Bitter Grounds – promo

MPTY ZINE promo for Romania:


Bitter Grounds will hit you with their 2nd album, Two Sides Of Hope, will be out on 5th October 2018. Bitter Grounds are coming from Netherlands and they are formed in 2015. The new album is coming 2 years after their debut album: Hollowlands. This is a singalong punkrock with influences from ska all the way to hardcore. The album has everything packed good in energy, attitude and the sounds from the streets. Also lyrics talking about different social problems, frustration, fear and hope. Band was playing with bands like Real McKenzies or Interrupters and played on festivals like: Punk Rock Holiday or Nice’n’Sleazy. Singalong, raise your fist on the dancing floor. True and honest for the punkrock lovers of 90’s. Also do not forget to check them online at: and to check their new video Two Sides Of Hope.

Guilty people for this: Ring Of Fire Records // Bad Granola Records // Aggrobeat Records // Mass Production Records

Video: Two Sides Of Hope


Interview: Voodoo Healers

Exclusive interview with Voodoo Healers (Punk Rock’n’Roll from Greece). The interview will be available as well on our next number, coming out soon in .pdf for free.

gateshead 16.05.2018

MirceONE (MPTYZINE): Hi guys, this is Mirceone from MptyZine, it’s been awhile since we talk last time. How are the things?

VH: Hello Mirceone and many thanx for the contact and your interest to put out infos and news about the band through this interview.We are doing good in general keeping ourselves busy and active as much as possible with tours, recordings etc.

I remember first time when i did listen to you was in 2006 with Living In A Dogville, years have passed and i see that you are still going strong, congrats!

We try…we really try hard to keep it alive in total 15 years from 2003 the band established till today and hopefully few more years.

Saw some new tours for the band in Europe, how are things so far?

The world was always the target, not staying in our city or country, Rock n Roll is the idea and the cause and its bigger than anything else thats why we are touring as much as we can all around Europe, would be great if we could move even further but its very difficult. We had good times bad times….any kind of times…living on the road from 2007 till now. Doing this for such a long period and constantly is tough, the price you pay is high, you don’t choose life after all life choosing you, you just let it take you by the hand.

Any new stuff for 2018?

On March 2018 we re-released our first album „Living In A Dogville” this time in vinyl, its a new fresh recording of the original material plus a bonus track.

Planning a new recording of totally new material till the end of the year and having the album released in the fist half of 2019.

For those that don’t know you please tell us a few things about Voodoo Healers.

We are a Rock n Roll band, fast loud and sweaty, we started on 2003 and we stay loyal as we can in the idea that makes us started, we dont want to change we would love to be better on what we do not change it.

We dont like terms and headlines no fashionable, academic, veritable but not real, correct in the way fits to us and more issues.

Tell me about your music and message

Everything is clear from our side in a world that likes the blurry mixed up situations, Rock n Roll is the answer.

In a personal or social level here is few lines from us for us and to the world.









If you have to do a band top 10, what bands will be in it?

That’s tough but we ll try…in not particular order…are 12…

-Link Wray





-Velvet Underground

-Rolling Stones



-Radio Birdman


-Johnny Thunders And………..

Few words about Greek scene and interesting facts maybe?

Some maybe say that the Rock scene in Greece is general is really ok, of course its matter of opinion and how a person see Rock n Roll, we believe we have the scene we should have….bad or good dosen’t matter too much, in every place cultural or subcultural activities are moving based to the local standards.

One chance to make an split EP with a favorite band, what band will be?

If we are talking for bands are still active it would be The Damned or T.S.O.L…..better to stop with these two.

Any plans for the near future? where can people see you live? where also you can be found online for people to listen to your music?

Besides the recording of the new material till the end of the year hopefully we ll be on tour during March and April 2019, we can’t announce any schedule at the moment but for those who likes to see us they can follow the band on internet and get all the news.



You Tube:


I know that Romania gave you a good impression? Someday soon you will come back?

We are coming every year in Romania and i m sure it will happen on 2019, stay tuned!!!!

A tough one: Clash or Ramones? Why?

We could write books for both of the bands but since i must give a certain reply….

Ramones, they ReDefine Rock n roll after a period that things were kinda blurry and they stood for that for a lifetime.

Guys thank you so much for this short online time, i know you are busy, anything for our few online readers to add?

We thank you for the chance, we hope to get some feedback from any of your readers during the time. Take care


MirceONE vs. Voodoo Healers – July 2018

The Fatty Farmers-Escape From Dirty Pigs (promo)


Mpty Zine promo exclusive for Romania:

Celtic rock mixed with punk’n’roll and some country these are the ingredients of the new album „Escape From The Dirty Pigs” from spanish band The Fatty Farmers. They are a kind of good thing, good guys of the Spanish music underground scene. Acoustic guitar, electronic guitar, drums, accordion, irish whistles, bagpipes, violin and a village irish mood if i can say that. 16 tracks that will remind you of Flogging Molly, The Pogues, The Mahones and many more. They have been on stage on many of the important festivals around Spain, Portugal etc and a live set that is full of energy and will make you dance and jump.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as i did. Cheers!
Thanks to Waldo and Fatty Farmers.


