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Exclusive interview with Lexington Field. Promos: Terror, Sick Of It All, The Rumjacks, No Tiene La Vaca, Decibelios, Out Of Control Army, Stoj Snak, Bitter Grounds, Taapa Groove, Ska P, Scheisse Minnelli. Thank you for your support. This is a 100% DIY product made in Romania. Est. 2005.

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Stoj Snak – 1000 Daisies EP

MPTY ZINE promo for Romania.

Stoj Snak is back with a new piece of EP with 3 tracks, 1000 Daisies. The EP was released on 19 September 2018 and is a fund raiser to save the venue 1000Fryd in Aalborg in Denmark. About his music we did write a few years ago when materials like: ScreamerSongwriter (LP) and Happitalism (EP) were released. This EP keeps the same sincerity and simplicity like the previous materials, the same folk-punk, acoustic package, the same open heart for who ever is there to listen. Has the same energy and screams, the same punk DIY attitude and goes to tell the things in your face. It’s political, it’s about world, it’s true and goes to your heart. A really good job from Niels and we are expecting the LP. My favorite on this EP: Bitter Place. More infos here:

1. 1000 Daisies
2. Election Night
3. Bitter Place


Scheisse Minnelli – Waking Up On Mistake Street

MPTY ZINE promo exclusive for Romania

Waking Up On The Mistake Street is a blast in your ears. This is the new album of Scheisse Minnelli, out soon on 26th October 2018 on Destiny Records. The album has 12 tracks in the pure skate/core style made in California. They are mixing really good the youth punk rock attitude with hardcore and everything is fast and angry. Themes about skateboarding, politics and dealing with drugs. For the fans of bands like: MDC, DRI, Dr. Know or Verbal Abuse.
The band will start now a tour in Japan, Korea and as well back home in Germany. Also a fresh video for „Yer In A Trance” (about shit people do when they are young).

This is pure european skatecore made in 80’s with passion!!!



1. Yer In A Trance
2. Life Alert
3. Love It Or Leave It
4. Mistake Street
5. Downhill
6. Chata
7. Going Back
8. It’s Your World
9. Bedtime For Bonzo
10. Green River Wishes
11. Lessons Learned
12. Hallo Werner

you can pre-order the album here: CORETEX RECORDS , FLIGHT 13 , digital copy on AMAZON.DE , GOOGLE PLAY or ITUNES


Bitter Grounds – promo

MPTY ZINE promo for Romania:


Bitter Grounds will hit you with their 2nd album, Two Sides Of Hope, will be out on 5th October 2018. Bitter Grounds are coming from Netherlands and they are formed in 2015. The new album is coming 2 years after their debut album: Hollowlands. This is a singalong punkrock with influences from ska all the way to hardcore. The album has everything packed good in energy, attitude and the sounds from the streets. Also lyrics talking about different social problems, frustration, fear and hope. Band was playing with bands like Real McKenzies or Interrupters and played on festivals like: Punk Rock Holiday or Nice’n’Sleazy. Singalong, raise your fist on the dancing floor. True and honest for the punkrock lovers of 90’s. Also do not forget to check them online at: and to check their new video Two Sides Of Hope.

Guilty people for this: Ring Of Fire Records // Bad Granola Records // Aggrobeat Records // Mass Production Records

Video: Two Sides Of Hope



Latest number for download. Exclusive interview with Voodoo Healers, promo bands/cd’s : The Interrupters, Pennywise, Street Dogs, Talco, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mad Caddies, Night Birds, Madball, The Sentires, Los Elefantes, Maskatesta, Hub City Stompers, Juantxo Skalari and La Rude Band, Rude Bones, Modern Enemy, Skalapper.

This is a promo number, 100% DIY, is not about music reviews the way should be, is not intended for profit and never will be,  all the pictures copyright remain to their owners, all the pictures are used for promo only. All the promos are free and i am not tacking any profit for promoting some labels/bands. Please support the bands and buy their music, go to concerts where possible and always stay yourself. Until next time!



Interview: Voodoo Healers

Exclusive interview with Voodoo Healers (Punk Rock’n’Roll from Greece). The interview will be available as well on our next number, coming out soon in .pdf for free.

gateshead 16.05.2018

MirceONE (MPTYZINE): Hi guys, this is Mirceone from MptyZine, it’s been awhile since we talk last time. How are the things?

