Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man promo Shattered Dreams Parkway

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man are back, put the volume up and let the madness begin. From Manchester with angry, a fast punk rock with HC influences something like Dead Kennedys meet Zeke and The Ramones. If the first album from 2009 Make Pig Smoke was blasting you should listen this one, it will make you scream, and kick your head against the walls.
These guys have shared the stage with bands like: Bad Religion, Discharge or The Briefs. Their first album was all over the underground press such as: Big Cheese, Rebel Noise, Riot 77 or Razorkake and of course mighty mighty MPTY Zine.
Irony and fast punk and of course some great great names for the tracks, Clint Eastwood is also present, drums, guitars, attitude, madness everything in one pack from TNS Records.
They’ve been also presents on a nice compilation album with: Mighty Midgets, Fist Of The North Star and Broken Aris in 2011 also not to be missed.
All in all go online on TNS website or search for this band cause you won’t regret.
1,2,3 goooooo!


  1. Another Way
  2. Ready, Steady Bastard
  3. Cold Turkey
  4. Look At Me, I’m A Fucking Tiger
  5. Red Top Bullshit
  6. An Aggressive Lecture
  7. Beer For Breakfast
  8. Hobby Horse
  9. Is This Cool
  10. Captain Gin vs. The Victory Gin
  11. Fuck The Sea
  12. Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far
  13. Clint Eastwood, The Man With No Name
  14. Surfing Past The Stoat
  15. 15 Million Merits



Stoj Snak

Niels Höjgaard Sörensen maybe you know him from Mighty Midgets (melodic HC from TNS Records). Stoj Snak is his new project from Denmark and here is the latest album Songs About Beliefs. A true album with a lot of friends on it, with energy, ideeas for a „perfect world”, honest and sincere.
A punk energy with a strong political, social message and folkcore influences everything packed in a strong DIY Ethic.
The album is brand new and appear few months later after debut EP Planned Obsolescence. Amazing artwork, amazing lyrics and message, idealism, songs for your soul. State Of Mine and also the whole album as Niels said is dedicated to everyone trying to make a difference in the world or creating art independently and unbound the norm. For everyone in the punk scene, the bands, the venues, the promoters and passionate people all over the world that do their thing just because…if you know the feeling…
The album is available thru 5FeetUnder Records or on and also thru TNS Records.
Uncompromising music, true, screaming for idealism, honest, creative some words that will describe this album probably better. Don’t ask me about music just grab it and listen to it.