Interview exclusive: FFD (punk rock-Italy)

I know FFD for some years, but this is our first interview. From Parma with love and all over the world. Punk rock, ska and oi FFD have eveything you need. C’mon kids, stand up,stand up…. Enjoy it.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE): Ciao guys. Congrats for the Antifa Riot album, how is life?

FFD: Hi everybody, thank’s for everything…about the band is great , that’s a good time for the FFD, but about real life everyday it’s a bad time, too much work without gaining everything, it is a time of world crisis, people find it hard to get to the end of the month…anyways, let’s talk about music…

I know that you have started in 1992, for those that still don’t know you can you please make a short bio?

yes, we’ve started in ’92, we were very young, the guitar player was only 13 and me I was the older and I was only 17. At that time we were the youngest punk band in Italy and for people was fun to see 4 punk kids, drunk with crested and spiky hears, so we started to tour italy very soon…in ’94 we pressed our first demo tape and was sold out (500copies) in only one week, so in 1995 we self our 1st 7″ and for about a couple of oi!-punk distributors after a few months it was sold everywhere , from USA to Japan (obviously only in the punk shops and mail-orders ) In 1996 we started a collaboration that continues to this day with los fastidios ad we sheared a split lp „hasta la baldoria” and from there we played more than 1000gigs , in italy an in europe, we played from in all of the squats in Italy to the big outdoors summer festivals we sheared the stage with a lot’s of bands…20 years is a lot’s of time, if someone wants can find all about us in the www.

You will start a mini tour with this album. Any news and info about this?

We’ve already  done the first part of this promo tour, almost 15 gigs in all the parts of Italy during the winter, and now (6 april) we start again another mini-tour with 10 gigs during spring and summer in Italy as well.After that we would like to play some gigs in europe and we’d like to come to play in your area, we never been there.

Please make a me top 5 of your favorite bands.

It’s a very hard question, we like a lot’s of kinds of music ,from oi! to h.c.,and from skinhead reggae to northern soul but just for answer  5-Kortatu, 4-The Addicts, 3-Symarip, 2-Cock Sparrer 1-The Clash

Los Fastidios, Banda Bassotti just to name a few of the bands that have appeared with you along the time…name one band that you want to have a split ep.

Talking about dreams…The Clash

How’s the punk scene in Parma.

Not so good and not so bad, there are some good bands, but we wish there was more collaboration. It’s more than 20 years that we organize gigs and oi! punk events in Parma, but the most of the other bands wants only play and they are not available if you ask for a help


Any news with One Step Records for a new album?

May be… ANTIFA RIOT has been realized 4 month ago, and it’s our first collaboration with one step, we are finding good so we’d like continue to work with them.

Name 3 things without you can’t live


Now is the time: RedSka or Talco?

RedSka, just because we are friends, but I think that Talco is a good band as well, but not our  favorite


Thank you for the time guys, please add few words for MPTY ZINE and for our few readers:)

Good job, I think you are very important for the scene, you give the bands a chance to make known their music by investing your time and your passion

Ok, i really hope to see you live along with all my favorite bands soon, maybe in Romania or i will come to Parma. Thank you once again. If you have something to add, please fell free.

thank’s very much, I hope that some of your readers will listen our music and to come to play in Romania soon.cheers.

Mirceone vs. FFD – march 2013

Thanks to Fra (RedSka/One Step), FFD and to everybody who support independent music. Sorry for our english but we are not native:).


Flix Records news: The Static Age

The Static Age (Chicago, IL) and Featuring Yourself (Kiel, Germany) have teamed up to release a split single (7″ / download) featuring TSA’s new track „Mistakes Worth Making” (as a followup to their 2012 release „Mercies”) and FY’s „Ghosts” (as a followup to their 2012 release „Inner Underground”). The pairing marks a natural fit between kindred spirits – both bands pulling influence from the idealistic side of the punk scene and the last few decades of alternative music. The release also includes download-only co-cover b-sides (The Static Age takes on FY’s „Abyss” and Featuring Yourself tackles TSA’s „Eulogy”) and is in conjunction with the pair’s tour of a handful of European countries (Germany/Austria/Slovenia/Switzerland) during April and May 2013. For more check or

from: (also follow the web for pre-order)

check the bands HERE


promo picture The Static Age 2013

Also check the future tour dates:

