The Adolescents vs. Svetlanas

Flix Records promo in Europe and Altercation Records proudly presents:

Ok,so you must know Adolescents if you are a punk rocker (just fyi they are into this since 1980 and past members joined Social Distortion or Agent Orange later on) yes California in the house. And yes you must remember their classic blue cover with their ADOLESCENTS logo on it. Ok, enough this is a split EP out on January 2015 on Altercation Records and promo in Europe by Flix Agency with The Svetlanas (from Mother Russia originaly but now they are livin in Italy). Hot War is the name of split, 4 tracks (2 each) in the pure punkrock sound, fast, angry and loud, with sing along choruses. Just some facts about Svetlanas (they have already shared the stage with bands like: DOA, TSOL, The Discharge and more, and yes they were banned in Russia), also they are preparing an album.Like a fresh air in the hot summer nights, you can play it loud on your car or at home. And after 25 years around in the scene Adolescents are one of the most known and respected acts so this split is a good way to start 2015. oh…and a lovely artwork for this, HOT WAR baby!!!

Thanks to Katrin and Felix



610-The Humble Beginnings Of A Rovin Soul (LP promo)

MPTY ZINE support for Romania:

1. 6'10 Bandfoto

1. 6'10 album cover

Tobin Bawinkel is the frontman of Flatfoot 56 so if you know his band then maybe you will check out his new project 610. If on Flatfoot 56 we are used with a punk-rock sound this is more personal and goes something like: bluegrass/folk with some nice lyrics and has 12 songs. The Humble Beginnings Of A Rovin Soul will be out on 9th January and is a DIY material self produced by the band with costs supported by a funding campain.They will prepare also a tour in 2015 and shared the stage so far with bands like: The Mahones, Deals Gone Bad or Sundowner. A back to the simple sound, the one that brings you back memories and the perfect band of friends to play in your cafe bar.
Mandoline,ukulele,drums and simple things made in Tobin’s own bedroom.From Chicago and worldwide.
Thanks to Felix (flix records-Germany)

check them HERE


01. Cannonball
02. Da Boss
03. Peach Farmer
04. Timothy
05. Hurricane
06. Someday Hun
07. Where Did You Go
08. Tuesday
09. It Is Well
10. Burning Ships
11. Backpack
12. The Travelers

Surfing Hundekuchen-Das V Steht fur Friseur-promo EP


MPTY ZINE support exclusive for Romania:
Surfing Hundekuchen play fast,and loud punk rock 100% for the angry and optimistic crowds. The new EP: Das V Steht fur Friseur has everything you will need from passion to anger and energy. They have another material DIY and this one stays in their ethic as well-DIY, after more than 80 shows in Germany, Austria,Czech Republic and Switzerland the band seems hungry for more.
So if you like Rancid,NOFX, Nothington and the first albums from Broilers or any other real punk rock band, then you must give these guys the credits. And yes the name means Surfing Dog Biscuits-so imagine a beach some friends and a lot of beers and good music. Melodical choruses, sing along and kick ass energy. You can check them out on bandcamp

cover surfing


1.Es wird mir klar
3.Routine in Paradise
4.Mehr Menschen
5.Nach Vorne

Thanks to Len

The Hook-Line Riot – promo

Mpty Zine support for Romania

The Hook-Line Riot are just what you need when it comes to real melodic punk-rock, their album Sirens it will take you in a musical journey with heart open. Melody and anger,choruses made to stand up and smile to the madness in the world. The band deliver full passion with these 12 tracks that will kill your PA. They have shared the stage with names like: Dead To Me,Face To Face, The Flatliners,Swingin Utters, Cobra Skulls or Street Dogs so just you can imagine how they sound. This album has guts to say it in your face and to remind you that punk-rock never dies. From UK with love.

'Sirens' Album Cover

check them and merch

And our merch shop where the album can be bought:

Thanks to Jon and The Hook-Line Riot

Interview exclusive: FFD (punk rock-Italy)

I know FFD for some years, but this is our first interview. From Parma with love and all over the world. Punk rock, ska and oi FFD have eveything you need. C’mon kids, stand up,stand up…. Enjoy it.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE): Ciao guys. Congrats for the Antifa Riot album, how is life?

