2 Minutos promo album Amigos De Lo Ajeno 2019

2 Minutos – Amigos de lo ajeno – album cover

2 Minutos are coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina and they have formed somewhere in 1987. One of the best punk rock acts and a band that you need to listen. With more than 10 LP’s and a lot of EP’s and compilations the band in back in 2019 with Amigos de Lo Ajeno, that is a 7 tracks EP with covers from: Nirvana, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, El Chapo de Sinaloa, Andrés Calamaro, José Luis Perales, Sumo and Sui Generis. With more than 25 years on the road the band was the first punk band in Argentina to have a gig in the legendary CBGB in New York in 1995. The lyrics of 2 Minutos are talking about police violence, politics, football, alchool and of course various problems of the working class. Another fact about 2 Minutos is that they have been the opening act for The Ramones in 1996, during their Farewell Tour in Argentina.

This is a pure 90’s punk made in Argentina, honest and with attitude.
More about the band on their FB HERE.

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2 Minutos – press photo/promo only


1. Contrabando de Amor (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs)
2. Bienvenidos al Tren (Sui Generis)
3. Banderitas y Globos (Sumo)
4. Polly (Nirvana)
5. Un Velero Llamado Libertad (José Luis Perales)
6. Le Hace Falta Un Beso (El Chapo de Sinaloa)
7. La Mitad del Amor (Andrés Calamaro)

Kaos Urbano – Suburbiales – promo

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KAOS URBANO – band photo

Kaos Urbano are back with their new material called Suburbiales, out at Potencial Hardcore and Canibal Producciones. Is the new LP since the one from 2016, La Hora Del Baile and it follows the same path of streetpunk/oi with hardcore elements. They formed at the end of 1995 in Madrid and soon become one of the best acts in streetpunk out there. Suburbiales is a manifest of the band against the artificial glamour of society, and a message for the workig class all in the raw, angry sound and attitude direct from the suburbs. This is something real, that comes from the heart with a lot of pride and a smile on the face. This is the soundtrack of their life for more than 20 years and many to come. Streetpunk/oi at the finest, made in Madrid. A strong message anti-racist and anti-fascist, for the nice memories, for your friends and any Friday night.


The album has already few videos for: Spanish Rockers, Como Cantona, Ante La Muerte and Reyes Sin Reino. Also you can check their YouTube for all the lyric videos from the LP.

Check their WEB HERE and YT Channel

Kaos Urbano – logo


Spanish Rockers
Ante La Muerte
Reyes Sin Reino
Sangre Proletaria
Como Cantona
El Aeropuerto
En Busca Y Captura
La Última Canción

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