One Step Records/Mad Butcher – promo

Devasted – Hopeless

This is the latest material from Devasted brought to you by One Step Records (Italy) and Mad Butcher Records (Germany). At two years after „Never Give Up” the band from Parma (Italy) is still full of rage, frustration and 100% punk rock with fists in the air. Social problems, politics, street life all packed with clear words and furious choruses, 30 minutes of punk rock mixed with a little of Hardcore makes this album one that you need to listen at full volume.
The band has also toured in many cities around Europe and they are hiting the road again, for their 10 years aniversary. Also they have shared the stage with bands like: Angelic Upstarts, UK Subs,The Adicts or Strawberry Blondes, something special from old school to the new school with influences from Clash and Ramones until Rancid or Pennywise.


The Bankrobbers – Folgen

The Bankrobbers will make your winter hot and your thoughts will be in sunny Jamaica, with their new album Folgen (One Step Records), a 2Tone Ska with a little punk that will make you jump. A good combination and inspiration from bands like: Statuto, Madness, The Specials, Bad Manners or The Clash with a strong antifascist attitude all acompanied by the trumpet sound. If you are looking for a pizza in the sun or you are just a simply working class hero that want to dance then put the dancing shoes, raise the glass, start skanking cause the scooter boys are back in town.


Rude & The Lickshots – Lickshots

Lickshots is the first material from Rude and The Lickshots also from mighty One Step/Mad Butcher Records. Rude (on his name Luca Lombardo) is a very known singer and musician and DJ as well who has been involded in different projects and colaborations accros the time with bands like: Ghetto 84, Manu Chao,Fermin Muguruza, Cypress Hill,Redska,Obrint Pas. This project was born in Dresden (Germany) and is a combination of early skinhead reggae, jamaican rock n roll with punk rock attitude.
The inspiration for this album comes from bands like: The Aggrolites,Ramones, Clash, Trojan records sound, Laurel Aitken or Dessmond Dekker. 15 tracks about old times, independent and real music from the heart, friendship and unity that goes perfect in any Friday evening along the ones that you love. The band has already couple of shows in Catalunya and Basque Country and they prepare to tour Europe, Japan and Mexico for 2014.
The band will take you to a journey of traditional ska-reggae with dirty sounds („I miss Reggae” a tribute to the hall of fame of ska reggae such as: Laurel Aitken, Dessmond Dekker, Skatalites and more) also two great covers after I Fought The Law and Harder They Come (Mas Duro Vendran).Music for your soul.


Sandokan and Manicomio Latino – Ghigno Maligno

This project was born in 2005 and this is their last material in 2013 Ghigno Maligno (that means Evil Grin). Sandokan is the singer also from Banda Bassotti and also in the catalan band La Maquina and was involved in many projects like: trombonist in Radici Nel Cemento or Fermin Muguruza and also he participate as a special guest for Laurel Aitken (The Godfather Of Ska) in his Japanese tour.
For this project another two players from Banda Bassotti are present: Maurizio Gregori (saxophone) and Sandro Travarelli (trumpet). 16 classic latin ska reggae mixed with a little punk rock and a lot of attitude. Freedom sounds, freedom of thinking, against media and television, against oppresion and power abuse. We recommend: Mariposa Loca (in english that means Crazy Butterfly) and Open Your Mind.


thanks to Fra and One Step Records.

see you in 2014. thank you for all your support. stay punk,stay rebel…always stay yourself

Interview exclusive: FFD (punk rock-Italy)

I know FFD for some years, but this is our first interview. From Parma with love and all over the world. Punk rock, ska and oi FFD have eveything you need. C’mon kids, stand up,stand up…. Enjoy it.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE): Ciao guys. Congrats for the Antifa Riot album, how is life?

FFD: Hi everybody, thank’s for everything…about the band is great , that’s a good time for the FFD, but about real life everyday it’s a bad time, too much work without gaining everything, it is a time of world crisis, people find it hard to get to the end of the month…anyways, let’s talk about music…

I know that you have started in 1992, for those that still don’t know you can you please make a short bio?

yes, we’ve started in ’92, we were very young, the guitar player was only 13 and me I was the older and I was only 17. At that time we were the youngest punk band in Italy and for people was fun to see 4 punk kids, drunk with crested and spiky hears, so we started to tour italy very soon…in ’94 we pressed our first demo tape and was sold out (500copies) in only one week, so in 1995 we self our 1st 7″ and for about a couple of oi!-punk distributors after a few months it was sold everywhere , from USA to Japan (obviously only in the punk shops and mail-orders ) In 1996 we started a collaboration that continues to this day with los fastidios ad we sheared a split lp „hasta la baldoria” and from there we played more than 1000gigs , in italy an in europe, we played from in all of the squats in Italy to the big outdoors summer festivals we sheared the stage with a lot’s of bands…20 years is a lot’s of time, if someone wants can find all about us in the www.

