exclusive interview: Brutus Daughters -celtic punk from Spain


Mirceone (MPTY ZINE)-Hey guys. Congrats for the album.how are things in the celtic Madrid?

Brutus Daughters: Thank you very much! It took us a bit longer than expected to release it, but there it is at last! Things in Madrid are going on as always, not a very powerful Celtic scene, but we hope it will change in the near future and more people start spreading it!

For the people who don,t know your name,tell us something about the band…how you guys started?

We started 5 years ago, when a group of four girls decided to form a punk folk band and look for someone who could play bagpipes. That was our main goal, then other members fortunately joined the band and we began playing in some pubs until we could support ourselves financially our first album. Although there have been some changes in the band formation up to now, since three of the former members left the band due to work requirements and three more had to leave also due to the same circumstances, it is true that the original spirit hasn’t died away, but increases as time goes by. Brutus’ Daughters is a group of friends who enjoy playing together and do their best to continue on the scenarios. And concerning the name’s origin….well, we chose Brutus because we wanted to show that not always heroes are the ones who triumph, but also anti-heroes like Popeye’s enemy, so that what we are…the real bastard daughters of the hero’s enemy 😀

I read that you have shared the stage with Mahones,personal i am a big fan of finny and co. speaking of them did you have listen the new album.

It’s a great work, we’re looking forward to going to another gig, we’re lucky that they come to Spain very often!

What can you tell me about the second album,specially because is a diy album and i know is hard to do something independent these days…

Our second album follows the same criteria of our first one, since we have recorded and produced with what we have earned in gigs and selling merchandising. It’s not difficult to keep being independent, but sometimes it takes more time to get an objective, like releasing an album or organizing some gigs together. Being under the direction of a discography is not such a bad idea, who knows…

Speaking of celtic folk and punk…from where you have the influences.

Each band member has brought up listening to different music styles, but we share a common punk folk taste, above all from North American bands, which mix punk music with Celtic instruments and melodies.

What is the band message that you want to be heard?

Our message is not a complicated one, we use our music not just to have a nice time playing together, which is true, but also as a means to communicate what we consider unfair in our society. Most of our songs deal with everyday injustices that each of us experience or witness and we can’t help it, it does influence our composition as much as we find inspiration in our surroundings.

Name please 5 bands that have influenced you.

Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, The Dubliners, The Clash and Flatfoot 56.

Regarding the concerts,where can you be seen in the near future?

We are now organizing a tour through Spain and who knows, maybe abroad also. Going to Romania would be a pleasure, too!!

If you will make a split cd with one band,that you like it,what band will be?

That’s not an easy question, we’ve got lots of bands in mind, but maybe we’d choose two bands from Spain, Drink Hunters or Fucking Fuckers, we’ve been friends for long time.

Mahones or Flogging Molly?

Both of them, we can’t answer to this question!!

What plans you have for the future…another album,shows…what do you guys do besides the band?

For the time being we are going to enjoy our second album on stage, but there are some songs which have already being started, ideas are always growing inside and if everything goes as expected, we’ll spend next year playing and composing new stuff.

thanks to Rebe and BrutusDaughters. more infos about them and album on new number.coming out soon.