Andrew Paley – promo singles Scattered Light

Photo By Ben Bernschneider

Oi amigos! Today i will share a promo a bit more special. I want to present you to Andrew Paley. He is known for his band The Static Age. They are a post-punk from Burlington, Vermont and Chicago, IL, they have been toured in Europe, Russia, Japan and of course in US. In Romania they have played in 2016. Andrew is presenting his new material „Scattered Light” that will be out on Highwires this summer of 2020. The album has already 3 singles already: Caroline, One Match Fire and the latest one called Give Up. There is romance and honestity along with poetry in all his songs. It’s a trip into your soul and brings you optimism and a simple smile. It is nice and relaxing as the other three previous materials and brings emotion back to life. A nice touch! A personal favorite is One Match Fire, it’s a nice video and awseome lyrics.
Thanks to Felix from Flix Records and Andrew.

Caroline single cover
One Match Fire single cover
Give Up single cover

Caroline lyric video

One Match Fire (official video)

Give Up lyric video

Interview exclusive: Sammy Battle


Mirceone (Mpty Zine):Hi Sammy this is Mirceone from MptyZine. How things are?

Sammy Battle:Hey Mircea nice to meet you, I’m good thanks.

I know you have started an european tour,how it is so far?

The tour is going great, we’re currently 3 shows in and have 17 to go so it’s early days but it’s been so much fun so far. I have already been to some incredible places and seen so much!

Acoustic folk-punk is a genere that it’s ascending slow, tell me few words about your roots in music?and philosophy

I am originally from a post hardcore band background and as a kid I was into bands like Thrice, Underoath, Saves the Day, Taking Back Sunday, etc. I loved playing in bands but as I’ve got older my ideas have changed and I have ditched playing loud and hard for an acoustic guitar. I really enjoy sharing my stories in the form of a song and hopefully that comes across during a show.

Also please make me a top 10 of your favorites bands.

In no particular order;



Hot Water Music

Taking Back Sunday

Saves the Day



Dave Hause

Sam Russo

Ducking Punches

Tell us a few words about The Seafarer EP.

So The Seafarer is a collection of 5 songs plus a bonus track that I wrote around the time of travelling down the west coast of California. It’s completely DIY from start to finish – I wrote, produced, recorded and pressed the entire EP at home. I drafted in different people to add harmonies and additional instruments. The title track is actually about a swim I did from Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco back to the mainland, it was a brutal challenge but also so beautiful. The song signifies how even when things are really rough, if you knuckle down and push through, you can come out the other side.

What are the main influences for you when you write something?

I generally try to write about real experiences and how I was feeling at that moment in time, it’s a kind of release I guess. I usually start with a bunch of feelings, which turn into lyrics and then I add the music last, although occasionally I start with a simple melody.
If you will end up on a far away island all alone, name 3 things that will keep you busy

  1. A book on survival techniques – I would want to thrive on the island rather than just surviving.
  2. A sharp knife – to forage, hunt and build things.
  3. My guitar – I reckon I’d be writing a lot of songs!

New project for the near future? an LP?

I actually have a bunch of songs I am desperate to record. I have found somewhere I’d like to record and have tons of ideas of how I would like it to sound, so I will hitting the studio hard after this tour so watch this space!

Sammy please share few words with our few online readers.

Firstly thank you so much for taking your time to read this article. I really hope you guys get chance to check out my music and if you ever make it to one of my shows please come over and say hello, one of the best things about touring is meeting new people!

Thank you so much for your time,if you have something else to add,please feel free to do so.

Stay safe and most importantly look out for each other, we’re all in this together!

Much Love

Sammy xM

Mirceone (mptyzine) vs. Sammy Battle-sept.2015

Thanks to Katrin and Flix Records

the interview will be available as well in no.32 coming out soon.


The Adolescents vs. Svetlanas

Flix Records promo in Europe and Altercation Records proudly presents:

Ok,so you must know Adolescents if you are a punk rocker (just fyi they are into this since 1980 and past members joined Social Distortion or Agent Orange later on) yes California in the house. And yes you must remember their classic blue cover with their ADOLESCENTS logo on it. Ok, enough this is a split EP out on January 2015 on Altercation Records and promo in Europe by Flix Agency with The Svetlanas (from Mother Russia originaly but now they are livin in Italy). Hot War is the name of split, 4 tracks (2 each) in the pure punkrock sound, fast, angry and loud, with sing along choruses. Just some facts about Svetlanas (they have already shared the stage with bands like: DOA, TSOL, The Discharge and more, and yes they were banned in Russia), also they are preparing an album.Like a fresh air in the hot summer nights, you can play it loud on your car or at home. And after 25 years around in the scene Adolescents are one of the most known and respected acts so this split is a good way to start 2015. oh…and a lovely artwork for this, HOT WAR baby!!!

Thanks to Katrin and Felix


Interview with Tobin (610/Flatfoot 56)-exclusive

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE):Hi Tobin, this is Mircea from mpty zine. How things are with you in the new 2015?