You will start a mini tour with this album. Any news and info about this?

We’ve already  done the first part of this promo tour, almost 15 gigs in all the parts of Italy during the winter, and now (6 april) we start again another mini-tour with 10 gigs during spring and summer in Italy as well.After that we would like to play some gigs in europe and we’d like to come to play in your area, we never been there.

Please make a me top 5 of your favorite bands.

It’s a very hard question, we like a lot’s of kinds of music ,from oi! to h.c.,and from skinhead reggae to northern soul but just for answer  5-Kortatu, 4-The Addicts, 3-Symarip, 2-Cock Sparrer 1-The Clash

Los Fastidios, Banda Bassotti just to name a few of the bands that have appeared with you along the time…name one band that you want to have a split ep.

Talking about dreams…The Clash

How’s the punk scene in Parma.

Not so good and not so bad, there are some good bands, but we wish there was more collaboration. It’s more than 20 years that we organize gigs and oi! punk events in Parma, but the most of the other bands wants only play and they are not available if you ask for a help


Any news with One Step Records for a new album?

May be… ANTIFA RIOT has been realized 4 month ago, and it’s our first collaboration with one step, we are finding good so we’d like continue to work with them.

Name 3 things without you can’t live


Now is the time: RedSka or Talco?

RedSka, just because we are friends, but I think that Talco is a good band as well, but not our  favorite


Thank you for the time guys, please add few words for MPTY ZINE and for our few readers:)

Good job, I think you are very important for the scene, you give the bands a chance to make known their music by investing your time and your passion

Ok, i really hope to see you live along with all my favorite bands soon, maybe in Romania or i will come to Parma. Thank you once again. If you have something to add, please fell free.

thank’s very much, I hope that some of your readers will listen our music and to come to play in Romania soon.cheers.

Mirceone vs. FFD – march 2013

Thanks to Fra (RedSka/One Step), FFD and to everybody who support independent music. Sorry for our english but we are not native:).

Interview – RedSka (march 2013)


A talk with Fra from RedSka and One Step Records, about the new EP, new bands and other good and simple things. Listen to good music, go to concerts, buy a cd, support the diy and be good! enjoy it.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE) Ciao Fra, how’s life?

Fra (RedSka) Hi Mircea, everything is ok, thank you so much for this interview!

We have our last interview i think 2 years ago, meanwhile you have this new baby: Bella Ciao. congratulations and any news?

Yes, the last interview was at the time of studio production of „LA RIVOLTA”, our 3rd album. Now is „BELLA CIAO” time, our brand new EP. This new record is for us a solemn tribute to a true hymn of the partisan struggle and resistance. The EP contains the ska-punk version of the famous folk song and also two unpublished songs: „SIMILE” and „LA RESISTENZA” (feat. NH3).

RedSka is preparing a new tour?

We are always on the road…in the next months we’ll be in Austria, Germany, France and of course Italy.

How things are for One Step Records?

One Step Records continues his way. It’s very hard produce and distribute independent music in Italy, but we resist. At the moment, we’re working on new projects for 2013. You can follow our activity on Facebook (

Speaking of labels…what do you think nowdays about the internet and sharing the music?

The internet impact on the indipendent music was very strong.
The good impact was the great low cost opportunity to spread the music. Everything is for sure more simple than one time
The bad impact was the people can download the music for free, without any recognition for artists. I think is very very unfair to the artists.

I saw a lot of bands in the RedSka style, a lot of kids think that this is catchy, What you prefer 10 friends at your concert in a pub or 10.000 people in a festival ?

We do what we like and we prefer the „real” people in front of the stage…for sure the big festivals are very exciting for us, but the cool people could be everywhere.

I have listen latelly the new album from Talco and NH3, great albums. Give me a top of 5 new albums from you.

That’s a very difficult question….anyway we like a lot the new albums from FFD („Antifa Riot”), from LINEA („Revoluzionado”), the last album from Ashpipe. We hope to listen very soon to a new Los Fastidios album!

Speaking of bands what news you have about Atarassia Grop, you know is one of my favorite bands…whay don’t you try to put them on One Step?

We know some musicians from Atarassia Grop are now involved in other projects as Erode and Linea…We will see what will happen in the future!

How you can describe RedSka using up to 10 words?

Red-skankin’-punk-rockers 😉

The best concert ever that you have saw live?

