Interviu: La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro

Vin din Italia, canta punk ,  mananca pizza, au facut cover dupa You’ll Never Walk Alone, sunt baieti de treaba si ne intalnim cu ei pe 27 octombrie alaturi de Manifestation, Rock n Ghena si Coercion in Heavens Hell Pub din Constanta…enjoy!

MPTY ZINE: Hey Giuli.What‘s up ?

Ciao Mircea!!! I only now succeed to answer to your interview.sorry for the delay I hope to you not to have kept waiting a lot!

For the ones that don’t know you,tell us a few words about you.

Our punkrock band was born in the first months of 2004 from the ashes of two formations Lucchesi: Coma x n and Resistenza. From 6 years in this part we had the pleasure of ploughing through many stages of the whole Italian territory, sharing experiences and emotions. Six years during which we have excellent relations with various reality self and groups which, as we are united by a passion for the good punk rock and antiracism. In the most of the 100 concerts that we have seen involved until Today, we have had immense pleasure to share the stage with bands of great thickness as the ffd, linea, Los fastidios,  Red union, Unseen, The real McKenzies and many others; during the month of February we have given the light on our second album.

Where did you get this long name from and what does it mean?

There was then an old of a small country of our campaigns that before dying adored call us in this way: la ghenga del fil di ferro letterally means „the iron wire gang”

You  launched this year the second material Telestroika ,are you satisfied with the result? was it well promoted? people buy it?

Regarding our intense activities precedence “Telestroika” it succeeds to hit in the scratching sign of a sound more energetic and.
Directly composing in room tests in single very instinctive way and adding modifications in second moment, we are accustomed to collect what semignamo without to become before account of like it could then be the final result; wanting to be sincere some pieces have not entusiasmato us to their listen on CD and for this we have decided not to insert them in our concerts.
However we are satisfied of the optimal book reviews that our last album have produced until now .

Speaking of promotion I know  you  have also  Toscana Punk Rock…you organize concerts and you have released two compilations, if I’m not ‘s going?

Tuscana Punk rock is born in 2006 in order to group orbiting groups in the kind Punk rock in Tuscany in a diy compilation without scopes of I make a profit, but with purpose of aggregation; the following year, moreover, exited the second edition, with an other compilation.
Afterwards Punk Royal is risen, a name that above all marks of the evenings to topic but a group of friends that has carried in our small and bigot city groups from the several shadings (punk, hard Core, ska, street punk, crust, oi).
In last the 2 years thanks to these plans they are alternated on the theater box of the Brùton, distant birrificio little km from the center of Lucca, punkbands coming from all the globe, here some of their names: UK Subs, Raw power, The Unseen, Left alone, Radio dead ones, Nabat, Red ska, Pavilionul 32 (from Timisoara, Rumania), Los fastidios, Total chaos, Funeral dress, The restarts, Vice squad, Real McKenzies and many others.

If someone would invite you to sing in San Remo would you accept?

How many million euros are you offering?: )

I saw you have a cover  after FC Liverpool anthem..are you supporters? if so which are your favorite teams?

You’ll never walk alone is the greatest football anthem ever,We do love good football  but none of us follows a team

How much pizza and how many spaghetti eats an Italian daily?

I don’t know.

Your coming in autumn in Constanta..what do you expect from the public?do you want hula-hula girls and a red carpet at the airport?

Happy and excited by the idea to sound in Rumania; 27 October we will sound to Constanta to the Heavens Hell club and will open the concert of an optimal hardcore group, Manifestation from  Germany.
Regarding the acceptance to the aereoporto, a limousine can be enough ; )

You have a lot of good bands in Italy and I love italian punk,how’s the scene there today?

