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Kaos Urbano are back with their new material called Suburbiales, out at Potencial Hardcore and Canibal Producciones. Is the new LP since the one from 2016, La Hora Del Baile and it follows the same path of streetpunk/oi with hardcore elements. They formed at the end of 1995 in Madrid and soon become one of the best acts in streetpunk out there. Suburbiales is a manifest of the band against the artificial glamour of society, and a message for the workig class all in the raw, angry sound and attitude direct from the suburbs. This is something real, that comes from the heart with a lot of pride and a smile on the face. This is the soundtrack of their life for more than 20 years and many to come. Streetpunk/oi at the finest, made in Madrid. A strong message anti-racist and anti-fascist, for the nice memories, for your friends and any Friday night.


The album has already few videos for: Spanish Rockers, Como Cantona, Ante La Muerte and Reyes Sin Reino. Also you can check their YouTube for all the lyric videos from the LP.

Check their WEB HERE and YT Channel

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Spanish Rockers
Ante La Muerte
Reyes Sin Reino
Sangre Proletaria
Como Cantona
El Aeropuerto
En Busca Y Captura
La Última Canción

Interview OMIXLH – street punk made in Greece

This is our 2nd interview from our latest number 44, available on 1st of October 2019. Interview with street punk legends from Greece since 1995, OMIXLH. Enjoy it!


MirceONE (MPTYZINE) Oi guys, this is Mirceone from MptyZine, how are you?

OMIXLH: Hello Mirceone, we are fine!

Congrats for the new album Rebellion March, tell me few things about it.

Our latest album „Rebellion March” got released during last summer by Punk n Loud Records for Europe and Joe Pogo Records in the USA, and we are so happy with the final outcome. We are answering this interview few days after the release show we had, and it was the best experience possible.


For those who don’t know you, please tell us a few things about the band. Also please let me know about the message that the band is spreading

The band has a long story, starting in Kozani 1995. A lot has happened in between, but the last five years find the band with the most stable line up ever, consisting of Lefteris on vocals, Aris and Babis on guitars, Alex on bass and Dimitris on drums. The message we’ve been always trying to spread is unity through our scene, among with a firm antifascist and antiauthoritarian spirit. After all, we’re here for the good and the bad times.

I know that you have some songs about football, what team do you support?

We are all supporters of different football clubs, but the last years we’ve decided with the band to support our local Antifa League, a championship of independent football clubs among Greece. They do it better!


Tell me few things about the punk scene in Greece.

The punk scene in Greece has always been alive and kicking, since the 80s. There are many bands to pay respects for their contribution to the movement, such us Vandaloup, Xaotiko Telos and Kinoniki Aposinthesi. Right now the scene is more alive than ever, with great variety in different bands, and also we are happy that more than ever many greek bands tour abroad and spread their music.

Speaking of Greece, i am a big fan of Greek cuisine 🙂 how often do you eat gyros? Haha

Not that often luckily enough, but we can’t either avoid it as it’s the most common street food.

I saw that you played this year at Rebellion fest, how it was and where you guys will tour in the near future.

We played Rebellion in Amsterdam in June 2018 and in Blackpool back in 2016. The experience was great, sharing the stage with lots of bands we love and getting to know new bands and people from around the world. We are about to hit the road in two weeks, playing in Italy and Germany. There are some plans touring Spain and Portugal as well in the near future- we are so stoked about this!


Speaking of plans, where will be the band in 10 years let s say?

Given the last ten years found the band active and touring a lot, we really wish this goes on as much as possible. We want to play any given place, travel everywhere with our band and share our music with the world, after all that’s what we really want to do!

Please make me a top10 of your favorite bands.

So, Lefteris loves the Casualties and Funeral Dress, Aris GBH and Drongos For Europe, Babis Sepultura and Virus, Alex Motorhead and Poison Idea and Dimitris Discharge and Lion’s Law. That makes ten!

I know that you were scheduled in 2007 to visit Romania for a Los Fastidios show, how is the public in Romania? (this question supposed to be edited as I was to that show in 2007 and OMIXLH didn’t made it)

Well, this is quite a story, as we actually never made it to the show due to unfortunate circumstances, even though it was planed. We definetely have to play Romania in the near future.

Please tell us where people can listen to your music and find you online.

Right now our latest album is available on Punk n Loud Records’ Bandcamp.   Rest of our releases roam free and wild on the internet. Also, for all the latest news of the band you can follow us on our FB page and IG account

A few words for our few readers

Well, thank you from our hearts for reading this interview! Stay punk, stay free!For ever punx we never give up.

Thank you so much for the time and this short interview, please feel free to add anything at the end.

Thank you Mirceone for your time and effort-UP THE PUNX

MirceONE vs OMIXLH – September 2019

check the band here: FB Page

promo cd-Hors Controle-L’union Fait La Force (2013)

L’union Fait La Force is the latest material from the legends of Oi music from France, Hors Controle. 12 pure oi traks mixed along with punk influences. The band has shared the stage with bands like: Loikaemie,Toxpack or Stage Bottles and after more than 15 years of music they are true legends for France underground.
The band pays respect for all working class heroes, special that they come from Montceau Les Mines a small town with one of the largest mine in the late 19th century. Dignity,loyality, true friendship all of this packed with force and passion make from this album one piece that you should listen if you like bands like: Angelic Upstarts, Brixton Cats,La Gachette. Message in a fist straight from the streets of France.

