Hardcore Night in Timisoara

Gluga Neagra aka Black Hood Society prezinta:

12 iulie 2011 la ATELIER DIY de la ora 21.30 o seara hardcore cu trupele:

DANGERS (hc-USA) / GOODTIME BOYS (hc-UK) / STUCK IN A RUT (hcpunk-RO) / IMPURITA (hc-Serbia) / IN DESCHIDERE (radical hiphop-RO)



UZOMI (crossover/thrash -Brazilia)

STUCK IN A RUT (hc/punk-Romania)

15 noiembrie 2010 in Irish and Music Pub din Cluj Napoca de la ora 21.00 / bilet 8 lei

UZOMI (crossover/thrash-Brazilia)

IMPURITA (hcmetal/hip hop-Serbia)

live at ATELIER DIY-Timisoara

18 noiembrie de la ora 21.00

CZOSNEK (hc/punk-Polonia)

HGW (punk/crust-Polonia)

12 noiembrie 2010 in ATELIER DIY-Timisoara de la ora 21.00


Gluga Neagra prezinta:


13 septembrie 2010 in Atelier DIY – Timisoara , o noua repetitie cu prietenii marca temuta Black Hood!!!

The Attack Of The Mad Axeman (Germania grindcore/hardcore)
Government Flu (Polonia, thrash/punk)
Calm The Fire (Polonia, hardcore/punk)
Pavilionul 32 (Timisoara, fastcore punk)

mai multe info: gluganeagra


MPTY ZINE sustine si recomanda:


RECLAIM Underground Timisoara Festival nr. 13!

Reclaim your culture! Reclaim your city! Reclaim your life!

21 – 22 Mai 2010 / Timisoara, Romania

Club Setup, str Pestalozzi nr 22


Primul si cel mai logeviv festival underground din Romania, Underground Timisoara Festival, revine cu editia a XIII-a in perioada 21-22 mai 2010 ..la Club Setup.., Timisoara.

Incepand cu 2009 organizatorii, Miscarea Underground Timisoara si Gluga Neagra aka Black Hood Society, propun un nou format: RECLAIM! – Reclaim your culture! Reclaim your city! Reclaim your life!

Acest  format confirma statutul castigat de UNDERGROUND ca fiind unul dintre cele mai importante evenimente de acest gen in Europa Centrala si de Est, dovada sta larga participare internationala; anul acesta vor canta formatii din Germania, Franta, Italia, Serbia si Romania.

In ceea ce priveste stilurile, UNDERGROUND va propune o paleta larga de genuri . Se va putea asculta live: electro-punk, experimental, noise, post punk, industrial, wave pentru a enumera doar cateva dintre ele.

Va asteptam si anul acesta ..la Timisoara.. pentru a degusta evenimentul cu numarul (norocos) 13 marca UNDERGROUND.

Miscarea Underground Timisoara, Gluga Neagra aka Black Hood Society

si Asociatia Do It Yourself



Vineri – 21.05.2010 / cu incepere de la ora: 21.00

NONLINEAR (Italia) –  www.myspace.com/staynonlinear

GESTAMMELORCHESTER (Germania) –  www.myspace.com/gestammel

YANN IS THE BASTARD / 1984 (Franta) – www.myspace.com/agrafist

KRASNOYE SORMOVO FACTORY NO.112 (Germania) – www.myspace.com/factory112

VISE OD MILIMETRA (Serbia) – www.myspace.com/viseodmilimetra

THE BAD DAYS WILL END (Romania) – www.myspace.com/thebaddayswillend

Sambata – 22.05.2010 / cu incepere de la ora: 21.00

VADOT (Germania) – www.myspace.com/vadotgore

MONNOCLE (Franta) – http://monnocle.free.fr/

ZOSCH! (Germania) – www.myspace.com/zoschgrrrls

FAST ARBEIT BABIES (Franta) – www.myspace.com/fastarbeitbabies

ROMANTIC JURGEN (Romania) – www.myspace.com/romanticjurgen

VADUVA BOB (Romania) – www.myspace.com/vaduvabobofficial

SEMIOSIS (Romania ) – www.myspace.com/semiosisband


MPTY ZINE sustine si recomanda:

THE BRAINS (psychobilly – Canada)


For the the past seven years, Montreal’s psychobilly horror-punk outfit, THE BRAINS, have been terrorizing unsuspecting audiences worldwide with their dastardly and mordid mix of 50’s rock n’ roll, country and old school punk rock. Fronted by undead latin lotherio slash axeman Rene d la Muerte, The Brains round out their unholy posse with beer-chugging, standup bass-slappin Johnny Montreal and the gravedigging, drum-pounding rhythm stylings of Franck O’ Brains.

Having previously released two blood-drenched full-lengths (No Pain, No Brain and Hell n’ Back), The Brains prove that the third time really is the charm. Relentless touring, song-writing and unwavering dedication to their craft have resulted in one hell of a kickass, genre-defining third recording. “Self Titled” features 11 tracks of spooky, ass-shaking and undeniably infectious rock n roll that’ll deeply satisfy old and new fans of psycho, rockabilly, punk, rock and everything in between.

Over the past year, The Brains have graced stages across the country alongside such heavy hitters as Rancid, The Creepshow, The Planet Smashers, Mad Sin and the Matadors just to name a few. Starting April 21st, The Brains will be bringing their signature psycho spectacle coast-to-coast for 5 weeks before shippin off to the USA and Europe.

infos here: http://www.myspace.com/thebrains

15 mai 2010 in DAOS CLUB – Timisoara

ora: 22.00 bilet 10 lei

dupa concert afterparty psychobilly dj set by 3 ceasuri rele

un eveniment: 3 ceasuri rele si koolkat