Another difficult question…but I think one of the best concert I saw was the Ska-P concert in Rimini (italy) in 2010. The opener was RedSka…

A top 10  with the best bands that you still listen

This is a random-list…Bob Marley, Ska-P, Irie Révoltés, Banda Bassotti, The Specials, The Ramones, Mad Caddies, Los Fastidios, The Clash, Vallanzaska…

Thank you so much Fra for your time, please if you have something to add…

Thank you Mircea, thank you MPTYZine, a very good place for the punk-rock music in Europe.
Follow RedSka on Facebook ( ) and keep in touch…support the independent music!!!

fra redska

Mirceone vs. Fra – march 2013

Interview REDKSA

Last interview in 2011 with Ale from Redska. Thank to you all for your support in 2011 and see you in the pit in 2012…i hope so:). cheers!

MPTY ZINE: Hello Ale, what’s new with you?

Ale: First of all, I would thank you for your interest in RedSka project. Thanks you and all the people supporting our music.
What’s new? There are busy days of work and of music, fighting everyday against this political system and against this fuckin’ capitalism…
So, we’re working on the „Riot”…”La Rivolta”….

La Rivolta is the most recent single for RedSka, did you prepare the new album for 2012?

We’re working on a new album, „LA RIVOLTA” („THE RIOT” in english). It will be out in the first months of 2012 and the title-track (the new single) is out since the end of october. The single „LA RIVOLTA” is a preview of a new sound of the band. We are matured, we are even more angry against the system. Even our  experiences across the Europe have helped us to create a music impact, as a monster in „Armageddon style”…
We are so happy for the result of these studio sessions. I think „LA RIVOLTA” is the album more rapresentative of the band in the last 10 years.
The lyrics will be more socially and politically committed; no love song in this album. We are very aware of who we are, also about our social and political ideas
We are really curious to know what our fans will think of this record.
Meanwhile, it’s out „RUDE LEAGUE” ep, split-album with The Offenders, published in Italy (Kob Records), Germany (Mad Butcher Rec.) and Spain (RedStar73 Rec.). The EP contains some previews of the new album.

Tell me the top 10 bands for you

In this 10 years, I’ve played with RedSka on great stages with big artists, my „idols”…a big emotion for me because, first of all, it’s a big honour to play with these bands making the history of the music. Then, because they made ??us congratulations on our show….this is a big satisfaction for us!
The „top bands” should be also the „the true bands”, with „true” people and musicians believing  in what they do…and a true band is for me a top band…
So this is a random list…
Manu Chao, Ire Revoltes, Banda Bassotti, Los Fastidos, Caparezza, Modena City Ramblers, SKa-P, The Offenders, 99 posse, No Relax…
Of course, carved in my heart: Marley, Clash, Aitken and much more…

If you were stranded on an island, what would be the 3 things that you would take along.

Of cours my girlfriend, then my dogs.
Since it would be impossible to bring with me all my records, I could bring on the island an mp3 player with my favourite music. Or maybe, I could make some percussion-set with coco-nuts to make a kind of music…

Do you think Berlusconi is better than Chuck Norris?

Berlusconi is the italian Chuck Norris…but he’s more goofy, small, viscid…he’s also fight aganist the communists…
For real, I hate Chuck Norris, it was my nightmare when i was young, as Berlusconi today!

Speakin about the tours..where you feel best?

We have always been better outside the Italy, it’s even amazing, everywhere…In Italy it’s too much difficult to find venues for the concerts but we need to thanks all the people organizing the concerts around our country.

I know you had a pretty long tour with Rabbia e Liberta, now you have something new in plan?

That’s true…the „RABBIA E LIBERTA'” tour (and the former „LE MIE PRIGIONI” tour) was a long and unforgettable tour across the Europe, maybe the greatest tour of our history: great stages, amazing venues, great audience…maybe we made everything that such an „undeground” band as us could do…
At the end of December we’ll be in Germany for the „RUDE LEAGUE” mini-tour with The Offenders (from 28th to 31st of December in Germany) and the „LA RIVOLTA TOUR” will start in 2012, promotional tour for our new „RUDE LEAGUE” Ep

What does Il Duca do beside RedSka, what are your hobbies?

Beside the RedSka project, Il Duca is a worker in a big store selling stuff for plumbers!
As hobby, I love the carp-fishing, I love staying for days or weeks in the wild, respecting the nature and, at the same time, the fishes, because I’m a supporter of „catch&release”. I’m so proud because I have never killed a fish.

