Reality Slap interview


Mirceone (MPTYZINE) Hey guys this is Mirceone from mptyzine. How’s life?

Reality Slap:Hi Mirceone, what’s up? All good here man, life’s good!


Congrats first for the album. Tell us few things about it.

Thanks man, we’re really happy with it. We recorded it last year during summer, however it just took a while to arrange everything for the release, however the wait paid off really. We can’t wait

to put it our and just play all the songs live. I think I speak for everyone in the band when I say that this is the happiest we’ve been ever with any record.

For those who do not know you,please make a short bio

Well, if you don’t know us, then you’re clearly missing out ahahah. Not actually 😉

We’re Reality Slap a hardcore band from Lisbon, Portugal. We’ve been around since around 2009 although only last year we’ve started properly touring. We play a kinda old school style with a modern groove to it, fast and short songs in your face really. We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a lot of big bands that we love and so far so good.

How are things in War Records family?

War Records have been great to us. Andrew is an amazing and dedicated guy who believed in us since he first heard our songs. We’re still tight with our label in Portugal (Hellxis Records). We’re going to have it released in Portugal and the United States with a worldwide distribution, which is fucking sick for us.

What is the message of Reality Slap and name few bands that have inspired you.

We’ve always had a straight forward, direct message. We talk a lot about injustice, control, disconnection between people. We’re always had kind of a negative approach to these topics, however in this new record we decided to have a more positive say about it. It’s more spiritual in a way but always focussed on specific and important topics of society. I think it’s important to have a message, to have something to say and really feel what you’re singing about. I wouldn’t write songs just for the sake of it. That’s one critic I have to some bands who don’t really have nothing to say so they just speak about nothing. This new record has songs about freedom, soul search, positive change, and the potential within each one of us.

As for bands hat influenced us I can say that New York hardcore played a big part in it. Early Agnostic Front, Breakdown, Dmize, Cro-Mags. Also the Bad Brains.

Stadium gig or pub gig and why?:)

I rather have a packed small venue than a stadium, however I’ve never played on a full stadium, that would be sick as well ahah. I think Reality Slap is a band that really needs to be close to the crowd, I love stage diving and go crazy while performing we feed a lot out of that energy. A hardcore show needs that immersive experience.

What else do you do beside the band

I personally am a graphic designer, we have developers, photographers and website/magazine owners in the band. We kinda have flexible jobs that allow us to take time off and go on tour and sometimes even work while on tour.

Say in 3 words what hardcore means to you

Passion, Rebellion, Freedom.

Agnostic Front or Terror?:)

That’s a tricky question because both bands have been important to the scene in different time periods. I guess probably Terror wouldn’t exist without Agnostic Front, you know what I mean? So I’ll pick AF and also Reality Slap took so much from them. Victim in Pain is such a great record.

If you will build a football team with hardcore bands members,who those bands will be?

Ahah, that’s a funny question. I know that we would be in. We always travel with a football with us. I’ve played football with Madball before so I guess at least Mitts and Freddy would like to be in it as well, and you’d need JJ crop mags cause he is always in shape 😉 Plant based power.

What the future holds for Reality Slap

We have already started working on our next release even though “Limitless” is not out yet. I guess the plan is to do a few tours, play some festivals if possible next year and release something new soon.

Name 3 things that you will take with you on an island

I’d bring a Guitar, a Trampoline and Wilson.

Thank you so much for the time. Few words for our few readers

Thank you so much for getting in touch man, we really appreciate it. I hope we can go to Romania sometime in the future, I’ve never been there so it would be sick. Hopefully we could play a sweet show for those few readers ahah 😉

If you have anything else to add,please feel free to do so. Hc

Thank you once again, keep being active for you scene, Reality Slap Limitless 2016.

Mirceone vs Reality Slap june 2016

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interview exclusive: Brutus Daughters (celtic punk from Spain)
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Interview exclusive: FFD (punk rock-Italy)

I know FFD for some years, but this is our first interview. From Parma with love and all over the world. Punk rock, ska and oi FFD have eveything you need. C’mon kids, stand up,stand up…. Enjoy it.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE): Ciao guys. Congrats for the Antifa Riot album, how is life?

