Scandal – on a roll

For the ones that want to know a bit of Romanian punk history, you must listen and check to Scandal. They have been around since ’97 under the name: Speedy Freak (long time ago in a galaxy far, far away), and change the name later on in Scandal. They have released for our „scene” two materials (Live in Beci in 2001 and Resturi Din Punkomat in 2003), with drink along anthems like „Patrula” and „Bauta”. They moved in UK and with help from Spirit Of The Street Records they have a new LP: „On A Roll”, in vinyl (3 colors) digital and of course on CD. 10 tracks in the old punk rock, young and classic with a rebelious sounds and some sing along parts. Themes about working class, against media brainwash and nostalgia about old hometown plus the sincere sound of a real punk rock, is something to look for on this album. Good for sharing a beer with your mates in a pub cause…it’s just punk rock!!!. Always when i am listening to Scandal i am thinking back to my friends and back to those long summer nights, we all grew up and we will always remember the good times. Check them on

Tracklist: 1. Trouble 2. Bad Reputation 3. Media Control 4. Need To Learn 5. This Bloody War 6. Always 7. It’s Just Punk Rock 8. Working In The UK 9. Hometown 10. Pixie Bitch



Herida Profunda // Hellbastard 12″split

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Mpty Zine promo for Romania

You should know these guys already, we did an interview not so long ago. They are based in Poland and UK and they are crazy as fuck. Yes we are talking about Herida Profunda a crust punk/grind for the fine ears, for your chaotic thoughts in your head. Full of noise and anger with social and political lyrics for sure is something you don’t want to miss. Now i’m not too much into crust/grind but i must admit that sometimes you need this kind of positive anger. About Hellbastard, most of the crust punk listeners don’t need any presentation, they are the veterans of UK scene since 1984. It’s all about passion, energy, anger and respect for others. Crust punk to the bone!!! At the end to quote Herida: „It was and will be FUCK THE POLICE. Now, anytime, anywhere.
You can check them on Bandcamp at:

The 12″ split is co-released by:
Vleesklak Records / Belgium
Tercer Mundo / Chile
Here And Now Records / Italy
Incredible Noise Records / Germany
Phobia Records / Czech Republic
Grind Your Mind Records / Brazil
NIC Records / Poland
783 Landsberg Hardcore Crew / Poland
Svoboda Records / France
Civilisation-Records / Germany
D.I.Y Kolo Records / Poland
Mundo En Kaos Records / Mexico
Pandora Records / Germany
Other info: Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Every copy comes with a Band and Record Label Insert on 250g board and an exclusive DinA3 poster.
First 200 copies come with a special cover by Gravelord Artwork and screenprinted by Rozbrat Squat DIY Crew.
There are also few testpresses in existance and available for sale – distributed only by WOOAAARGH / Germany.

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Thanks to Edi from Herida Profunda.

Adam Protz Releases Intangible EP – ‘Movements’

Pensive four-track EP epitomises meditation and relaxation 

Hailing from St Albans after a period of studying in Sheffield, Adam Protz has had several years to perfect his craft of composing. Using delicate piano melodies and intricate instrumentals, Adam Protz has created his beautiful EP ‘Movements’, consisting of four alluring and exquisite tracks. In the past, Adam has written music for films, animated shorts, a dance show, an educational DVD and even a brewery documentary!

Watch his latest video for ‘Movements’ here:

Protz has been writing music since the tender age of fifteen and began his journey into music writing heavy rock songs with soft orchestral bridge sections as a contrast, this developed into a desire to write for Hollywood movies. However, after listening to minimalistic meditative piano music, written by the likes of Ludovico Einaudi, Adam soon discovered that he was much more suited to creating emotive music in which he could incorporate his own personality and spirituality.The lack of lyrics in the music leaves it up to the listener to interpret the piece as they wish. It provokes an emotional reaction and is also incredibly relaxing. The ‘Movements’ EP is proof that lyrics aren’t a necessity to provoke powerful sentimental thoughts.Protz aims to inspire relaxation and offers the perfect setting for escaping to through his music. A firm believer that the world is over-obsessed with Smart-phones and social networks, Protz encourages listeners, from all walks of life, to return to the roots and escape with him into his musical world of beautiful, elegant minimalism.

Adam Protz

‘Movements’ is due for release on the 30th November.

Twitter – @AdmProtz

thanks to Poppy and

TNS RECORDS – Sounds Of Swami (promo)

The four piece is back, Sounds Of Swami have released their first LP, self titled out on TNS Records. This full LP follows their two EP from 2008 (Vent) and in 2009 (Halcyon Days). 12 tracks with a mix of punk and alternative rock, something like Fugazi and At The Drive In with Propaghandi.
Punkish choruses, fast, wild, energic and ironic and social lyrics this album have it everything you need packed in noise. The album is available thru TNS and thru their web on Bandcamp ( in digital and also in CD.
My personal favorite: Clandestine Movements.



Brass Tax
In Retrospect
Mani Pulite
Stitched Up at the Sewing Circle
Surfing The Cesspool
Clandestine Movements
Trapped In The Tuac
Get Your Head Checked

Copasetics promo EP

Copasetics are just perfect for this summer for hopping on the beach. 5 friends formed a band in 2009 in York (UK) they make a mix from traditional ska with some 2 tone elements and of course new school sound. Although the EP has a long name The Stark Comprehension Of Life In The Final State Of Decay, it’s a must for all the genere fans, too bad that only has 4 tracks. You can compare with bands like: Random Hand, Sonic Boom Six, New Riot, Mad Caddies or Mustard Plug. This EP is like a bomb of energy and skanking in the summer night with your friends. I reccomend: Phantom Signals and like a minus: EP it’s too short. Cheers!

Thanks to Suzy and  Copasetics, promoted in Romania by MPTY ZINE

Hardcore Night in Timisoara

Gluga Neagra aka Black Hood Society prezinta:

12 iulie 2011 la ATELIER DIY de la ora 21.30 o seara hardcore cu trupele:

DANGERS (hc-USA) / GOODTIME BOYS (hc-UK) / STUCK IN A RUT (hcpunk-RO) / IMPURITA (hc-Serbia) / IN DESCHIDERE (radical hiphop-RO)


They play ska-trash are from UK and have a crazy EP. Please welcome: BEAT THE RED LIGHT!

MPTY ZINE:Hey Pook. What are you doing?

Pook:I am currently sitting in my sitting room answering you lovely questions!

Congratulations for your ep released by Beat The Red Light to TNS. Are you happy with what came out?

Oh yeah absolutely. We recorded the e.p in 3 days at an awesome studio in Corby called Premier Studio’s run by the Jedi master who is also known as Ian Wetherall. That is nearly two years ago. If someone had told me with our first recording we’d have sold out the original 200 copies, and then have a rerelease of it with a decent label with distribution I wouldnt have believed them!! The response of this recording has been absolutely overwhelming for me! I feel like we’ve achieved more than I could have dreamt!

Do you prepare any album with BTRL? With concerts as stand?

We are in the middle of writing an album and hopefully a tour once this has been released. Its definately a lot heavier than the E.P. This album is also a lot more of a joint effort in writing the songs. With the self titled e.p I pretty much wrote the whole entire track apart from one and everyone else put their own little mark on it. So yeah this new album is more of a collective effort and 8 heads are better than 1!!

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