Do you have some new collaborations for the new material? I know that on the last album you have a lot of big names like: Los Fastidios, Banda Bassotti…

We like collaborating with others musicians and artists of italian and international scene.
As preview for MPTY Zine I can reveal the featuring of the new album…Kino, lead-voice of the Arpioni ska-band, the powerful voice of Micky from NO RELAX (performing in a big-tunes cover-song), the great DJ and punk-singer Rude HI-FI, front-man of the amazing LA MAQUINA band. Last but not least, you can find in the album the featuring of our italian friend (but now based in Germany) Valerio, The Offenders front-man, a great ska band.
The previous collaboration with Offenders is „RUDE LEAGUE”, the split-album out now, and the tour across the Germany at the end of december.

Thanks for your time Ale and if you have something to add please do.

We thank you Mircea, for the support and the consideration you shown in our regards. I invite all of your followers to come on (on Facebook  as well) to keep up to date with new productions, tours and the news at-large.
Remember….the new album „LA RIVOLTA” by RedSka will be out in the first months of 2012…and published in Italy (by One Step Records), Germany (Mad Butcher Records) and Spain (by RedStar 73 Rec.)!
An ANTIFA hug from Italy.

Mirceone vs. Ale – December 2011

Interview: RedSka (combat ska punk-Italy)

I know RedSka from the first album and they catch me with their sound and message, they are working on something new and Fra have the amabillity to speak with us…enjoy!

MPTY ZINE: Hey Fra. What’s up?

REDSKA: Hello Mircea, everything is alright, we’re very busy at the moment, the summer of 2011 will be a very important one for us.

I heard some news about Redska. Are you preparing something new??

That’s correct, we’re in fact working at our third album. After a period of approximately one year, during which we dedicated our energies writing new songs and keeping track of the pre-production of the album, we’re now actually in studio (Atomic Studio) to record it. You’ll be able to listen to the first new songs from winter 2011, when we’ll release the first single. We’re positive it won’t disappoint you.  😉

How are things going with One Step records?

The relationship with our label is fairly peculiar, as it’s managed by a part of RedSka themselves, namely me in collaboration with Ale Il Duca (singer of RedSka and founder of One Step Records). This is quite useful in helping us to coordinate the promotional work and be sure the band initiatives are given the right importance. In general, this year One Step is busy with quite a few project, for example NH3 (ska-core) and Jolebalalla (reggae roots) that are having a good reception, we’re happy.

About RedSka how things going with concerts?

The gigs are being great and the audience is very receptive and supportive. Obviously the people that listens to us supports us both coming at the concerts and buying the merchandise. Outside of Italy (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, etc.) the scene is very very receptive and attentive towards bands as we are, but also in Italy we’re having  increasing support.

I know that you are listening a lot of great bands, what new bands do you recommend me?

It’s true, playing with RedSka and working at the label we get to hear very many different bands, live and recorded. I’d recommend you NH3, Jolebalalla, The Offenders, Irie Revoltes and Russkaja.

Please make me a top 10 of your favorite bands

This is really a very difficult question to be answered.. but let’s try. Without a particular order I’d say: Bob Marley, Ska-P, Manu chao, Irie Revoltes, The Clash, Los Fastidios, Banda Bassotti, Mad Caddies, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Skatalites, Specials, Byron Lee, Ramones. But I’m sure I’ve overlooked too many others.

How was Rabbia e Liberta tour?

The “Rabbia e Libertà” tour is coming to the final stages. It’s been 4 years of uninterrupted tour, and I have to say that in these years, we drove loads of kilometers, played in great places and met a lot of great people having fun at our concerts. The outcome of this tour has been really great.

I saw a lot of newer bands began to approach ska or punk .. more or less good .. what do you think of the new bands?

In any case it is very very important that there are always new bands that are committed to ska, punk and reggae, musical genres that have a message of freedom and fight against prejudices in their core. We think it is always good and we also like to advice anyone of the young and new bands we meet: Keep believing in what you do 101% and keep trying, because there are always many difficulties and setbacks, and you need to be very motivated, committed and coherent to play these genres and to play in certain settings!

How much weighs in redska politics? Is redska a political band, and why?

RedSka are no doubt a “political” band or, better, a band that makes of his social and political belief a priority. We are musicians first of all, and we have the possibility to communicate with the aid of our music certain messages to a broad range of people. We chose with determination to carry the message of the struggles against fascisms, racisms and sexisms, towards the creation of a better world, with more freedom and less prejudices.
Artists singing only of love, sun and happiness  are already enough, we leave them with the majors.

Fra, please tell me what do you know about Romania and the scene over here?

We’ve played in many countries in Europe, unfortunately not in Romania yet. Hence, we have no first-hand experience of Romanian musical scene, but given what we hear and see through the web, it seems to us there is quite an interesting scene developing.