I do not want to be stopped on critics, appreciations or defects therefore I limit myself to spread a directory
trying to second photograph my senzazioni and experiences to you the current Italian scene.
Beyond the hundreds of bands that every day are born and die, beyond the presumption of label blinded by the dream to reach the popolarità of the “colleagues” Americans.
the most valid groups exist like:Because the bean, Malavida, Solecismi pedestri, Linea, Guacamaya, Nowhiterag, One trax minds, The Crooks, Gerson, Gavroche, Totale apatia, The Wetdogs, Dcp, Red ska, Water tower, Uguaglianza, Boxing dogs, Total revenge.
They are always on the scene with behind many years of activity, some between which become cult band or “punk legend”:  Raw power, Klaxon, , Punkreas, Atarassia Grop, Skruigners, Rotten Boi!s, ffd, Reazione, Nabat,, Rappresaglia,Klasse kriminale, The Gang, Impact, Bloody riot.
Names that receive details attentions also outside from the Italian borders: Los Fastidios, Talco, Payback, Bull Brigade, Band Bassotti,
Directly from the Tuscany: Attitude, Piscio blood, Agitazione, Access denied, Basta, Carlos dunga, Alfatec, Manovalanza, Chromosomes, Proton packs
Also our city has its worthy representation: New real disaster, The Mushroom, Nido di vespe, Bullet proof, Banana Revolver , Nothing 4, Devastator.
Interesting truths do not lack that maintain to the spirit diy like the United we stand Live Production and Promotion of Events in active collaboration with various equally independent truths in alternative musical within.
Slid 29 May the punx Italian they have had the fortune of being able to assist to the mythical Rebellion festival and of sure it has been the better event to which I have been able to assist this year

Any new stuff coming up next?

Least we have written and composed a new piece from the title “lo spirito continua”, in more we are reproposing in our room tests and some times live “intolleranza” contained song in ours demo CD dated 2006; the idea would be that to record a ep around to April/May 2011

Thanks for the interview.See you on october 27 in Constanta at a super show.If you have something to add please do.

Thanks with pleasure to you Mircea, have been a pleasure to answer to your interview and it will be still more for we to see published it on Mptyzine
A fort embrace to you and all the readers we see 27 Wednesdays October at Heaven’s Hell in Constanta!

Mircea vs Giuli september 2010

thanks to La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro, Toscana Punk Rock Crew and cheers to you!

listen the band here CLICK

Monday Punk News #10

Gluga Neagra prezinta :

30 septembrie 2010

DON VITO (Leipzig, Germania) – free jazz/punk tunes

HEXENBRUTAL (Beltinci, Slovenia) – Experimental hc Live Electronics

ora 21.00, la Atelier DIY.-Timisoara

THRASHFEST TM, al 5-lea an (the 5th year)

VINERI, 8 octombrie 2010

ora 21, Atelier DIY

LES YEUX DE LA TETE (Caentouces, Franta) – Free Rock Jazz Trio

SOFY MAJOR (Clermont Ferrand) – Noise Hardcore “Lourd Et Crie”

KATMA (Beograd, Serbia) – Intense GRRRL Fronted Hardcore Punk

ZOFT (Bruxelles, Belgia) – Jazzcore, Free-math-metal and cheap movie tunes

L’HOMME PUMA (Paris, Franta) – Noise Rock vs. A Meticulous use of electronics

COINS AS PORTRAITS (Brasov, Romania) – Dracula city blasting grindcore unit

MARTI, 19 Octombrie 2010, ora 21.00

repetitii cu prietenii:

SABOT (usa/cehia) – bass and drum / progressive / punk

+ support acts:

GxFxTx (lituania) – thrash core punks

BROSIDED (lituania) – hardcore punk rockers

la Atelier DIY.


Toro Bravo ( street/punk oi-Lituania)

Discoballs (ska.soul-Cehia)

Club Wave 84-Craiova 17 octombrie de la ora 21 /bilet 10 lei


Club Underworld-Bucuresti 11 octombrie de la ora 21 / bilet 10 lei

DISCOBALLS (ska/soul-Cehia)

United And Strong ( hardcore/beatdown-Germania)

vineri 15 octombrie 2010 in Club Underworld de la ora 21

Bring The Noise prezinta:

NO TURNING BACK (hardcore-Olanda)

LAST HOPE (hardcore-Bulgaria)

PROOF (hardcore-Romania)

19 octombrie ora 20.00 bilet 20 lei in club Control-Bucuresti

Social Distortion pregatesc lansarea albumului Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes la Epitaph Records in data de 23 noiembrie 2010. Acesta este cel mai nou material al trupei de la Sex, Love and Rock n Roll (2004).

Manifestation/La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro/Rock n Ghena/Coercion


27 octombrie 2010 de la ora 20 in Heaven’s Hell (fostul restaurant NORD-Constanta) concert



ROCK N GHENA (hc-Romania)

COERCION (hc/punk-Romania)

bilet 12 lei

Manifestation s-au format in Germania undeva pe la mijlocul aniilor ’90. Dupa mai multe schimbari in componenta datorita unor neintelegeri trupa a reusit sa lanseze un demo in 2001 , urmat in 2003 de primul album: Religious Madness. In 2005 au lansat un 10 inch vinil cu noua piese noi: FTW iar in 2006 au pornit in primul lor turneu european ca opening band pentru 25 Ta Life (NY), urmand ca in 2007 sa porneasca din nou prin Europa alaturi de Bleed Into One. Luna august 2009 ii gaseste pe Manifestation in studio lucrand la noul material: Burden Of Mankind ce a iesit pe piata anul acesta. Sound-ul trupei este unul greu de hardcore old school cu punk. Au impartit scena cu nume ca: Madball, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Terror, Slapshot, Backfire sau Wisdom In Chains.

