Rebel Spies-Before I Die I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies!-promo cd

MPTY ZINE exclusive for Romania

East Grand presents the new material from Rebel Spies-Before I Die I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies!.A mix of hardcore/punk in the pure old school way,something to remind you of: Descendents or 7 Seconds. Full of sincerity and energy, this band will remind you of the days walking along with your friends on a friday evening to a pub where a gig will make you forget everything…
And they play this for all their friends and for everybody who pay respect to the old school. Their history include bands like: Suicide Machines or Hellmouth. Keep it simple, keep it underground and keep it fun.
Is not something only for the „back in the days mood” but is something also for the new days and for the new school full of optimism. I suggest you to check them out and play them angry for the child in you.

thanks to East Grand Rec.

cover-rebel spies

Old Coyote Club-The Clubhouse Sessions EP-promo

From Norfolk,UK, Old Coyote Club bring the new EP-The Clubhouse Sessions. It’s a mix of punk/folk with country something that will remind you of The Clash meeting Dylan and Cash, 3 tracks with acoustic guitars and beer. Imagine you traveling in one sunday afternoon along the sidewalk with a beer in your hand listening to these guys in the headphones and thinking  that last night was a good one.
Keep the eyes on them and by the way the EP is for free on their bandcamp so check them out
We will have them for interview in the near future and they surpised me in a good way.And yes the EP was produced DIY by the band and that’s a plus.
our favorite: Medicine

thanks to Kai and OCC


Thee Mighty Fevers-Fuckin Great RnR (promo album)

Something good from Kobe (Japan), these guys will explode in your stereo in full force. Thee Mighty Fever presents Fuck’in Great RnR , 13 tracks with a mix of garage,rock n roll and chaotic punk. They play fast,angry and chaotic and the longest track has 2:05 minutes so you can imagine…
Not for tea time afternoons but for angry punk partys. Mad and ferocious riffs made in Japan. 1,2,3,4 goooo are the words for every song on this album and after that chaos (the good way of chaos).Just to resume, take a little hardcore and add some raw punk in sound, then pack everything in angry riffs…Not for bored teenagers with smartphones,this is the real punk rock chaos.

2.Bad Party
3.Radio Burn
4.I’m A Zombie
5.Sunday Breakdown
6.After School Shadow
7.Black Leather no1
8.Motorcycle Heaven
10.Sick On You
11.High Shcool Riot
12.Good Fuck Good Night

check them on BANDCAMP

promo-Johnny Hoffman and the Residents

Johnny Hoffman and the Residents is a band that promise and you will need to pay some attention, from Washington with influences from bands like: Queens Of The Stone Age and White Stripes but don’t take it like this, there are some angry riffs on the chorus along with raw emotion from punk rock. Also they are involved with the local hardcore/punk scene in Washington as well.
Their first album „Welcome to Everott” was released in summer 2013 and they started to have a little of attention so far and they are on the good track. To be honest is not my type of band that i would listen but for sure they have something of their own that you will like it.
You can check for them on FB and YouTube as well

Thanks to Tasha from QuiteGreat

cover jho