Lexington Field-Christmas At The Pub (single 2019)

Lexington Field – Christmas At The Pub cover

Lexington Field are back from the pub, with a new single for this Holiday. Christmas At The Pub is coming fresh from the press for a IrishPunk fiesta. We did promote them few years back and we like them, they formed back in 2009 in San Diego and play a mix of fiddle punk rock that will remind you of Flogging Molly or The Ramshackle Army. So after all the Christmas shopping and media brainwash of course the perfect time to be for Chrsitmas is at the pub with your loved ones, raise a glass and cheers to them!.
You can listen to the new single on Bandcamp and download. Energic and honest to the bone, fiddle and friends. Merry Xmas, raise your drink!!!


Christmas Vacation on every station
Online shopping across the nation
Another season of pointless presents
I guess it’s time for Christmas at the pub

You’ll shoot your eye out
You better not pout
A double eggnog and light up your house
Another season of waiting in line
I guess it’s time for Christmas at the pub

I will be thankful for this drink
To numb my loneliness away
Maybe next year will be my year
To fall in love on Christmas Day

„Christmas Eve babe in the drunk tank”
A sad reminder of when my heart sank
Another season stuck without you
I guess it’s time for Christmas at the pub

I will be thankful for this drink
To numb my loneliness away
Maybe next year will be my year
To fall in love on Christmas Day

And then I saw her across the bar
Singing along with the band
A beauty who rivals the brightest North Star
I think I might have a chance
To make this year finally my last year
Of whiskey and flat beer and fake holiday cheer
And be in love on Christmas Day


released December 1, 2019
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sean Tolley at Clarity Recordings
Music by Lexington Field
Lyrics by Beau Gray
Artwork by Jose Pimienta
Layout by Beau Gray

Rusty Nail-Bitter Ale,Bitter Heart-promo album

Bitter Ale, Bitter Heart is the new album from Rusty Nail, is all about feelings and one of the best albums from the St. Louis band. They are play a celtic-folk with a little bit of punk influences and a lot of drinks. The album is a personal and sad one but in the same time they have the sound of hope and optimism.

The album has 11 tracks, just perfect to listen with a cold rum on the rocks, is a honest album and you can see that the guys invested a lot of feelings in it. About the band i can tell you that they are playing togheter for more than 10 years already and if you like Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Tossers, The Pogues than for sure you need to give them credit.

Also this album drive me close to Speed Of Darkness, the album from 2011 of Flogging Molly. Is an album that will trasport you somewhere where is cold but as well will give you enough strength to move on with a smile. Just great.

Mandolin,violin,banjo,accordion,irish whistle,flute,drums,bass,guitar,feelings,friendship,optimism and all the friends with a rum togheter.

Thanks to Chad and Rusty Nail


Side A

1.The Magician

2. Return To The Start

3. Giving Up

4. Less Than Angels

5. It’s A Shame I Did Nothing

6. Another Story of Unreturned Love

Side B

1. Hardscrabble Road

2. Liquid Miracles

3. Central West End

4. Mad As Birds

5. The Nightmare Will Prevail

Front Cover 4x4

The Fatty Farmers-Escape From Dirty Pigs (promo)


Mpty Zine promo exclusive for Romania:

Celtic rock mixed with punk’n’roll and some country these are the ingredients of the new album „Escape From The Dirty Pigs” from spanish band The Fatty Farmers. They are a kind of good thing, good guys of the Spanish music underground scene. Acoustic guitar, electronic guitar, drums, accordion, irish whistles, bagpipes, violin and a village irish mood if i can say that. 16 tracks that will remind you of Flogging Molly, The Pogues, The Mahones and many more. They have been on stage on many of the important festivals around Spain, Portugal etc and a live set that is full of energy and will make you dance and jump.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as i did. Cheers!
Thanks to Waldo and Fatty Farmers.


Interview with Tobin (610/Flatfoot 56)-exclusive

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE):Hi Tobin, this is Mircea from mpty zine. How things are with you in the new 2015?

Tobin (610/Flatfoot 56):Things have been going really well.

First of all congrats for the 610 project.i had listen to it and it has took me far away somewhere in my childhood:),simple things,deep and nice. What is the story behind this project?

I have always loved songs and music that takes me to places that are far off and full of memories. The mindset behind this record was to return to a style of music from my early days of learning music with my family. Bluegrass and folk was music that was always around our house and the art of good story telling was a big part of my attraction to these styles.
This album also documents a lot of the feelings and mindsets that I have faced over the last few years. Its been a really hard past few years. Sometimes when your going through rough times, you just need to get it out. This album was key to helping me flesh through what I was feeling, God’s grace, and my own fears and hurts.

It is different than your Flatfoot 56 and speaking of Flatfoot 56, you have some news to share?:)

We are looking to be doing a short European tour in oct. of this year. We are excited to be getting back. We have been talking about doing some more writing as well to see what comes out.

The Humble Beginnings of a Roving Soul was recorded DIY in your bedroom and this is a big deal, how you will promote? a upcoming tour or something?

The album was actually recorded in an attic area of the house I live in. We have a studio set up there. It’s a very warm space with a very comfortable feel. Its a great place to create. We have been promoting through playing shows and trying to be active on our social media outlets. We have a tour scheduled for Europe in Sept and october that we are really excited about. There are so many people we are looking forward to seeing again. We just released a new video for our song „Backpack” which looks amazing and gives people and idea of what the band is like. .
1. 6'10 Bandfoto

Please make me a top 10 with your favorite bands.