Tobin (610/Flatfoot 56):Things have been going really well.

First of all congrats for the 610 project.i had listen to it and it has took me far away somewhere in my childhood:),simple things,deep and nice. What is the story behind this project?

I have always loved songs and music that takes me to places that are far off and full of memories. The mindset behind this record was to return to a style of music from my early days of learning music with my family. Bluegrass and folk was music that was always around our house and the art of good story telling was a big part of my attraction to these styles.
This album also documents a lot of the feelings and mindsets that I have faced over the last few years. Its been a really hard past few years. Sometimes when your going through rough times, you just need to get it out. This album was key to helping me flesh through what I was feeling, God’s grace, and my own fears and hurts.

It is different than your Flatfoot 56 and speaking of Flatfoot 56, you have some news to share?:)

We are looking to be doing a short European tour in oct. of this year. We are excited to be getting back. We have been talking about doing some more writing as well to see what comes out.

The Humble Beginnings of a Roving Soul was recorded DIY in your bedroom and this is a big deal, how you will promote? a upcoming tour or something?

The album was actually recorded in an attic area of the house I live in. We have a studio set up there. It’s a very warm space with a very comfortable feel. Its a great place to create. We have been promoting through playing shows and trying to be active on our social media outlets. We have a tour scheduled for Europe in Sept and october that we are really excited about. There are so many people we are looking forward to seeing again. We just released a new video for our song „Backpack” which looks amazing and gives people and idea of what the band is like. .
1. 6'10 Bandfoto

Please make me a top 10 with your favorite bands.

I am kind of a strange guy in what i like but here it goes.
I love: Johnny cash, Mississippi John Hurt, Metric, Mewithoutyou, Cock Sparer, Leatherface, the Pogues, Murder by Death, Pete Seager, Bishops Green (Honorable mentions- Brick Assassin, Cro-mags, andrew W.K)

Like you said this album takes you to a journey to childhood,how important are those little simple things nowdays with this speed and these trends?

I think folk music and story telling styles of music are extremely important because they remind us of who we are and where we came from. In this cray world of fast paced technology i think people are getting tired and stressed out. We are loosing track of who we are as people groups and of what we are and cultures. I think that people are returning to folk and simpler music to rediscover that simpler time and pace of life that we as humans were meant to live at. We want music and culture to mean something more then just consumerism and entertainment. We want music that tells us who we are and speaks to the deepest parts of our human struggles.

Name 5 things that you will take with you to a journey.

1. A Bible 2. a note pad 3. My hat 4. my guitar 5. a voice recorder.

Always coming back home to…Chicago:) how’s Chicago underground scene?

Chicago is a great music town. The scene has been strong for a long time. This being said it is always changing and there are always new faces. Its a place that people want to be in. One thing I love is that each neighborhood has its own group of show spaces and punk kids. They all offer a different taste to an already vibrant place.

Some words for our zine?

Never stop loving music and never stop learning about new bands. I love how Europeans research their music. I love how they care and invest in their favorite bands. You guys are a huge part of why we still play.

Thanks Tobin so much for your time and please feel free to add anything.Where people can listen to 610 online? buy the album…

You can find the album on ITUNES, Our website at, in stores throughout europe.

thanks to Tobin,Karin and Felix (Flix Records)

the interview will be on our 30th number OUT SOON.

610-The Humble Beginnings Of A Rovin Soul (LP promo)

MPTY ZINE support for Romania:

1. 6'10 Bandfoto

1. 6'10 album cover

Tobin Bawinkel is the frontman of Flatfoot 56 so if you know his band then maybe you will check out his new project 610. If on Flatfoot 56 we are used with a punk-rock sound this is more personal and goes something like: bluegrass/folk with some nice lyrics and has 12 songs. The Humble Beginnings Of A Rovin Soul will be out on 9th January and is a DIY material self produced by the band with costs supported by a funding campain.They will prepare also a tour in 2015 and shared the stage so far with bands like: The Mahones, Deals Gone Bad or Sundowner. A back to the simple sound, the one that brings you back memories and the perfect band of friends to play in your cafe bar.
Mandoline,ukulele,drums and simple things made in Tobin’s own bedroom.From Chicago and worldwide.
Thanks to Felix (flix records-Germany)

check them HERE


01. Cannonball
02. Da Boss
03. Peach Farmer
04. Timothy
05. Hurricane
06. Someday Hun
07. Where Did You Go
08. Tuesday
09. It Is Well
10. Burning Ships
11. Backpack
12. The Travelers

Flix Records news: The Static Age

The Static Age (Chicago, IL) and Featuring Yourself (Kiel, Germany) have teamed up to release a split single (7″ / download) featuring TSA’s new track „Mistakes Worth Making” (as a followup to their 2012 release „Mercies”) and FY’s „Ghosts” (as a followup to their 2012 release „Inner Underground”). The pairing marks a natural fit between kindred spirits – both bands pulling influence from the idealistic side of the punk scene and the last few decades of alternative music. The release also includes download-only co-cover b-sides (The Static Age takes on FY’s „Abyss” and Featuring Yourself tackles TSA’s „Eulogy”) and is in conjunction with the pair’s tour of a handful of European countries (Germany/Austria/Slovenia/Switzerland) during April and May 2013. For more check or

from: (also follow the web for pre-order)

check the bands HERE

promo picture The Static Age 2013

Also check the future tour dates:

