promo band: Anticops (hardcore-Germany)

Anticops successfully complete the hardcore bands gallery from Germany. Formed somewhere in 1998 in Berlin and very soon they became wellknown in the german underground and beyond. After several line-ups changes they became stable and for 2011 launch a new material: Out In The Streets. A back to hardcore roots album with sing alongs chorus and mosh parts mixed with some metal elements with lyrics about social problems full of attitude and friendship. Also this material has a lot of guests from Kid D (Rykers), Settle The Score, Walls of Jericho, Payback, Troopers, Final Prayer and Death Before Dishonor. A plus for Anticops and a must for all the hardcore kids!

Mediatrocity-Your Destruction Will Not Be Televised

I already told you about these guys  in one of my previous numbers.Now they are back with their first album: Your Destruction Will Not Be Televised.The album has 10 songs and 2 demo versions in addition. 13 songs that makes you jump and raise your fist in the air, and makes you wanna destroy everything…
Punk combined with pleasant ska elements and metal made in UK make this album be one with a strong socio-political message.
The band  pulls an alarm signal about the harmful effect that the media has on society.A message against the ones that control the information and show  what they want us to believe.
The guys started a series of covers after Ramones by the nickname of Rock’Em To Russia,and after some shows they began to write their own songs,somewhere in early 2009 in Norwich ( UK).
If Leftover Crack, Anti Flag, Bad Religion tell you something,then Mediatrocity will leave you with a good impression.A debut album that deserves all your attention. And remember…TURN OFF YOUR TV AND GO TO A PUNK ROCK SHOW!
You call them heroes??? think again!

more about on new number-out soon!


Daca aveti drum prin Ucraina merita vazut:

Date: Aug 21, 2010
City: Uzhgorod, Ukraine
Venue: Amphitheatre
Price: 100 UAH (~10 EU)
Doors: 1 PM


line up:

Astapai (punk rock), Another Way (fastcore), Jack (grindcore/punk), Bomb The World (punk rock), The Forum Walters (punk rock), Final Summation (punk rock), Stinx (punk rock), Doping (punk rock), The Symbioz (hcpunk/metal), Time To Live (hc/punk), Displease (dbeat)

Interviu RIOT

Dintre Bon Jovi si Anti Flag, alegem Anti Flag!

MPTY ZINE: Salut. Cum in orice trupa exista o poveste, spune-mi cum ati inceput sa cantati

Salut.Eu personal am inceput sa cant in trupa Speardrop,o trupa hardcore punk rock.Am inceput ca bassist acolo si vocal.Apoi m-au chemat in formatia R.I.O.T fiindca bassistul a plecat de la ei.Trupa sa format in 2008 martie.Amuzant este ca au inceput sa cante gen metal iar cand am intervenit eu si solista trupei sa schimbat putin stilul.

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