I am kind of a strange guy in what i like but here it goes.
I love: Johnny cash, Mississippi John Hurt, Metric, Mewithoutyou, Cock Sparer, Leatherface, the Pogues, Murder by Death, Pete Seager, Bishops Green (Honorable mentions- Brick Assassin, Cro-mags, andrew W.K)

Like you said this album takes you to a journey to childhood,how important are those little simple things nowdays with this speed and these trends?

I think folk music and story telling styles of music are extremely important because they remind us of who we are and where we came from. In this cray world of fast paced technology i think people are getting tired and stressed out. We are loosing track of who we are as people groups and of what we are and cultures. I think that people are returning to folk and simpler music to rediscover that simpler time and pace of life that we as humans were meant to live at. We want music and culture to mean something more then just consumerism and entertainment. We want music that tells us who we are and speaks to the deepest parts of our human struggles.

Name 5 things that you will take with you to a journey.

1. A Bible 2. a note pad 3. My hat 4. my guitar 5. a voice recorder.

Always coming back home to…Chicago:) how’s Chicago underground scene?

Chicago is a great music town. The scene has been strong for a long time. This being said it is always changing and there are always new faces. Its a place that people want to be in. One thing I love is that each neighborhood has its own group of show spaces and punk kids. They all offer a different taste to an already vibrant place.

Some words for our zine?

Never stop loving music and never stop learning about new bands. I love how Europeans research their music. I love how they care and invest in their favorite bands. You guys are a huge part of why we still play.

Thanks Tobin so much for your time and please feel free to add anything.Where people can listen to 610 online? buy the album…

You can find the album on ITUNES, Our website at http://www.610band.com, in stores throughout europe.

thanks to Tobin,Karin and Felix (Flix Records)

the interview will be on our 30th number OUT SOON.

Paddy and The Rats


Paddy and the Rats s-au format în 2008 la Miskolc,Ungaria.Trupa combină muzica tradiţională irlandeză şi scoţiană cu punk-rock dar câteodată apar chiar şi elemente ruseşti sau ţigănesti în muzica lor.Pe lângă piesele proprii cântă şi preluări după cântece marinăreşti dar şi şlagăre punk(Sex Pistols,Green Day) interpretate cu instrumente tradiţionale ca benjo,cimpoi,acordeon,vioară.Muzica lor este antrenantă,trupa te îndeamnă mereu la dans şi…beţie,o bună parte din versurile lor fiind despre viaţa din cârciumi. Primul lor album,”Rats on board” a fost lansat în martie 2010 de Nordic Records (pentru Europa) şi Uncleowen Records în Japonia. Având în medie 100 de concerte pe an,au cântat la festivaluri din întreaga Europa:Suedia,Polonia,Italia, Danemarca,Serbia.

Primul concert Paddy and the Rats din Cluj va avea loc pe data de vineri 27 mai ora 22 la Bulgakov&Cathouse, (str. Inocentiu Micu Klein nr. 17). Intrare 10 lei.

Componenţa trupei: Paddy O’Reilly – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars Sam McKenzie – Fiddle, Bagpipe, Banjo, Whistle’s Mr. Sonny Sullivan – Accordion, Backing Vocals Joey MacOnkay – Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals Vince Murphy – Bass, Backing Vocals Seamus Connelly – Drums




(sursa: comunicat de presa)

Monday Punk News #3

The Mahones au anuntat pentru 2010 , cu ocazia implinirii a 20 de ani de activitate lansarea unui covers album tribute, incluzand cele mai cunoscute hit-uri ale trupei.

trupe confirmate pana acum:

1. Across The USA – The Roughneck Riot (England)
2. The Streets Of New York – The Ryan Brothers (Canada)
3. Shake Hands With The Devil – Bloody Irish Boys (USA)
4.Take Me Back – Brutus Daughters (Spain)
5. Down The Boozer – The Vandon Arms (USA)
6. London – Paul-Ronney Angel of The Urban Voodoo Machine (England)
7. Paint The Town Red – Bastards On Parade (Spain)
8. Whiskey Devils – Pladdohg (USA)
9. There She Goes – Black Friday (England)
10. Queen and Tequila – The Hit The Bottle Boys (USA)
11. Take No Prisoners – The Drink Hunters (Spain)
12. Is This Bar Open ‘Til Tommorrow – Drunken Dru Band (Canada)
13. Girl With Galway Eyes – The Legendary Mark Gilligan (Ireland)
14. Drunken Lazy Bastard – Special Surprise Guests !!!!

trupe ce urmeaza a confirma:

A Drunken Night In Dublin – The Gobshites (USA)
Rise Again – The Peelers (Canada)
Cocktail Blue – Aaron Chapman (Canada)
Back Home – Paddy McCallion (Canada)
One Last Shot – Keg (USA)Drunken Lazy Bastard remix – Dom The Bomb (Canada)

de asemenea trupa a anuntat playlist-ul noului album BLACK IRISH ce urmeaza a fi lansat vara aceasta

1. A Great Night On The Lash  2. The Girl With Galway Eyes  3. Give It All Ya Got (or Forget About It) 4. The Wild Rover feat. Psycho Dave5. Lord Of The Dirty Hordes  6. The Blood Is On Your Hands  7. A Pain From Yesterday  8. Whiskey Under The Bridge  9. Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil  10. Hammer In A Bag  11. The DKM Took Paddy Away  12. Song For The Fallen