The Hook-Line Riot – promo

Mpty Zine support for Romania

The Hook-Line Riot are just what you need when it comes to real melodic punk-rock, their album Sirens it will take you in a musical journey with heart open. Melody and anger,choruses made to stand up and smile to the madness in the world. The band deliver full passion with these 12 tracks that will kill your PA. They have shared the stage with names like: Dead To Me,Face To Face, The Flatliners,Swingin Utters, Cobra Skulls or Street Dogs so just you can imagine how they sound. This album has guts to say it in your face and to remind you that punk-rock never dies. From UK with love.

'Sirens' Album Cover

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Thanks to Jon and The Hook-Line Riot

One Step Records/Mad Butcher – promo

Devasted – Hopeless

This is the latest material from Devasted brought to you by One Step Records (Italy) and Mad Butcher Records (Germany). At two years after „Never Give Up” the band from Parma (Italy) is still full of rage, frustration and 100% punk rock with fists in the air. Social problems, politics, street life all packed with clear words and furious choruses, 30 minutes of punk rock mixed with a little of Hardcore makes this album one that you need to listen at full volume.
The band has also toured in many cities around Europe and they are hiting the road again, for their 10 years aniversary. Also they have shared the stage with bands like: Angelic Upstarts, UK Subs,The Adicts or Strawberry Blondes, something special from old school to the new school with influences from Clash and Ramones until Rancid or Pennywise.


The Bankrobbers – Folgen

The Bankrobbers will make your winter hot and your thoughts will be in sunny Jamaica, with their new album Folgen (One Step Records), a 2Tone Ska with a little punk that will make you jump. A good combination and inspiration from bands like: Statuto, Madness, The Specials, Bad Manners or The Clash with a strong antifascist attitude all acompanied by the trumpet sound. If you are looking for a pizza in the sun or you are just a simply working class hero that want to dance then put the dancing shoes, raise the glass, start skanking cause the scooter boys are back in town.


Rude & The Lickshots – Lickshots

Lickshots is the first material from Rude and The Lickshots also from mighty One Step/Mad Butcher Records. Rude (on his name Luca Lombardo) is a very known singer and musician and DJ as well who has been involded in different projects and colaborations accros the time with bands like: Ghetto 84, Manu Chao,Fermin Muguruza, Cypress Hill,Redska,Obrint Pas. This project was born in Dresden (Germany) and is a combination of early skinhead reggae, jamaican rock n roll with punk rock attitude.
The inspiration for this album comes from bands like: The Aggrolites,Ramones, Clash, Trojan records sound, Laurel Aitken or Dessmond Dekker. 15 tracks about old times, independent and real music from the heart, friendship and unity that goes perfect in any Friday evening along the ones that you love. The band has already couple of shows in Catalunya and Basque Country and they prepare to tour Europe, Japan and Mexico for 2014.
The band will take you to a journey of traditional ska-reggae with dirty sounds („I miss Reggae” a tribute to the hall of fame of ska reggae such as: Laurel Aitken, Dessmond Dekker, Skatalites and more) also two great covers after I Fought The Law and Harder They Come (Mas Duro Vendran).Music for your soul.


Sandokan and Manicomio Latino – Ghigno Maligno

This project was born in 2005 and this is their last material in 2013 Ghigno Maligno (that means Evil Grin). Sandokan is the singer also from Banda Bassotti and also in the catalan band La Maquina and was involved in many projects like: trombonist in Radici Nel Cemento or Fermin Muguruza and also he participate as a special guest for Laurel Aitken (The Godfather Of Ska) in his Japanese tour.
For this project another two players from Banda Bassotti are present: Maurizio Gregori (saxophone) and Sandro Travarelli (trumpet). 16 classic latin ska reggae mixed with a little punk rock and a lot of attitude. Freedom sounds, freedom of thinking, against media and television, against oppresion and power abuse. We recommend: Mariposa Loca (in english that means Crazy Butterfly) and Open Your Mind.


thanks to Fra and One Step Records.

see you in 2014. thank you for all your support. stay punk,stay rebel…always stay yourself