FFD: Hi everybody, thank’s for everything…about the band is great , that’s a good time for the FFD, but about real life everyday it’s a bad time, too much work without gaining everything, it is a time of world crisis, people find it hard to get to the end of the month…anyways, let’s talk about music…

I know that you have started in 1992, for those that still don’t know you can you please make a short bio?

yes, we’ve started in ’92, we were very young, the guitar player was only 13 and me I was the older and I was only 17. At that time we were the youngest punk band in Italy and for people was fun to see 4 punk kids, drunk with crested and spiky hears, so we started to tour italy very soon…in ’94 we pressed our first demo tape and was sold out (500copies) in only one week, so in 1995 we self our 1st 7″ and for about a couple of oi!-punk distributors after a few months it was sold everywhere , from USA to Japan (obviously only in the punk shops and mail-orders ) In 1996 we started a collaboration that continues to this day with los fastidios ad we sheared a split lp „hasta la baldoria” and from there we played more than 1000gigs , in italy an in europe, we played from in all of the squats in Italy to the big outdoors summer festivals we sheared the stage with a lot’s of bands…20 years is a lot’s of time, if someone wants can find all about us in the www.

You will start a mini tour with this album. Any news and info about this?

We’ve already  done the first part of this promo tour, almost 15 gigs in all the parts of Italy during the winter, and now (6 april) we start again another mini-tour with 10 gigs during spring and summer in Italy as well.After that we would like to play some gigs in europe and we’d like to come to play in your area, we never been there.

Please make a me top 5 of your favorite bands.

It’s a very hard question, we like a lot’s of kinds of music ,from oi! to h.c.,and from skinhead reggae to northern soul but just for answer  5-Kortatu, 4-The Addicts, 3-Symarip, 2-Cock Sparrer 1-The Clash

Los Fastidios, Banda Bassotti just to name a few of the bands that have appeared with you along the time…name one band that you want to have a split ep.

Talking about dreams…The Clash

How’s the punk scene in Parma.

Not so good and not so bad, there are some good bands, but we wish there was more collaboration. It’s more than 20 years that we organize gigs and oi! punk events in Parma, but the most of the other bands wants only play and they are not available if you ask for a help


Any news with One Step Records for a new album?

May be… ANTIFA RIOT has been realized 4 month ago, and it’s our first collaboration with one step, we are finding good so we’d like continue to work with them.

Name 3 things without you can’t live


Now is the time: RedSka or Talco?

RedSka, just because we are friends, but I think that Talco is a good band as well, but not our  favorite


Thank you for the time guys, please add few words for MPTY ZINE and for our few readers:)

Good job, I think you are very important for the scene, you give the bands a chance to make known their music by investing your time and your passion

Ok, i really hope to see you live along with all my favorite bands soon, maybe in Romania or i will come to Parma. Thank you once again. If you have something to add, please fell free.

thank’s very much, I hope that some of your readers will listen our music and to come to play in Romania soon.cheers.

Mirceone vs. FFD – march 2013

Thanks to Fra (RedSka/One Step), FFD and to everybody who support independent music. Sorry for our english but we are not native:).

promo band: One Short Fall (melodic streetpunk-US)

MPTY ZINE promo band

ONE SHORT FALL (melodic streetpunk-US)

Hey ho let’s go and it’s madness this band. Coming from the streets of New Jersey these guys are for sure a must have band. At first listen you’ll hear some Rancid, Bouncing Souls, Time Again, Street Dogs mixed with smart and true lyrics and sing along choruses. A mix with melodic streetpunk with a little ska and even some irish sounds. Good for fridays nights with your mates. Fun, energy, unity, true sound of punk rock. First album came in 2008 Nothing Left To Say and in 2010 a new EP Rock n Roll Riot. Curently they are in studio for a new material probably for Kid Tested Records (their own label) and we wait for some new good stuff from them.


debut album tracklist and cover: Nothing Left To Say (2008)


line up:

Dan Gottlieb- Guitar/Vocals
Matt Logie- Bass/Vocals
Brian Cassavitis- Drums


all pictures used for promo

The Forum Walters (punk rock Austria)-interview exclusive

We have made an interview with austrian punk rock band The Forum Walters. They kick ass and they need a place/stage to burn it down. Good guys and also good music for finest ears. Cheers!

