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Off Beat are coming from Italy, and formed somewhere in 1994. Their sound is raw with various influences from 60’s, surf rock, and of course the energetic rock’n’roll and rockabilly era. To be honest i am not listen to a lot of bands like Off Beat, and they have surprised me as i leave the album in the background and started to move:). This is something to look is you like the old school elements from British punk invasion and any kind of „proto-punk” and psychedelic elements. My personal favorite: Sunshine and That’s I Know. Good mood, good vibes, good music to dance. Cheers.

Thanks to Daniele Boretto.


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Hello all! Here is our latest number from MPTY ZINE. Is our 43th number since 2005. Always free and always DIY. For this short promo number we have:

Black Skull Radio (Mexico City punk rock) – exclusive interview in Spanish. Also we did some short promos with: Los Fastidios, The Aggrolites, Malos Vicios, 1984, Out Of Bounds, Perkele, Terminal City Rats, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, La Polla Records.


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