La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro este una din trupele de baza din scena punk din regiunea italiana, Toscana. Ultimul material al trupei, Telestroika este rezultatul a 5 ani de munca asidua (dupa un demo in 2005 si un prim album Aperta La Danza in 2007 ).Un mesaj puternic indreptat impotriva mass-mediei,impotriva politicienilor, coruptiei, minciunii si a ignorantei sau impotriva abuzurilor de orice fel din societate. Influentati de trupe precum: The Unseen, Los Fastidios, FFD, Linea sau Red Union, trupa si-a creat un stil propriu, un mix de punk cu hardcore melodic plin de atitudine.
De altfel trupa este implicata si in proiectul Toscana Punk Rock, prin care organizeaza concerte in Lucca (Italia), printre trupele ce au cantat se numara: Total Chaos,The Mahones Uk Subs, Atarassia Grop, Restarts, The Real McKenzies, The Briggs, Argies sau Forbidden Kings. De asemenea trupa a participat pe mai multe compilatii de gen: Toscana Punk Rock Compilation vol I si II ( Alfatec, Acid Brains, The Eggs si multi altii) sau pe Mano De Dios (No Relax, 2 Minutos, FFD).

Rock N Ghena:Noi ne exprimam stilul de viata prin muzica. Am inceput aceasta calatorie la inceputul anilor 2000. Au avut loc multe schimbari in viata noastra care ne-au determinat sa devenim ce suntem azi. Cativa buni prieteni care nu fac muzica pentru bani, pentru faima sau pentru distractia unei trupe de liceu. Ne-m nascut hardcore, traim hardcore si vom muri hardcore. Suntem uniti si nimic nu ne poate destrama. Ne iubim familiile si pe cei cativa prieteni al caror suport inseamna foarte mult pentru noi. Pe scena suntem acceasi oameni ca in viata reala. Am inceput sa lucram pentru primul si un nou album. Un album care va arata viata noastra ca o trupa si vietile noastre in particular. Primul nostru cuvant este “noi”. Motto-ul nostru este “Nu renunta niciodata!”
Coercion:Am avut primul concert in mai ’07. Suntem doar inca o adunatura de copii trecuti de adolescenta furiosi, disperati, plini de anxietate, anti-rasism/sexism/toate restul „-ism”-urilor, care-si zbiara matele si frustrarile asa cum stiu mai bine.
In afara de asta, aici este doar vorba de muzica! nu va schimba nimic de una singura si noi nu vom schimba nimic (nu trebuie sa enumar, nu?) doar prin a o canta. Necesari unei schimbari sunt OAMENII!
Asadar, Coercion ne reprezinta pe toti, toti cei care gatesc, cos, scriu, mediatizeaza, canta, tiparesc, inregistreaza si distribuie materiale pentru ca „scena” sa se mentina in miscare, si cei mai importanti dintre toti: voi care veniti la concerte, miringuri, actiuni, proteste, etc. Nu renuntati niciodata! Oricat de putin conteaza, in special aici, unde putin este tot ce avem ;).
Deci iata-ne construind armata de *prea grasi, *prea slabi, *prea urati, *prea dubiosi, *prea timizi, *prea deschisi sau de care pur si simplu s-a profitat prea mult pana acum!
Asa ca duceti-va si luati o piatra/chitara/spray/stilou/orice si faceti ce credeti voi ca-i mai bine ;). Ah si cat suntem aici, hai sa nu uitam de distractie, instabilitate, abuz si dezbracare! See you in the pit!

video promo

Monday Punk News #9

Gogol Bordello au lansat recent cel mai nou videoclip, Immigraniada(We’Re Coming Rougher) de pe ultimul lor album, Trans-continental Hustle.

videoclipul mai jos

Streetlight Manifesto au postat ultimul lor videoclip, este vorba de piesa Just (cover dupa Radiohead) de pe albumul 99 Songs of Revolution: Vol. I,  seria de cover-uri animatia fiind realizata de Henrik Sonniksen.

