbiales – promo

kaos web
KAOS URBANO – band photo

Kaos Urbano are back with their new material called Suburbiales, out at Potencial Hardcore and Canibal Producciones. Is the new LP since the one from 2016, La Hora Del Baile and it follows the same path of streetpunk/oi with hardcore elements. They formed at the end of 1995 in Madrid and soon become one of the best acts in streetpunk out there. Suburbiales is a manifest of the band against the artificial glamour of society, and a message for the workig class all in the raw, angry sound and attitude direct from the suburbs. This is something real, that comes from the heart with a lot of pride and a smile on the face. This is the soundtrack of their life for more than 20 years and many to come. Streetpunk/oi at the finest, made in Madrid. A strong message anti-racist and anti-fascist, for the nice memories, for your friends and any Friday night.


The album has already few videos for: Spanish Rockers, Como Cantona, Ante La Muerte and Reyes Sin Reino. Also you can check their YouTube for all the lyric videos from the LP.

Check their WEB HERE and YT Channel

Kaos Urbano – logo


Spanish Rockers
Ante La Muerte
Reyes Sin Reino
Sangre Proletaria
Como Cantona
El Aeropuerto
En Busca Y Captura
La Última Canción

RAKA RØR new album promo

Från AW till AT (digital)

MPTY ZINE promo exclusive for Romania.

RAKA RØR are coming from Gothenburg, Sweden and they have a new material available on Spotify, Från AW till AT (click here to listen) this is an album that contains all their 4 EP’s that they have released along time since 2017. The members have played in all kinds of bands fot the last 10 years, from Crossover to Thrash. They have founded this project 2 years ago just for the love of real punk!. The band sound is a mix of pure punk with Oi! and HC elements, a really cool sound with some sing along parts. It’s all about being honest and true to yourself, the lyrics are in swedish and i cannot understand much but what the hell, real punk is international. Make sure you check them on their Bandcamp and Instagram. Also the album will be released on cassette old school and digital.Cheers!

Från AW till AT (cassette)


Interview Scandal – StreetPunk Romania/UK

scandal by photobooking_net

MirceONE mptyzine: Hey Vlad, nice to have this interview, how are things?

Vlad Scandal: Hi Mircea ,all good thanks

I know that Scandal finished the tour in Romania, tell us a few things

Indeed ,”Payback Days Tour” was a five days tour in Romania and it was great  . We shared the van  and the stage with an amazing thrash metal band from Costa-Rica called Heresy and  B.K.S.  a crazy HC-Punk band from London joined us for the last two shows  in Brasov and Bucharest. The crowd was crazy at all 5 shows , a good mix of punks, skins , hc kids  and thrashers ..just brilliant.

Now the holiday seasson is on and everybody is talking about Christmas songs, if you will pick one song to do a cover what will be?

Ha ha ..I guess it will be “Santa Stole my Whiskey” by Jonny Manak

We talk some time ago about your top 10, something new? Can you please write down your favorite ones?

“Crim” from Spain …the new album ..amazing band ,amazing album with  and amazing graphics . From the UK I’ll go for Millie Manders and The Shutup , I have the feeling that they will go very big in the ska-Punk scene with their latest EP. So many other good new albums this year..is just too hard to mention all of them.

I know that in 2019 you will play at two festivals, can you give us more details?

Actually , so far we are booked for three festivals in 2019.First one will be Undercover Festival , 26/27/28 April at The Dome in London . This is the second time we are doing this fest , and we are looking forward for it as it has a really good lineup , a good venue  and  really nice people . The second and the third festival will be part of our summer tour in Europe , on the 3rd of July we  will play at the “Punk as Fuck “ a punk-hc day part of Obscene Extreme Festival in  Trutnov -Czech Republic , and the next day on the 4th of July we will be at Exit Festival in Novi-Sad-Serbia  ,both of them really fun festivals with so  many cool bands on  the bill. Our summer tour will include some  dates in Germany too, but the plan is to build a 10 or more dates tour in Europe including as many countries we can .

How you see the punk scene in Romania, now that you guys been for the tour here?

I think the punk scene in Romania is rising again.. slowly ..but is there . We had full house shows in most of the cities we have played..talked with many people , new faces and old  and I think it’s getting there. With so many people leaving the country I’ll say that the secret to a solid scene is to unite the scene , punk, hc ,metal , hip-hop..all together ..an underground united scene is the way ! I’ve been  listening  to  some new hcpunk bands like “Anexa Unu “or “FuckYou!Dracu “ bands with a really cool attitude .  Not too much street-punk or oi! though ..but I’m pretty sure that soon we will hear about some new bands in Romania too.

For 2019 you prepare a new material, new video, new stuff?

Yes..2019 another busy year for us. But before 2019 we will release another new single and video called  “Broken Dreams” It’s a punk-rock song with a few  drops of reggae and ska  and the video will contain  footages from our tour in Romania ..pretty cool..we hope it will be ready right before Christmas. A new E.P will be released in spring and  we will announce more details about it soon . We also have loads of shows booked in the UK for the first part of the year  , a mini-tour in Belgium and France in May and as I said before,  the summer tour all over Europe.

How the things are going with the Tattoo studio?

Busy , busy …but luckily I have the weekends off , this way I have time for my other passions , the punk-rock music and  the underground music scene . They are all  part of my life and I’m happy to be able to them all.


How you will describe Scandal message and attitude after all these years?

We are still fucked up haha ..Just kidding ..Obviously the message is quite the same..real life inspired lyrics about us or our close friends, society , system or anti-system , still don’t like the authorities , still don’t like the cops .Most of the lyrics are in English as we live in this  country for a few years now and we are part of the UK society ..and we sing about the problems we have here ,at this time.

Did you think to remaster the old songs from Resturi Din Punkomat to do a best of Scandal?

Yes , we will actually re-record a few old songs in the next year. One of them , a big surprise ,will be on the next EP

Thank you for this short time and please give us a few words for the punkzine and for our few readers.

Thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity to keep the people updated with the Scandalous news . I hope we’ll see  you all in the next year.

Where people can listen to Scandal and where people can find you online?

Our album “On A Roll” is available on all the digital platforms , Spotify , ITunes,Deezer   , on our Bandcamp , and all our official videos and some gig videos are available on our youtube channel . You can find us online on the Scandal-streetpunk facebook page also on our instagram.


Thanks again Vlad, last words again i leave them to you.

Oi! to the world , happy holidays to everyone and keep on troubling but  stay safe !! Thanks a lot Mircea !



MirceONE vs. Vlad – December 2018

photo Scandal by Photobooking. This interview is available as well in our new number COMING UP SOON!.

Thank you all for reading and Merry Punk Christmas!