Rebel Spies-Before I Die I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies!-promo cd

MPTY ZINE exclusive for Romania

East Grand presents the new material from Rebel Spies-Before I Die I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies!.A mix of hardcore/punk in the pure old school way,something to remind you of: Descendents or 7 Seconds. Full of sincerity and energy, this band will remind you of the days walking along with your friends on a friday evening to a pub where a gig will make you forget everything…
And they play this for all their friends and for everybody who pay respect to the old school. Their history include bands like: Suicide Machines or Hellmouth. Keep it simple, keep it underground and keep it fun.
Is not something only for the „back in the days mood” but is something also for the new days and for the new school full of optimism. I suggest you to check them out and play them angry for the child in you.

thanks to East Grand Rec.

cover-rebel spies

Old Coyote Club-The Clubhouse Sessions EP-promo

From Norfolk,UK, Old Coyote Club bring the new EP-The Clubhouse Sessions. It’s a mix of punk/folk with country something that will remind you of The Clash meeting Dylan and Cash, 3 tracks with acoustic guitars and beer. Imagine you traveling in one sunday afternoon along the sidewalk with a beer in your hand listening to these guys in the headphones and thinking  that last night was a good one.
Keep the eyes on them and by the way the EP is for free on their bandcamp so check them out
We will have them for interview in the near future and they surpised me in a good way.And yes the EP was produced DIY by the band and that’s a plus.
our favorite: Medicine

thanks to Kai and OCC


promo EP-The Instigation-No Way Out

These guys will take you back to old school hardcore in the ’80s with this EP. 4 tracks and that means 7 minutes of fast/furious hardcore and punk for the old school lovers, by the way they have a cover after Regan Youth (Degenerated).The components are located worldwide i can say: from London,Shanghai,Kobe and Tokyo and they pack this energy also worldwide for the fine ears:).The band will remind you of Minor Threat, Black Flag, Youth Brigade or Descendents just to name few. Listen to them only on hi-volume,put up the dancing shoes and reclaim your dance floor.
Sick of musical masturbation, fuck this up, we’re The Instigation.

EP tracklist:
1.The Instigation
2.No Way Out
3.No Rules
4.Degenerated (Regan Youth Cover)


check them out:

thanks to Toshi-The Instigation

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interview exclusive: Brutus Daughters (celtic punk from Spain)
promo cd and bands: Stoj Snak, Stage Bottles, The Mahones, NH3, Killswitch Engage, Dr Calypso, HeartSounds, The Franceens, Omixlh, Nummen, Total Determinacion, Time To Live and Angstbreaker and also many more.

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Interviu Rehab Nation

Patru baieti si o fata pusi pe facut muzica buna, cu un mix de Manu vs. Gogol, multa distractie si voie buna. Yeeeey!

MPTY ZINE: De ce Rehab Nation?

Boti: Rehab Nation” este un proiect bazat mai mult pe tara asta de rahat, deci cantam despre cea ce vedem, facem lucrurile
mai clare prin versurile cantate. Sustin/ -em in primul rand `the Gipsy nation`, fiindca eu personal ma consider un om pierdut, inca nu mi-am gasit locul in lumea asta corupta, iar in al doilea rand „romanian intelligence” daca exista, inca cred in asa ceva :)).

In 10 mai ati lansat albumul International. Cum a fost concertul si de ce acest nume?

Da, corect. Pot sa zic ca a fost un concert reusit, insa nu sunt omul potrivit pentru aceasta intrebare :)),
nu sunt niciodata multumit.:P
Da, era ok, a fost un concert organizat cu ajutorul lui Richard Constantinidis (CZB) si Gambrinus Pub,cca. 80-100 de persoane au participat, deci era party total, ah si se bucurau oamenii normal la CD-urile primite  cadou din partea trupei. Piese si stil international = album „International” + si piesa de succes International 😛

Am observat o gramada de influente la voi, cum ati descrie stilul trupei?

Ii greu de explicat, insa concret pot sa zic ca folosim elemente ska, punk, gipsy, raggae, folk, funk.Nu ne vom baza nici in viitor pe un stil anume, mai degraba daca gasim ceva nou, incercam sa-l Rehab Nationalitizam.

Pentru vara asta ceva concerte? pe unde va pot vedea oamenii?

Pentru vara asta avem surprize si obiective noi, din pacate nu pot sa dau detalii. Tot cea ce facem sau cea ce vom face: concerte, interviuri etc. va aparea pe pagina myspace, respectiv pagina facebook a trupei.

Apropo de International, stiu ca cei care au fost la concert au primul cd-ul. In rest unde il veti comercializa ca sa zic asa?

Albumul „International” se poate descarca GRATUIT de pe:

Mergeti la concertul Bon Jovi?

Haha mai aveai o intrebare gen Bon Jovi si data trecuta 😛 Nu cred ca o sa mergem, dar sper ca in curand sa cante in deschidere pentru noi. 😛

Ce trupe va plac si ascultati de pe la noi? din afara?

Mie personal imi place Zdob si Zdub, in rest ascultam aproape tot ce apare sau a aparut, suntem orientati spre mai multe stiluri. Dar trupele principale sunt : Manu Chao si Gogol Bordello.

Daca vi se propune sa cantati in vreo campanie electorala ati accepta?

In nici un caz, nu am sustinut niciodata politica si nici nu o vom face. Ma dezgusta cea ce se intampla la noi si in afara tarii. Oricum nu am fost la vot niciodata si nu-mi pasa deloc de pinguinii din guvernamant.

Cele mai bune 3 trupe din playlist-ul vostru sunt…

Nu sunt :)) Chiar nu avem un top list, ascultam aproape tot, pentru ca ne place in primul rand si in al dilea rand ne influenteaza.

Mersi de interviu si pentru timpul acordat si poate ne vedem si la vara la mare. Bafta

Multumesc/-im si eu/noi, keep up the good work. PACE FRATE! Rehab (fucking) Nation 🙂

Mirceone (mpty zine) vs. Boti (rehab nation)