Recycle Bin lanseaza Cronicile Din Retardia

Vineri, 19 noiembrie in Kulturhaus de la ora 22.00 (open doors) / bilet 20 lei

RECYCLE BIN (streetpunk-Bucuresti) lanseaza cel mai nou material: Cronicile Din Retardia

opening act: Rain District


MPTY ZINE top videos play #55


1. Evil Conduct-Skinhead Till I Die

2. Perkele – Always Coming Back

3. Operation Ivy-Oi Skinhead

4. Discipline-Hooligans Heaven

5. Sick Of It All-Take The Night Off


Perkele-Perkele Forever – 2010

Perkele has finally released Perkele Forever. This is the latest album by the swedish band, recently released by Bandworm Records. Perkele Forever is following up, after 2 years, Längtan. 10 all new oi songs, diversely influenced, varying from punk to rock’n roll, in the very same style that made them famous. I could say that this album is a little similar to the one they released in 2004, Stories From The Past (my favorite album, by the way). The songs are very melodic, accompanied by piano, violine or mandoline, the choruses are catchy, and Ron’s voice does not disappoint on this album either. Attitude (Punk Rock Army, Me, Waste Of Time), friendship and unity (Always coming back, Forever) are the themes that Ron works with on this album.
I give this album a 9/10 and I recommend it!
Favorites: Always Coming back , Diamonds.

101% pure oi!

Next Gigs

3 Ceasuri Rele prezinta:

3 noiembrie 2010 in Manufactura Handmade Cafe de la ora 21.00

KING PUNISH AND THE TRASHCANS (trash-o-billy / Germania)

9 noiembrie 2010 in club Underworld (Bucuresti)

Coercion (hc/punk-Constanta)

Alarma (punk-Bucuresti)

de la ora 21.00 / bilet 8 lei

Un eveniment Gluga Neagra: 31 octombrie 2010 in Atelier DIY (Timisoara) ora 21.00

Realicide (industrial hc/punk-USA)

concertul face parte din turneul european al trupei: When  Fear Is The Norm, Love Is Radical. Afterparty halloween cu visuals by 32 seconds

MPTY ZINE top videos play #54

The Misfits nu cred ca mai au nevoie de nici o prezentare. Este una din trupele care au inventat termenul de horrorpunk. Formati undeva in 1977 din Glen Danzing si Jerry Only in New Jersey si-au luat numele dupa ultimul film al actritei Marilyn Monroe, The Misfits (1961).  Piesa American Psycho este de pe albumul cu acelasi titlu din 1997. Despre The Creepshow am mai scris si saptamana trecuta, vin din Ontario si s-au format in 2005, de curand au lansat They All Fall Down la HellCat Records. Zombie Ate Her Brain este primul videoclip al lor de pe albumul Sell Your Soul din 2006.  Horrorpops vin din Danemarca si s-au format in 1996 din initiativa lui Kim Nekroman (bass/voce-Nekromantix) si a Patriciei Day. Misstake vine de pe albumul Hell Yeah, intr-o varianta live iar Where you can’t follow vine de pe albumul Bring It On din 2005. Un mix placut de rockabilly/psychobilly/punk marca HellCat Records. Ultima trupa din top, Rancid vin cu a lor Time Bomb de pe And Out Come The Wolves  din 1995 . Punk Rock made in California since 1991. Enjoy!

1. Misfits-American Psycho

2. The Creepshow-Zombie Ate Her Brain

3. Horrorpops-Misstake

4. Horrorpops-Where you can’t follow

5. Rancid – Time Bomb

Monday Punk News #12

Mike Ness, solistul celor de la Social Distortion a confirmat data lansarii noului material al trupei, aceasta se va produce undeva in ianuarie 2011. Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes trebuia sa fie lansat in noiembrie la Epitaph Records.
Mike Ness despre aceasta intarziere ” Music does the same thing for adults that nursery rhymes do for kids: It gives them an escape, and [it’s about] not growing up. I’m not afraid of taking risks. It helped me in the direction of this new record ”

The Creepshow au lansat recent noul videoclip: They All Fall Down de pe albumul cu acelasi titlu lansat de curand la HellCat Records.

videoclipul il puteti viziona mai jos

Pionierii Cro Mags au anuntat ca au in plan realizarea unui nou album pentru 2011. Trupa este formata din John Joseph, AJ Novella- chitara (Leeway), Craig Setari-bass (Sick Of It All), Mackie Jayson-tobe (Madball, Bad Brains, Hazen Street).
Ultimul album cu John Joseph la voce a fost cel din 1993 Near Death Experience.