The Zzips-20 Years Later (press release)

the zzips

Meet ‘The zzips’ –living proof that Rock n’ Roll is not dead, and is in fact very much alive and kicking. A diverse duo made up of frontman James Butler and writing partner Graham Cupples. Bringing you their debut, yet eagerly anticipated, album ’20 Years Late’. Within their songs, they address issues that are prominent within British society, and question the policies of consumerism, greed and elitism after partaking in social observation. The album is both a call to arms and a cry for revolution and change, whilst some of the songs simply follow what happens within their day-to-day lives. Finding a release in the power of song-writing helped James through some serious personal difficulties over the last almost four years.

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With an impressive résumé, and many famous faces among their fans, The zzips have already earned themselves a well-deserved prestigious reputation. Graham has supported Gary Numan, and James has opened for bands such as Oasis, Smash and Steps. In true rock n’ roll style, and following in the footsteps of some of the greatest rock artists, The zzips have also performed at Glastonbury festival.

Between the two of them they have written and produced their entire album, which in the era of the typical pop-culture boy-band genre, gives them a chance to display and show off their many talents. Alongside the music, James is a psychotherapist, working with Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. His interest in psychology is often apparent in The zzips songs, consistently raising the question ‘Why?’

Think classic 90’s rock, with a modern Blues twist and challenging lyrics. There is a very bright future predicted for ‘The zzips’, make sure you’re a part of it!

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Sons Of Lakes Park-promo EP

MPTY ZINE promo exclusive for Romania

copertina ep-net

Their story begins in 2009 somewhere in a basement in a park called Lakes Park, after a mini CD and some line up changes the name transform from The Disgustibus to Sons Of Lakes Park. In 2014 they have finished their first 6 track EP: Last Day Of School, The First You Start To Learn. The sound is one energic punk-rock with melodic hardcore something to remind you of NOFX, Milencolin, Lagwagoon, Rise Against and many more. Also for this EP they have a video for Sunrise Generation.They have shared the stage with: Dufresne, Argetti, Atlas Losing Grip, Bigblast and Antillectual. If you will look to the cover you will remind of the 90’s punk rock,skate punk generation.Energy for a boored generation,made in Italy. Listen to: Maybe, but not Today.

logo a colori

Sunrise Generation
Maybe, but not Today
Last Day Of School, The First You Start To Learn
Thanksgiving Play
Clockwork Tie
Walking on Park’s Way

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TNS Records news-november 2014

MPTY ZINE promo exclusive for Romania

The Roughneck Riot presents their 3rd album thru mighty TNS.Out Of Anger is out there and kickin loud.A powerfull and nice mix from folk to punk made in UK. Anyway the band is already a name in UK and Europe underground and of course they have a lot to say, a true DIY ethic against politics,racism and hungry over money.With banjo,madolin,accordion,drums and guitars these guys will make your day.14 tracks to dance, a real music from simple people for simple people.


All that we know
Englands desperate liars
Should we?
This green unpleasant land
Never silenced never stopped
Each man’s hell
The other side
Need i remind you
The last of us
Too late
He never came home

The Domestics come from UK and of course their release from TNS will blow your stereo. Hardcore old school,punk and energy all under the name of: Routine and Ritual. With influences from Black Flag to Limp Wrist or from Extreme Noise Terror to Discharge or Poison Idea,Chaos UK these guys have them all. Full of hate and hope in the same time, with a strong political and social message, frustration and anger and sub cultural norms delivered in 14 tracks. Also with a featuring on Fuck Your War along Dean Jones (Extreme Noise Terror).Enjoy it loud!


Shut Down
Fuck Your War
Diet Time
Get Fucked
Punk Points
Nerve Damage
Orchestrate Your Posse
Chest Pains
A Pox On This Life
Life Stinks,We’re Fucked
Commodify Our Love
Nothing Factory II