Thanks for your time and if you have something to add, please do it.

We thank you Mircea, for the support and the consideration you show in our regards. I invite all of your followers to come on and (on Facebook  as well) to keep up to date with new productions, tours and the news at-large.
An ANTIFA hug from Italy.

Mirceone vs. Fra august 2011

One Step Records news

One Step Records prezinta doua noi single-uri semnate: NH3 (ex AMMONIAKA) si JOEBALALLA

click AICI pentru a descarca noul single NH3-Eroi Senza Volto

click AICI pentru a descarca noul single JOEBALALLA-Che Bella Italia

One Step Records sunt prezenti in Romania prin MPTY ZINE!


Get ready to dance, put your new shoes on and let’s skank. Welcome to the town that vibrates, the town where we can skank, where we can listen to what we want and where we can be free, welcome to VIBRATOWN. Vibratown is Quartiere coffee’s second discographical material, released by One Step Records. 11 dancehall, reggae, ska tracks for a perfect night. An album which shouldn’t be missing from any fan’s collection. Special guests: Elephant Man, Sister E or Lion D will be on your likes and for sure, this album will make you wanna dance.
Favorite tracks: Caffeine, Doctor dancehall


One Step Records vor lansa cel de-al doilea album al celor de la Quartiere Coffee. Albumul se numeste Vibratown si va fi lansat undeva in primavara lui 2010. Si-au anuntat participarea pe acest album nume ca: Elephant Man, Lion D si Sister E (Michelangelo Buonarroti). O combinatie de dancehall, ska, newroots cum ne-au obisnuit cei de la Quartiere Coffee.
Mai multe informatii:

Michelangelo Buonarroti au lansat noul videoclip pentru piesa: L’Errore de pe albumul Love Therapy (2009). Regia ii apartine lui Tiziano Russo

One Step Records presents: LE MANI SPORCHE


Le Mani Sporche-Radio Nuova Ska

One Step Records presents: Le Mani Sporche. The first Radio Nuova Ska album. Energy, optimism, vibration, this album has it all. A perfect combination between ska and punk or rock’n’roll. An album with 25 songs full of intensity and skansant rhytm. A new band that succesfully enters the One Step Records gallery. This is for Vallanzaska, Arpinoni, RSBO, Persiana Jones or Redska fans. The band became popular in Italy with the song „Mi piace volare” (the band’s hymn), a song full of energy that became OST for a RedBull spot. From ska to swing, rocksteady over to punk, that’s an album you must get! Feat. Steve Selecter and Dava!
more infos about band :  or buy the album from OSR store here :


MPTY Zine presents and support for Romania:

Rovente is the latest album of Macola & Vibronda, recently released by One Step Records. It’s Marcola’s second album, launched at a distance of three years from Calma. Macola, on his name Marcello Mazzola brings along a combination of influences of all kinds, starting with folk, passing on with ska and reaggae and stopping at blues and country. The album begins with Rebelde, a track that carries you onto the wild West, written bt Macola in remembering the South American revolutionaries. Adesso is a strong reggae love song with many feeling . It’s easily going to folk and ska. Le Mie Prigioni is his own version .
Soul is present in Revolver, performed by Macola together with the ones from Enri ( a known Italian singer, present also at One Step Records) and in which we find out the story, full of irony, of a fantomatic latin lover. Uomini Liberi is a combination of reggae and.. tango, in which, along with Pepe Medri and two Redska members (Gelo and De Veggent ) talks about freedom, in all its forms. Resto Qui is an irony brought to those with a low life rhythm, which remain in day to day lameness.
This is on short note Rovente, a spiced album with everything from ska to swing and blues and reggae, an album full of optimism, a.. beautiful album.

also check out his website:

The Feet&Toes Project was born in Italy in 2007. Fetente is their first album’s name, which shall be released by One Step Records on the 1st October 2009. The album sound is a vintage one, remembering the 70s music, a style which the boys named ska-swing, a perfect combination of traditional ska and swing ans even reggae or doo-woop, in songs such as: Mio nonno era un ballerino di Charleston or Im falling in love. The band brings on themes like: antisemitism (Dirirro d’astensione ), war against terrorism ( Strana Gente), another one being love in Khatmandu or Knock out. There are of course rhythmed tracks, skansable, like A ritmo di ska or Plastika and an autoirony in The Feet&Toes. 15 tracks for dancing, full of optimism for the ska lovers.

l_a49b5f17042d4327aa1d473650493737thanks goes to: bands and Fra from One Step Records

also OSR bring the latest videoclip by Michelangelo Buonarroti