11.04.2013 Dortmund – FZW*
12.04.2013 Kiel – Schaubude*
13.04.2013 Lindern – Teestube*
14.04.2013 Basel – Sommercasino
15.04.2013 München – Sunny Red
16.04.2013 Wien – EKH
17.04.2013 Ljubljana – Gala Hala
18.04.2013 Graz – Explosiv
19.04.2013 Vöcklabruck – Unity Festival
20.04.2013 Dornbirn – Kulturcafé
21.04.2013 Luzern – Sedel
22.04.2013 Zürich – Dynamo
23.04.2013 Freiburg – White Rabbit
24.04.2013 Düsseldorf – The Tube
25.04.2013 Hamburg – Molotow*
26.04.2013 Berlin – Tiefgrund*
27.04.2013 Döbeln – Skatehalle*
28.04.2013 Leipzig – Kulturcafé Manfred*
29.04.2013 Dresden – Chemiefabrik*
30.04.2013 Braunschweig – Café Riptide*
01.05.2013 Stuttgart – Club Zwölfzehn*
02.05.2013 Siegen – Vortex*
03.05.2013 Schwelm – 100Kilo Herz (Acoustic Show)*
03.05.2013 Bonn – Bla*
04.05.2013 Trier – The Ex Fest

*with Featuring Yourself

for other infos check Flix Records on:




The Static Age in Romania in 2011

The Static Age vor sustine o serie de concerte in Romania in primavara lui 2011

acestea sunt datele:

05.05.2011 Arad @ Club Flex
06.05.2011 Bucharest @ Underworld
07.05.2011 Cluj-Napoca @ Booha Bar

despre ei am mai scris undeva in vara AICI prin amabilitatea lui Felix de la Flix Records din Austria

The Static Age vin din SUA si canta un indie/postpunk, au impartit scena cu nume ca: AFI, Street Dogs, Tiger Army sau The Bronx.

Mai jos aveti doua videoclipuri ale trupei   Amphibian:
These Days:

web oficial:

de asemenea in noul numar al fanzinului vom avea un interviu in exclusivitate cu cei de la The Static Age.



Flix Records news

Flix Records is a label located in Germany/Austria check them out at: FLIX WEB PAGE


“Dude Trips” is an album that will make you jump and bang your head from the very first note. Punk-rock made in 1990, for angry kids, for those who have had enough of conforming to rules, for those who have something to say. Clean punk-rock, as it’s only supposed to be. 10 songs that will make you stand up from your seat in a jump! This is an album that treats themes like relationships, parties, society or friendship with irony. An album full of the “fuck you, we don’t need you” attitude. Angry riffs and a hoarse voice, lyrics that sting, a lot of punk, a successful return to the ‘90s. An album that deserves to be listened to at parties, among friends, for dancing and good mood. I like it and surely recommend it… The guys will go a long way. We just hope they won’t show up on MTV. Otherwise, we won’t like them anymore. Good luck!

web Bangers


“Sailing To Nowhere” is the name of the album from the band Fast Motion. It has 7 genuine hardcore/punk songs. Although I learned French in school, it’s good that Fast Motion don’t sing in french, or I wouldn’t understand a thing! The songs are fast and angry, minus one, which is a little more melodic (although still fast) and full of emotions: Fathers and Son. If you like Bad Religion, Pennywise or Strike Anywhere, you will surely add Fast Motion to your playlist. This is an album that must be listened at maximum volume, to disturb the neighbours. My favourite song: “Tookie”.

web Fast Motion


Nice and melodic. These are the two words that come to one’s mind when it comes to The Static Age. I admit, I don’t usually listen to this sort of bands. they don’t smash their guitars, they don’t have catchy angry choruses… though, I totally recommend them. A wise mix of alternative and punk makes you listen to the album once, and then once again. This band reminds you of AFI, or, at least a little, of The Cure. 6 songs that will make you love these guys. They really play music, and you can feel that. I recommend “Daughters and Sons”.

web The Static Age


A new year for these Philadelphia boys: a new album, a tour in Europe with Bangers, and a lot of surprises. A youthful punk with just a tiny influence of hardcore, for the fans of Gaslight Anthem, Lawrence Arms or Bouncing Souls. 12 songs that will make you move, with influences spanning from punk to rock’n’roll. These songs are very catchy, but not commercial, as Dirty Tactics can not be commercial. This album has it all: there are times when you feel like jumping off of your chair, and there are quiet, peaceful moments (“Train Song”). It is an album worth listening, even if you wear Vans, or a Superman t-shirt. My favourite:  “Side Of The Road”.

web Dirty Tactics