Started in 2005 in Constanta, Romania. Not the first punkzine in Romania, but the only one that is still around. Made concerts along the years with bands like: Los Fastidios/La Ghenga Del Fil Di Fero/Manifestation/Determination and local acts like Coercion thru our ECK (East Coast Kids booking). More than 100 interviews and exclusive promos for Romania. Since 2018 is based in Guadalajara, Mexico and starting to promote the underground scene here. Everything is free as long as you are a good person, download our numbers in .pdf for free/print them and share as you like as long as you place our link somewhere. We are trying to support in our free time the bands/labels/promoters in the area of HC/SKA/PUNK/OI. Is not a full time magazine/job, i am trying my best to put few numbers in digital along the year, go to concerts, taking photos and interviews as much as i can. Is not in a perfect english/spanish or even romanian, is just as it is: a kid’s play. For more info get in touch at or visit us on Facebook to see our old archives since 2007. Stay rude, stay rebel, always stay yourself. Cheers! MirceONE.


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