FFD: Hi everybody, thank’s for everything…about the band is great , that’s a good time for the FFD, but about real life everyday it’s a bad time, too much work without gaining everything, it is a time of world crisis, people find it hard to get to the end of the month…anyways, let’s talk about music…

I know that you have started in 1992, for those that still don’t know you can you please make a short bio?

yes, we’ve started in ’92, we were very young, the guitar player was only 13 and me I was the older and I was only 17. At that time we were the youngest punk band in Italy and for people was fun to see 4 punk kids, drunk with crested and spiky hears, so we started to tour italy very soon…in ’94 we pressed our first demo tape and was sold out (500copies) in only one week, so in 1995 we self our 1st 7″ and for about a couple of oi!-punk distributors after a few months it was sold everywhere , from USA to Japan (obviously only in the punk shops and mail-orders ) In 1996 we started a collaboration that continues to this day with los fastidios ad we sheared a split lp „hasta la baldoria” and from there we played more than 1000gigs , in italy an in europe, we played from in all of the squats in Italy to the big outdoors summer festivals we sheared the stage with a lot’s of bands…20 years is a lot’s of time, if someone wants can find all about us in the www.

You will start a mini tour with this album. Any news and info about this?

We’ve already  done the first part of this promo tour, almost 15 gigs in all the parts of Italy during the winter, and now (6 april) we start again another mini-tour with 10 gigs during spring and summer in Italy as well.After that we would like to play some gigs in europe and we’d like to come to play in your area, we never been there.

Please make a me top 5 of your favorite bands.

It’s a very hard question, we like a lot’s of kinds of music ,from oi! to h.c.,and from skinhead reggae to northern soul but just for answer  5-Kortatu, 4-The Addicts, 3-Symarip, 2-Cock Sparrer 1-The Clash

Los Fastidios, Banda Bassotti just to name a few of the bands that have appeared with you along the time…name one band that you want to have a split ep.

Talking about dreams…The Clash

How’s the punk scene in Parma.

Not so good and not so bad, there are some good bands, but we wish there was more collaboration. It’s more than 20 years that we organize gigs and oi! punk events in Parma, but the most of the other bands wants only play and they are not available if you ask for a help


Any news with One Step Records for a new album?

May be… ANTIFA RIOT has been realized 4 month ago, and it’s our first collaboration with one step, we are finding good so we’d like continue to work with them.

Name 3 things without you can’t live


Now is the time: RedSka or Talco?

RedSka, just because we are friends, but I think that Talco is a good band as well, but not our  favorite


Thank you for the time guys, please add few words for MPTY ZINE and for our few readers:)

Good job, I think you are very important for the scene, you give the bands a chance to make known their music by investing your time and your passion

Ok, i really hope to see you live along with all my favorite bands soon, maybe in Romania or i will come to Parma. Thank you once again. If you have something to add, please fell free.

thank’s very much, I hope that some of your readers will listen our music and to come to play in Romania soon.cheers.

Mirceone vs. FFD – march 2013

Thanks to Fra (RedSka/One Step), FFD and to everybody who support independent music. Sorry for our english but we are not native:).

playlist Not Broken In Spirit

Joi si Duminica de la 22.30 avem Not Broken In Spirit cu Mirceone (mpty zine) punk,ska,oi si hc pana la ora 23.30 pe 3 Ceasuri Rele Radio stream web sau download streamul pt winamp de aici

1. Flatfoot 56 – Thick And Thin (2:49)
2. The Real Mckenzies – Kings O’ Glasgow (4:54)
3. La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro – Ricordo e’ (3:02)
4. Broilers – Vom Scheitern (The World is yours, nicht!) (4:04)
5. Evil Conduct – What`s happening (3:06)
6. Disorderly Conduct – Government Waste (1:19)
7. Gavroche – L’arte della strada (3:01)
8. Kattiva Reputazione – forza giovane (3:32)
9. NOFX – Don’t Call Me White (2:33)
10. Perkele – Me (4:17)
11. Sex Pistols – No Feelings (2:50)
12. Social Distortion – Still Alive (4:04)
13. The Peacocks – Zurich is a cocaine town (1:09)
14. Funeral Dress – Rebel Radio (3:08)
15. Benuts – Skaska City (4:36)
16. Yellow Umbrella – Boys Don’t Cry (3:42)

playlist Not Broken In Spirit

Joi si Duminica de la 22.30 avem Not Broken In Spirit cu Mirceone (mpty zine) punk,ska,oi si hc pana la ora 23.30 pe 3 Ceasuri Rele Radio stream web sau download streamul pt winamp de aici

