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New promo number with: Jokerface, Kaos Urbano, Decibelios, BodyCount, Ska Beat City and more.

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Interviews exclusive with: Los Fastidios and Guerra Urbana. Promos: 86 Crew, Blisterhead, Cock Sparrer, Kaos Urbano, 7 Seconds, Dropkick Murphys, Saints and Sinners and more. Thank you for reading and thank you for support.

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Happy 10 Years! promo number 29/30 OUT NOW

Happy 10 years! promo number and interview exclusive with: Tobin (Flatfoot 56/610), promos: Booze and Glory, Radiocrimen,Neville Staple,The Enders,Out Of Order,Estampida and Rifiuto HC,The Busters,Adolescents vs The Svetlanas,TNS Records and Flix Records news.

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promo cd-Hors Controle-L’union Fait La Force (2013)

L’union Fait La Force is the latest material from the legends of Oi music from France, Hors Controle. 12 pure oi traks mixed along with punk influences. The band has shared the stage with bands like: Loikaemie,Toxpack or Stage Bottles and after more than 15 years of music they are true legends for France underground.
The band pays respect for all working class heroes, special that they come from Montceau Les Mines a small town with one of the largest mine in the late 19th century. Dignity,loyality, true friendship all of this packed with force and passion make from this album one piece that you should listen if you like bands like: Angelic Upstarts, Brixton Cats,La Gachette. Message in a fist straight from the streets of France.

1  Souvenirs
2  Les Bons Les Pires
3  La Vie Etait Moins Moche
4  Sur Les Routes
5  Camarades
6  L’union Fait La Force
7  Dis Moi
8  Ne Plus Etre Guidé
9  Ma Liberté
10 Chroniqueurs
11 Skinhead Crew
12 Je Lève Mon Verre


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interview exclusive: Brutus Daughters (celtic punk from Spain)
promo cd and bands: Stoj Snak, Stage Bottles, The Mahones, NH3, Killswitch Engage, Dr Calypso, HeartSounds, The Franceens, Omixlh, Nummen, Total Determinacion, Time To Live and Angstbreaker and also many more.

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