1. Hey guys, what’s up?

Hey buddy, how is it going?
2. You have 2 lp-s, what you prepare for 2012?
Yeah, we released two LPs already and as it seems, we will release our next record in June. We have been working on it since last August, so it is about time to get this thing out, haha.
3. I know that you have share the stage with bands like street dogs, dropkick murphys, bouncing souls…how it was?
We had the great pleasure to share the stage with those acts and a lot more. Every time you get to share the stage with such idols of ours, it is like playing the first show ever because you want to show them what you can, what you are and in some way how you have learnt from them too. It also really cool to have a drink with people you have been looking up to since you are a kid. All in all it’s a fucking fantastic feeling!
4. New tour in Europe for 2012. Can you tell me some details about this?
We will tour Europe this summer. The tour is starting on June 29th and will last until August 18th. In the first part of the tour, we will hit the road with Joey Briggs (singer of ‘the Briggs’) and our pals from the Liberation Service, the second part of the tour is going to be with the Liberation Service, Mark McCabe as well as the Living Daylights. Hopefully, we will be able to tour Eastern Europe this fall too!
5. How is the public in US and how it is in Europe?
There is a big difference in touring Europe and the US. Even tough it of course depends on where you are, but people in the US alway offer touring bands a place to sleep, even if they are poor. It is the same thing in Eastern Europe. People are friendly, but as soon as you get in wealthier areas such as Central Europe everybody is afraid of his/her property and does not want anyone to be near it.
6. Make me a top 10 with your favorite bands
Man, that’s hard. I can only tell you the bands I am listening to the most right now, but I can’t really give you a ‘best of’ list. So here are my current favorite bands in no specific order:
x Rancid
x the Menzingers
x Queen
x the Clash
x Tom Waits
x the Flatliners
x the Have Nots
x the Riverboat Gamblers
x Dropkick Murphys
x Bouncing Souls
x Final Summation
x the King Blues
Damn, that’s already more than ten. You see, it’s an impossible thing to do, haha.
7. I know some bands from Austria, very nice ones and  i must say you have a lot of good music…tell me more about the scene in Austria.
First of all, thanks for the compliment! The scene in Austria is small but beautiful. I used to complain about it, but if you observe it from a nearer perspective, there is about 300-400 people that support each other and that is awesome. We have a lot of hard working bands, probably the hardest working one is ‘Astpai’, but there are so much more good bands: the Liberation Service, Wham Bam Bodyslam, Ramazuri, 21Stories, DeeCracks, Tommy Gun, 7YearsBadLuck, Soey, the Eccos, and the list goes on and on. Also, there is some new bands just starting out such as Remedy and 3Stills, all in all it is very exciting to watch how the scene develops and to be honest: if it stays like this, Punkrock will stay dangerous and exciting.
8. How about Romania? do you know something about my country?
I probably know less than I should. But what I’ve heard from a Romanian friend is that subcultures are very active and that is adorable! Our friends from Astpai and 21 Stories have also been to Romania before and they say it is an awesome place to play. Also, Bukarest should be a pretty awesome city to visit. And we heard that there’s no weed over there, haha. Anyways, we really want to play in Romania in our summer tour too, so anybody interested in setting up a show for us: Get in touch!
9. Few words for our readers and for everybody who will read this
Go to shows, promote shows and keep the DIY and Punk-Spirit alive!
10. Thank you for attention and last word goes to you…
Thanks for having us, we hope to be in Romania as soon as possible! It was a pleasure!
Thanks to Philipp and The Forum Walters