11.04.2013 Dortmund – FZW*
12.04.2013 Kiel – Schaubude*
13.04.2013 Lindern – Teestube*
14.04.2013 Basel – Sommercasino
15.04.2013 München – Sunny Red
16.04.2013 Wien – EKH
17.04.2013 Ljubljana – Gala Hala
18.04.2013 Graz – Explosiv
19.04.2013 Vöcklabruck – Unity Festival
20.04.2013 Dornbirn – Kulturcafé
21.04.2013 Luzern – Sedel
22.04.2013 Zürich – Dynamo
23.04.2013 Freiburg – White Rabbit
24.04.2013 Düsseldorf – The Tube
25.04.2013 Hamburg – Molotow*
26.04.2013 Berlin – Tiefgrund*
27.04.2013 Döbeln – Skatehalle*
28.04.2013 Leipzig – Kulturcafé Manfred*
29.04.2013 Dresden – Chemiefabrik*
30.04.2013 Braunschweig – Café Riptide*
01.05.2013 Stuttgart – Club Zwölfzehn*
02.05.2013 Siegen – Vortex*
03.05.2013 Schwelm – 100Kilo Herz (Acoustic Show)*
03.05.2013 Bonn – Bla*
04.05.2013 Trier – The Ex Fest

*with Featuring Yourself

for other infos check Flix Records on:




Interview – RedSka (march 2013)


A talk with Fra from RedSka and One Step Records, about the new EP, new bands and other good and simple things. Listen to good music, go to concerts, buy a cd, support the diy and be good! enjoy it.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE) Ciao Fra, how’s life?

Fra (RedSka) Hi Mircea, everything is ok, thank you so much for this interview!

We have our last interview i think 2 years ago, meanwhile you have this new baby: Bella Ciao. congratulations and any news?

Yes, the last interview was at the time of studio production of „LA RIVOLTA”, our 3rd album. Now is „BELLA CIAO” time, our brand new EP. This new record is for us a solemn tribute to a true hymn of the partisan struggle and resistance. The EP contains the ska-punk version of the famous folk song and also two unpublished songs: „SIMILE” and „LA RESISTENZA” (feat. NH3).

RedSka is preparing a new tour?

We are always on the road…in the next months we’ll be in Austria, Germany, France and of course Italy.

How things are for One Step Records?

One Step Records continues his way. It’s very hard produce and distribute independent music in Italy, but we resist. At the moment, we’re working on new projects for 2013. You can follow our activity on Facebook (

Speaking of labels…what do you think nowdays about the internet and sharing the music?

The internet impact on the indipendent music was very strong.
The good impact was the great low cost opportunity to spread the music. Everything is for sure more simple than one time
The bad impact was the people can download the music for free, without any recognition for artists. I think is very very unfair to the artists.

I saw a lot of bands in the RedSka style, a lot of kids think that this is catchy, What you prefer 10 friends at your concert in a pub or 10.000 people in a festival ?

We do what we like and we prefer the „real” people in front of the stage…for sure the big festivals are very exciting for us, but the cool people could be everywhere.

I have listen latelly the new album from Talco and NH3, great albums. Give me a top of 5 new albums from you.

That’s a very difficult question….anyway we like a lot the new albums from FFD („Antifa Riot”), from LINEA („Revoluzionado”), the last album from Ashpipe. We hope to listen very soon to a new Los Fastidios album!

Speaking of bands what news you have about Atarassia Grop, you know is one of my favorite bands…whay don’t you try to put them on One Step?

We know some musicians from Atarassia Grop are now involved in other projects as Erode and Linea…We will see what will happen in the future!

How you can describe RedSka using up to 10 words?

Red-skankin’-punk-rockers 😉

The best concert ever that you have saw live?

Another difficult question…but I think one of the best concert I saw was the Ska-P concert in Rimini (italy) in 2010. The opener was RedSka…

A top 10  with the best bands that you still listen

This is a random-list…Bob Marley, Ska-P, Irie Révoltés, Banda Bassotti, The Specials, The Ramones, Mad Caddies, Los Fastidios, The Clash, Vallanzaska…

Thank you so much Fra for your time, please if you have something to add…

Thank you Mircea, thank you MPTYZine, a very good place for the punk-rock music in Europe.
Follow RedSka on Facebook ( ) and keep in touch…support the independent music!!!

fra redska

Mirceone vs. Fra – march 2013

Arredsted Denial new CD/LP OUT NOW (Mad Butcher Promo)


LP (yellow wax)
Arrested Denial are a punkrock band from Hamburg, Germany. Musical
references might be bands like Swingin’ Utters or Rancid. Their songs
range from melancholic street punk hymns to uptempo melodic punkrock,
combining a raunchy lead voice with catchy backing vocals.
The band was founded in 2009, all band members had been playing in German
punk and hardcore bands before. The first EP was produced DIY and made
available for free download in spring 2010. The record has been downloaded
a couple of thousand times until now and received positive reviews in
several important German punk fanzines like OX or Plastic Bomb.
Arrested Denial have played many live shows throughout Germany and
supported bands like Menace, Flatfoot 56, Dritte Wahl and Street Dogs
among others. Their second album “Our best record so far” will be released
in spring 2013 by Mad Butcher Records. It contains 13 energy-filled
punkrock songs with a little Offbeat here and there, telling stories of
life in a failing society.