Mise En Scene tour 2011


Mise En Scene  (ska/punk-Belgia) au anuntat datele pentru cateva concerte din luna iulie 2011

16/07 – Free Fest, Budapest, HUNGARY
17/07 – tba soon, Budapest, HUNGARY
18/07 – Subotica, SERBIA
19/07 – Skopje, MACEDONIA
20/07 – Craiova, ROMANIA
21/07 – Sibiu, ROMANIA
22/07 – Vama Veche, ROMANIA
23/07 – Bucharest, ROMANIA
24/07 – Baie Mara, ROMANIA
25/07 – Timisoara, ROMANIA
26/07 – Kosice, SLOVAKIA
27/07 – Szentes, HUNGARY
28/07 – tba soon, GERMANY
29/07 – Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG


Summer Of Punk editia 3

Vineri 22 Iulie si Sambata 23 Iulie
Festivalul Summer of Punk III revine in Underworld!

-Vineri 22 Iulie-

P.O BOX (franta)

NINA SCHOOL (franta)




-Sambata 23 Iulie-



M.E.S (belgia)



Mai multe detalii in curand!


de asemenea pe data de 19 iulie Mise En Scene si Horny Horses vor canta la Atelier DIY din Timisoara si pe 22 iulie vor canta la Vama Veche. mai multe detalii si afisele in curand.

Concert Rehab Nation

REHAB NATION lovesc din nou pe data de 15 iulie 2011 inBarrels Pub (Str.Republicii, nr.14 Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Rezervari : 0746-944-549, Intrare : MOKA

A mix of punk, folk ‘n’ roll, ska and alcohol

+ WE GO POGO! Afterparty


Horváth Hannah – Vocals
Gagyi Boti a.k.a. „The Sock” – Vocals and Bass
Hosszú Áron a.k.a. „Áron Stone” – Guitarrr
Kis Tamás a.k.a. „The Kid” – Guitarrr
Szallós Attila – Drums

Despre trupa:

We are Rehab Nation (Ex R.I.O.T.), we’ve changed our name, style and about everything humanly possible. R.I.O.T. was the warm-up for the real deal. We started out as a few friends just fooling around and enjoying themselves, nothing really changed except the fact that now others enjoy our music as well, this is a huge improvement. We try to address social issues through our music in non-conformist means. We take the world chew it up and regurgitate everything as we see it.

sursa: comunicat de presa

Hardcore Night in Timisoara

Gluga Neagra aka Black Hood Society prezinta:

12 iulie 2011 la ATELIER DIY de la ora 21.30 o seara hardcore cu trupele:

DANGERS (hc-USA) / GOODTIME BOYS (hc-UK) / STUCK IN A RUT (hcpunk-RO) / IMPURITA (hc-Serbia) / IN DESCHIDERE (radical hiphop-RO)

promo band: Total Chaos (streetpunk kings-USA)


I think everyone has heard of Total Chaos, but I thought it would not hurt to mention them, especially now when they just released a new album Battered And Smashed. They formed in 1989 in Pomona Valley (California) and in my opinion is one of the best bands of street punk from US. The band is known for its active involvement in social events such as Food Not Bombs, United Valley punks, Orange County Peace Punks and also contributed to the Big Mountain Indian Reservation. The first demo they put it somewhere in 1991 under the name Punk Invasion, shortly in 1992 followed the EP Nightmares and in 1993 follows the first album: We Are The Punx, We Are The Future and a first tour in Mexico.

Concrete Jungle records-promo pic

In 1994 the band signed with Epitaph and released Pledge Of Defiance album and begins a promo tour with Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Epitaph released the next album after the tour in 1995 Patroitic Shock and the band go for the first time in Europe.
Follow other studio albums very well received by the public will and a lot of changes in the band, in 2002 they go at Warped Tour with: The Casualties, Pistol Grip, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Anti Flag and Bad Religion and after they signed with Cleopatra Records, People Like You to finish with SOS Records (co owner Rob Chaos).
In 2003 following a tour with The Exploited in Canada in Montreal where due to visa problems for Exploited they have not been able to sing and have sparked a real riot in Montreal. The rest is already history …

last album

Rob Chaos – Lead Vocals
Shawn Smash – Guitar, Vocals
DeDe Gearhardt – Bass
Steve Gearbox – Drums

playlist Not Broken In Spirit (23 iunie 2011)

joi si duminica de la 22 la 23 pe 3 Ceasuri Rele  Mirceone cu Not Broken In Spirit: punk, ska, oi, hc

1. The Baseballs – Ghetto Superstar (2:58)
2. Total Chaos – That’s the story of my life (2:50)
3. The Briggs – This Is L.A. (3:40)
4. Al & The Black Cats – Hey Mr. DJ (2:54)
5. Voodoo Zombie – Hombre Voodo Español (3:53)
6. Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) – Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (2:12)
7. Jim Lindberg (Pennywise) – Blitzkrieg Bop (2:02)
8. The 86’ED – Sold Out (2:43)
9. Rancid – up to no good (2:40)
10. Klasse Kriminale – Solo Un Cuore (3:10)
11. D.C.P. – Ora e Sempre Resistenza (3:36)
12. Everybody Out! – Ghettoblaster (2:48)
13. The Bouncing Souls – Sarah Saturday (3:46)
14. Bim Skala Bim – Bones (3:40)
15. Cartoon Violence – Do Something About It (3:51)
16. Dims Rebellion – Damn you world (3:40)
17. HWS – bloody birds (3:27)
18. Kultur Shock – Gino Loves You (2:03)
19. Onesta – Keep Your Hands Off (2:07)
20. Scrapy – Dj…Dj (4:01)
21. Strawberry Blondes – Goodbye Inspiration – Feat. Joey La Rocca (4:35)