1. Evil Conduct – The Way We Feel (4:46)
2. Argy Bargy – Broken Glass (2:38)
3. Cobra Skulls – Life In Vain (2:31)
4. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (3:51)
5. Adolescents – Can’t Change The World With A Song (3:53)
6. Big D & The Kids Table – Best of Them All (3:35)
7. Hazen Street – Fool the World (3:21)
8. FFD-cheap songs for broken hearts (2:46)
9. The Pubcrawlers – The Boys In The Red And The Black (3:55)
10. Paddy And The Rats – Fuck You, I’m Drunk (2:46)
11. Roger Miret and the Disasters – Hooligans (2:29)
12. Stigma – NY Blood (2:39)
13. The Old Firm Casuals – Old Firm (D.M.S.) (2:38)
14. Martens – One Love (2:07)
15. Attaque 77 – Redemption Song (3:04)
16. Angelic Upstarts – Blood On The Terraces (3:24)
17. The Warriors – Here To Stay (4:26)

playlist Not Broken In Spirit

Joi di Duminica de la 22.30 timp de o ora la 3 Ceasuri Rele, cu Mirceone (MPTY ZINE)

1. Mise En Scene – A different beat (3:23)
2. Betagarri – Sweet Mary (4:47)
3. Scrapy – Rude Boys Better Wake Up (4:33)
4. Sudamérica Oi! – Trabajadores(as) (2:44)
5. Talco – La parabola dei Battagghi (3:00)
6. The Orobians – Somethings Are Better Left Unsaid (2:57)
7. Skaville Uk – Girl At the Roxy (2:57)
8. Operation Ivy – Knowledge (1:42)
9. La Plebe – Been Drinkin’ (2:37)
10. H20 – songs remain (2:38)
11. Darkbuster – Rudy (2:46)
12. Face to Face – All For Nothing (3:07)
13. Brixton Cats – Por vida (3:27)
14. Barricata Rossa – Cuba es libre (3:19)
15. 8°6 Crew – Old Reggae Friends (3:05)
16. Broilers – Ruby light & dark (3:40)

playlist Not Broken In Spirit (23 iunie 2011)

joi si duminica de la 22 la 23 pe 3 Ceasuri Rele  Mirceone cu Not Broken In Spirit: punk, ska, oi, hc

1. The Baseballs – Ghetto Superstar (2:58)
2. Total Chaos – That’s the story of my life (2:50)
3. The Briggs – This Is L.A. (3:40)
4. Al & The Black Cats – Hey Mr. DJ (2:54)
5. Voodoo Zombie – Hombre Voodo Español (3:53)
6. Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) – Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (2:12)
7. Jim Lindberg (Pennywise) – Blitzkrieg Bop (2:02)
8. The 86’ED – Sold Out (2:43)
9. Rancid – up to no good (2:40)
10. Klasse Kriminale – Solo Un Cuore (3:10)
11. D.C.P. – Ora e Sempre Resistenza (3:36)
12. Everybody Out! – Ghettoblaster (2:48)
13. The Bouncing Souls – Sarah Saturday (3:46)
14. Bim Skala Bim – Bones (3:40)
15. Cartoon Violence – Do Something About It (3:51)
16. Dims Rebellion – Damn you world (3:40)
17. HWS – bloody birds (3:27)
18. Kultur Shock – Gino Loves You (2:03)
19. Onesta – Keep Your Hands Off (2:07)
20. Scrapy – Dj…Dj (4:01)
21. Strawberry Blondes – Goodbye Inspiration – Feat. Joey La Rocca (4:35)