1  Souvenirs
2  Les Bons Les Pires
3  La Vie Etait Moins Moche
4  Sur Les Routes
5  Camarades
6  L’union Fait La Force
7  Dis Moi
8  Ne Plus Etre Guidé
9  Ma Liberté
10 Chroniqueurs
11 Skinhead Crew
12 Je Lève Mon Verre


promo band: The Old Firm Casuals

Lars Frederiksen present the new band project called:The Old Firm Casuals.New projects wants to be a streetpunk/oi made in US, along with Lars the band also includes Casey Watson (bass/vocals) and Paul Rivas (drums/vocals). The project began in San Francisco in october 2010 and recently in april 2011 The Old Firm Casuals brings the first material a 7 inch with 4 tracks on Oi The Boat Records.The band also said it will soon record their debut album. Stay tunned.
For fans of: The Oppressed, Cock Sparrer, Agnostic Front, Templars, GBH, Symarip, Evil Conduct, Perkele, Madball and of course Rancid.

01. Old Firm (D.M.S.)
02. Lone Wolf
03. Apocalypse Coming
04. Casual

Interview: BOIs With Boots-Bulgaria

Fire Club şi Anopsia Radio & Booking, cu sprijinul ACUM!, prezintă, în data de 2 septembrie, un concert pentru toţi iubitorii de muzică punk, de la punk rock tânăr şi melodios până la streetpunk-ul şi Oi!-ul venite direct din cartierele muncitoreşti estice dar şi occidentale! Headlinerii Forbidden Kings (Germania) sunt pentru a doua oară în România, dar va fi prima dată când vor zgudui subsolurile unui club bucureştean cu riff-urile lor puternic influenţate de hardcore şi rock’n’roll. Boi!s With Boots (Bulgaria) revin la noi în ţară după aproape trei ani, aducând un Oi!/streetpunk cu mesaj social puternic ancorat în zona noastră geografică. În deschidere vor cânta trupele de punk rock Nipel Twist (Israel) şi White Stain (Slovenia). Intrarea în valoare de 20 de lei include o revistă de muzică punk cu CD! Vă aşteptăm cu mic cu mare!  sursa: oioioi.ro

Mai jos puteti citi un interviu cu BOIs with Boots despre muzica, fotbal si castraveti murati

MPTY ZINE:  Hello Boys, how are you?

Fine,thank you

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I-am prins pe baietii de la Soberphobia intre reprize de baut, acest interviu trebuia finalizat undeva la inceputul lui mai…dar uite ca il postez acum. Canta streetpunk/oi, vin din Grecia, sunt fani Souvlaki si Zorba grecul, sunt working class and proud si…restul cititi voi. OI!

MPTY ZINE: Hey guys, how’s it going ? How’s Greece, starting a war?

Hi there!the situation is pretty fucked up here, cigarettes and alcohol prices have become huge so definately we get ready for war!

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Klasse Kriminale sunt in opinia mea una din cele mai bune trupe de streetpunk din Italia (alaturi de Atarassia Grop si Talco). Marco and co. se pregatesc sa lanseze noul album al trupei, ce serbeaza anul acesta 25 de ani de activitate. Albumul va purta numele de : Oi! Una Storia si va putea si ascultat timp de 5 zile in streaming pe pagina de myspace a celor de la Klasse Kriminale: myspace.com/primaklassekriminale.
Klasse Kriminale s-au format in primavara lui 1985 in Savona (Italia). Sound-ul celor de la Klasse Kriminale este un mix de punk, ska si oi, in timp ce versurile vorbesc despre diverse problemele sociale, lipsa locurilor de munca, droguri, viata de strada sau impactul pe care il exercita mass media asupra oameniilor. Va mai pot spune ca au impartit scena cu nume ca: Sham 69, Nabat, Angelic Upstarts, Agnostic Front, Snap Her, US Bombs, Stage Bottles, Red London,GBH, Toasters,The Business sau Dropkick Murphys. Marco a editat numeroase compilatii ca: Oi Against Silvio, Oi It’s a World League, Stay Punk sau Oi Against Racism, de asemenea se mai ocupa si de editarea fanzin-ului Kriminal Class.

Recycle Bin live @ Tequila Sunrise

MPTY Zine sustine si recomanda:

RECYCLE BIN (streetpunk-Romania) in concert extraordinar pe litoral.

Trupa vine sa dezica zvonurile cum ca s-au lasat de punkerala si au fugit in Hawai cu milionul de la 6/49.

23 august…pe inserat la Tequila Sunrise din Vama Veche va asteapta pentru o repriza de punk rock!


Interview-Dockside Hookers

Vin din Canada si abordeaza un street-punk/oi. Se pregatesc de un material nou si au inceput concertele in Canada. Am stat de vorba cu Max si cu Bas si ne-au spus ei mai multe…enjoy!


MPTY ZINE: Hello boys, how are you ?

Bas:Fine,thank you.

i know you’re working on or you’ve just finished your album, when will it be released?

Bas:Yeah,we’ve recorded a 4songs 7-inch last febuary and its coming out on Canada Day(1st of july) on Longshot music and Bandword records. We  are planning a party release the 3rd of july in our town,Quebec city.

you’ve started, if i’m not wrong, a 2-weeks mini tour in the us and canada. what are you preparing for this summer?

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