The Fatty Farmers-Escape From Dirty Pigs (promo)


Mpty Zine promo exclusive for Romania:

Celtic rock mixed with punk’n’roll and some country these are the ingredients of the new album „Escape From The Dirty Pigs” from spanish band The Fatty Farmers. They are a kind of good thing, good guys of the Spanish music underground scene. Acoustic guitar, electronic guitar, drums, accordion, irish whistles, bagpipes, violin and a village irish mood if i can say that. 16 tracks that will remind you of Flogging Molly, The Pogues, The Mahones and many more. They have been on stage on many of the important festivals around Spain, Portugal etc and a live set that is full of energy and will make you dance and jump.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as i did. Cheers!
Thanks to Waldo and Fatty Farmers.



610-The Humble Beginnings Of A Rovin Soul (LP promo)

MPTY ZINE support for Romania:

1. 6'10 Bandfoto

1. 6'10 album cover

Tobin Bawinkel is the frontman of Flatfoot 56 so if you know his band then maybe you will check out his new project 610. If on Flatfoot 56 we are used with a punk-rock sound this is more personal and goes something like: bluegrass/folk with some nice lyrics and has 12 songs. The Humble Beginnings Of A Rovin Soul will be out on 9th January and is a DIY material self produced by the band with costs supported by a funding campain.They will prepare also a tour in 2015 and shared the stage so far with bands like: The Mahones, Deals Gone Bad or Sundowner. A back to the simple sound, the one that brings you back memories and the perfect band of friends to play in your cafe bar.
Mandoline,ukulele,drums and simple things made in Tobin’s own bedroom.From Chicago and worldwide.
Thanks to Felix (flix records-Germany)

check them HERE


01. Cannonball
02. Da Boss
03. Peach Farmer
04. Timothy
05. Hurricane
06. Someday Hun
07. Where Did You Go
08. Tuesday
09. It Is Well
10. Burning Ships
11. Backpack
12. The Travelers

Old Coyote Club-The Clubhouse Sessions EP-promo

From Norfolk,UK, Old Coyote Club bring the new EP-The Clubhouse Sessions. It’s a mix of punk/folk with country something that will remind you of The Clash meeting Dylan and Cash, 3 tracks with acoustic guitars and beer. Imagine you traveling in one sunday afternoon along the sidewalk with a beer in your hand listening to these guys in the headphones and thinking  that last night was a good one.
Keep the eyes on them and by the way the EP is for free on their bandcamp so check them out
We will have them for interview in the near future and they surpised me in a good way.And yes the EP was produced DIY by the band and that’s a plus.
our favorite: Medicine

thanks to Kai and OCC


Stoj Snak

Niels Höjgaard Sörensen maybe you know him from Mighty Midgets (melodic HC from TNS Records). Stoj Snak is his new project from Denmark and here is the latest album Songs About Beliefs. A true album with a lot of friends on it, with energy, ideeas for a „perfect world”, honest and sincere.
A punk energy with a strong political, social message and folkcore influences everything packed in a strong DIY Ethic.
The album is brand new and appear few months later after debut EP Planned Obsolescence. Amazing artwork, amazing lyrics and message, idealism, songs for your soul. State Of Mine and also the whole album as Niels said is dedicated to everyone trying to make a difference in the world or creating art independently and unbound the norm. For everyone in the punk scene, the bands, the venues, the promoters and passionate people all over the world that do their thing just because…if you know the feeling…
The album is available thru 5FeetUnder Records or on and also thru TNS Records.
Uncompromising music, true, screaming for idealism, honest, creative some words that will describe this album probably better. Don’t ask me about music just grab it and listen to it.


Concert Rehab Nation

REHAB NATION lovesc din nou pe data de 15 iulie 2011 inBarrels Pub (Str.Republicii, nr.14 Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Rezervari : 0746-944-549, Intrare : MOKA

A mix of punk, folk ‘n’ roll, ska and alcohol

+ WE GO POGO! Afterparty

Horváth Hannah – Vocals
Gagyi Boti a.k.a. „The Sock” – Vocals and Bass
Hosszú Áron a.k.a. „Áron Stone” – Guitarrr
Kis Tamás a.k.a. „The Kid” – Guitarrr
Szallós Attila – Drums

Despre trupa:

We are Rehab Nation (Ex R.I.O.T.), we’ve changed our name, style and about everything humanly possible. R.I.O.T. was the warm-up for the real deal. We started out as a few friends just fooling around and enjoying themselves, nothing really changed except the fact that now others enjoy our music as well, this is a huge improvement. We try to address social issues through our music in non-conformist means. We take the world chew it up and regurgitate everything as we see it.

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