VH: Hello Mirceone and many thanx for the contact and your interest to put out infos and news about the band through this interview.We are doing good in general keeping ourselves busy and active as much as possible with tours, recordings etc.

I remember first time when i did listen to you was in 2006 with Living In A Dogville, years have passed and i see that you are still going strong, congrats!

We try…we really try hard to keep it alive in total 15 years from 2003 the band established till today and hopefully few more years.

Saw some new tours for the band in Europe, how are things so far?

The world was always the target, not staying in our city or country, Rock n Roll is the idea and the cause and its bigger than anything else thats why we are touring as much as we can all around Europe, would be great if we could move even further but its very difficult. We had good times bad times….any kind of times…living on the road from 2007 till now. Doing this for such a long period and constantly is tough, the price you pay is high, you don’t choose life after all life choosing you, you just let it take you by the hand.

Any new stuff for 2018?

On March 2018 we re-released our first album „Living In A Dogville” this time in vinyl, its a new fresh recording of the original material plus a bonus track.

Planning a new recording of totally new material till the end of the year and having the album released in the fist half of 2019.

For those that don’t know you please tell us a few things about Voodoo Healers.

We are a Rock n Roll band, fast loud and sweaty, we started on 2003 and we stay loyal as we can in the idea that makes us started, we dont want to change we would love to be better on what we do not change it.

We dont like terms and headlines no fashionable, academic, veritable but not real, correct in the way fits to us and more issues.

Tell me about your music and message

Everything is clear from our side in a world that likes the blurry mixed up situations, Rock n Roll is the answer.

In a personal or social level here is few lines from us for us and to the world.









If you have to do a band top 10, what bands will be in it?

That’s tough but we ll try…in not particular order…are 12…

-Link Wray





-Velvet Underground

-Rolling Stones



-Radio Birdman


-Johnny Thunders And………..

Few words about Greek scene and interesting facts maybe?

Some maybe say that the Rock scene in Greece is general is really ok, of course its matter of opinion and how a person see Rock n Roll, we believe we have the scene we should have….bad or good dosen’t matter too much, in every place cultural or subcultural activities are moving based to the local standards.

One chance to make an split EP with a favorite band, what band will be?

If we are talking for bands are still active it would be The Damned or T.S.O.L…..better to stop with these two.

Any plans for the near future? where can people see you live? where also you can be found online for people to listen to your music?

Besides the recording of the new material till the end of the year hopefully we ll be on tour during March and April 2019, we can’t announce any schedule at the moment but for those who likes to see us they can follow the band on internet and get all the news.



You Tube:


I know that Romania gave you a good impression? Someday soon you will come back?

We are coming every year in Romania and i m sure it will happen on 2019, stay tuned!!!!

A tough one: Clash or Ramones? Why?

We could write books for both of the bands but since i must give a certain reply….

Ramones, they ReDefine Rock n roll after a period that things were kinda blurry and they stood for that for a lifetime.

Guys thank you so much for this short online time, i know you are busy, anything for our few online readers to add?

We thank you for the chance, we hope to get some feedback from any of your readers during the time. Take care


MirceONE vs. Voodoo Healers – July 2018

The Infested – Raw Ensemble promo

MptyZine promo exclusive for Romania- The Infested-HC/Punk-UK
The Infested will blow your P.A. for sure. I did listen to them on repeat for last few hours, is fast and is angry and full of energy. Brings back memories and is true to the bone and is in the pure underground punk.They are coming from Leeds (UK) and this is their 3rd material: Raw Ensemble that will be out on 21st May on EHC Records (Colored Vinyl, CD and Digital Download). Has 12 songs in a mix of Hardcore/punk with some ska elements, all made in 90’s skatepunk scene, for all the kids on the streets!!!.
Strong lyrics about terrorism, political and religious war around the world, social media and tv brainwash, financial system and internet shopping propaganda or sharing memories about tours and past gigs are themes in this album. Everything packed raw, crazy guitar riffs with angry and fast vocals, a reminder that good old days are not over, the same gang with the same old van sharing memories. Pure and true, fast raw hardcore punk for all the angry kids.
More info about them: also don’t forget to check EHC Records on: or on Thanks to Shay and Infested.



1. Believe
2. Hoax
3. Shackles
4. Shackles (Part 2)
5. Fight Or Flight
6. Dopamine
7. Monsters
8. SSRI Or Die?
9. Busy To Survive
10. Another Life
11. Outro
12. Turn The Page (Demo Version)