The Creepshow se pregatesc sa lanseze noul album They All Fall Down la Hellcat Records pe data de 5 octombrie. Trupa s-a format in Toronto (Canada) in 2005 si sunt un mix de punk’roll, psychobilly, country.  Componenta : Sarah „Sin” Blackwood (chitara/voce), Sean „SickBoy” McNab (bass/voce), The Reverend Mcginty (orga/voce), Matt „Pomade” Gee


1. The Sermon III – 0:50
2. Get What’s Coming – 2:25
3. Someday – 2:57
4. They All Fall Down – 1:45
5. Last Chance – 2:29
6. Sleep Tight – 3:55
7. Dusk ‘Til Dawn – 2:49
8. Keep Dreaming – 2:57
9. Hellbound – 2:53
10. Going Down – 2:44
11. Road To Nowhere – 11:50

Terror au postat noul videoclip la piesa Stick Tight de pe noul material al trupei, Keepers Of The Faith

MPTY ZINE top videos play #51

The Grit sunt o mai veche cunostinta iar The Ones este videoclipul oficial al lor, de pe albumul Straight out the Alley lansat la People Like You Records, un mix de calitate intre punk,rockabilly, psychobilly din UK.  Broilers vin din Germania iar piesa propusa este ceva mai veche,  din 2008 si cu siguranta a mai fost aici in top. Asteptam noul album. The Adicts nu cred ca mai au nevoie de nici o prezentare, una din cele mai bune trupe de punk din UK si cu siguranta una din putinele care si-au pastrat componenta originala. Life Goes On este ultimul lor album lansat in 2009 iar piesa aleasa pentru videoclip poarta numele albumului. Mad Sin s-au format in 1987 si sunt una dintre cele mai bune trupe de psychobilly. Albumul din 2010 poarta numele de Burn And Rise, lansat de catre cei de la People Like You Records.  Roger Miret and The Disasters vin cu un videoclip din 2006 de pe albumul cu acelasi titlu, My Riot. Punk Rock!!!!


1. The Grit-The Ones

2. Broilers-Ruby Light and Dark

3. The Adicts-Life Goes On

4. Mad Sin-Cursed

5. Roger Miret and The Disasters-My Riot

see you next week!

Monday Punk News #8

Devils Brigade

Hellcat Records au lansat la finele lui august primul material Devils Brigade. Proiectul pentru aceasta trupa exista din 2000 cand Matt Freeman (Rancid) a inceput sa scrie piese in timpul turneelor. Totul s-a concretizat la inceputul acestui an cand Freeman impreuna cu Tim Armstong au intrat in studio alaturi de Dj Bonebrake.
„Tim a venit cu ideea de a face un musical despre constructia podului Golden Gate, tot el l-a numit Half Way To Hell Club” Matt Freeman
Numele acesta i-a venit lui Tim inspirat fiind de muncitorii ce au cazut de pe pod in timpul constructiei, neavand luate masurile de siguranta. Cu toate acestea ei cadeau intr-o plasa de siguranta ce era asezata intre scheletul podului si ocean. ” Am crescut in East Bay, uitandu-ne la podul acela, a fost intodeauna parte din viata noastra” afirma Freeman.

01 I’m Movin Through
02 My Own Man Now
03 Shakedown
04 Bridge Of Gold
05 Darlene
06 Ride Harley
07 Who’s Gonna Save You Now
08 Desperate Times
09 Vampire Girl
10 Gentleman Of The Road
11 Protest Song
12 Half Way To Hell


„Oi! UNA STORIA” este noul album Klasse Kriminale lansat pe CD de catre cei de la Anfibio Records si de Contra Records pe vinyl.
Pe langa CD in editia deluxe veti gasi si o copie din comicul The Rise And Fall Of The Stylish Kids…Oi Una Storia. De asemenea si vinyl-ul vine in 3 editii ( negru, rosu/alb/verde, rosu/alb/verde cu puncte).
Primul extras pe single poarta numele de „SOLO UN CUORE” si il puteti asculta pe pagina oficiala de myspace AICI

01. The Stylish Kids
02. La Musica Della Strada
03. Destroy Babylon
04. Eravamo Contro
05. Tradito
06. Con le Spalle Al Muro
07. Solo Un Cuore
08. Faccio Io I Miei Dischi
09. We Want Punk!!!
10. Dr. Martens
11. Nessuno Dice Niente
12. Eroi Finiti
13. Devo Farlo Io?
14. Uniti Si Vince


18 octombrie de la 20.00 in Elephant Pub (Gabroveni 16-Bucuresti)

Stillbirth-surfcore/death metal-GER

GxFxTx-diy thrashcore-LIT

Brosided-diy hc/punk-LIT

Negativecore Project – thrash/death metal-ROM

3 Ceasuri Rele- Timisoara Psychos Crew prezinta:

24 septembrie 2010 in Daos Club – Timisoara

RAYGUN COWBOYS (rockabilly-Canada) de la ora 21 biletul 10 lei

MPTY ZINE top videos play #50

Street Dogs s-au format in 2002, Boston la initiativa lui Mike McColgan (fostul solist al celor de la Dropkick Murphys).  Trupa a lansat la HellCat Records ultimul lor album, Street Dogs, unul din cele mai bune albume ale trupei de pana acum. The Ducky Boys vin tot din Boston si s-au format in 1995. Dupa un split cd cu cei de la Dropkick Murphys trupa a lansat 4 albume de studio, ultimul fiind The War Back Home (2006) si a participat pe numeroase compilatii. The Riot s-au format in Cehia si canta un oi/streetpunk iar piesa propusa poarta numele de Warbrothers.  Kaos Urbano s-au format in 1995 in Madrid, au 6 albume de studio si au devenit una din cele mai bune trupe de oi din Spania. Din pacate s-au despartit in 2008.

1. Street Dogs – Savin Hill

2. Street Dogs – War After The War

3. The Ducky Boys – Kids

4. The Riot – Warbrothers

5. Kaos Urbano-Larga Vida Al Oi

Silver Shine live in Brasov

Asteptarea a luat sfarsit!
Trupa ungureasca psychobilly The Silver Shine se va intoarce din Grecia sa incheie turneul in Romania: @Deane’s Irish Pub, Brasov – 22 septembrie 2010

Turneul complet este:
Sep 15 2010 ora 20:00
Jazz & Blues Club Targu Mures, RO, ROMANIA
Sep 16 2010 ora 20:00
Daos club Timisoara, Timis, ROMANIA
Sep 17 2010 ora 20:00
Art Cafe Sibiu, RO, ROMANIA
Sep 22 2010 ora 20:00
Dean’s Pub Brasov, ROMANIA

Dupa un drum de 17 ore, cei 3: Krista Kat, Ati Edge si Furo vor veni direct in Deane’s Irish Pub pentru a incendia atmosfera in Brasov.
Atentie! Concertul va avea loc intre orele 20:00 – 21:00 (ore impuse de locatie).
Intrarea: 10 lei
Imediat dupa concert va incepe traditionalul Quiz de miercuri, de data aceasta cu tema rock ‘n’ roll.
Intre timp, Teo de la ne va incanta atat cu prezenta, cat si cu numeroase surprize dulci pentru fiecare!
Dupa o seara minunata alaturi de The Silver Shine, inainte de plecare spre Castelul Bran (Dracula), Pensiunea Leo ne va gazdui pentru un somn binemeritat.

Multumesc Jagermeister,
Multumesc 3 Ceasuri Rele.


Monday Punk News #7

Pe data de 28 septembrie, Bad Religion vor lansa noul material discografic (albumul cu numarul 15), pe numele sau The Dissent of Man. Acesta vine la trei ani dupa precedentul album din 2007, New Maps Of Hell. Albumul va fi lansat tot de aceiasi Epitaph Records si un prim single, „The Devil in Stitches” il puteti asculta deja pe pagina oficiala de myspace a celor de la Bad Religion (daca n-ati facut deja lucrul acesta).

mai jos trcklist-ul albumului
1.     „The Day That the Earth Stalled”
2.     „Only Rain”
3.     „The Resist Stance”
4.     „Won’t Somebody”
5.     „The Devil in Stitches”
6.     „Pride and the Pallor”
7.     „Wrong Way Kids”
8.     „Meeting of the Minds”
9.     „Someone to Believe”
10.     „Avalon”
11.     „Cyanide”
12.     „Turn Your Back on Me”
13.     „Ad Hominem”
14.     „Where the Fun Is”
15.     „I Won’t Say Anything”

Noul videoclip Stiliti,  L’era Dell’Oro poate fi urmarit pe pagina de youtube a trupei.Stiliti s-au format in septembrie 1993 in Torino  si este una din cele mai apreciate trupe de ska din Italia.
Ultimul album lansat de catre cei de la Stiliti a fost A Denti Stretti in 2007,iar trupa a inregistrat un nou material urmand sa fie lansat cat de curand, posibil tot de catre cei de la One Step Records.

Stiliti-L’era Dell’Oro