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MPTY Zine si 3 Ceasuri Rele prezinta: SHADOWBIRDS

sblogo0MPTY//3 Ceasuri Rele: In the beginnig, please introduce the members of the band.

Shadowbirds are a three piece band right now. Cherry Chainsaw plays doublebass,
Driller – stand-up-drums and me, Ati EDGE on guitar and vocals.

Could you tell me in a few words the history of the band?

We started the band in February of 2007 as a side project of some members of The Silver Shine.
Our first MCD came out last year on Crazy Love Records in Germany. We played some shows after the record and now we just decided we will continue the band as ATI EDGE AND THE SHADOWBIRDS in the future, so it will be a solo project.
Our good friend of ours called „Ivan the Great” will join us on some shows as second guitarist and Sick Wolfman will hit the drums as guest sometimes on the stage. We will record our first full-length album in the next weeks.

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#1 Scrapy-Won’t Take My Boots Off

#2 Banda Bassotti-L’altra Faccia Del Impero

#3 Talco-60 Anni

#4 Perkele-Moments

#5 The Business-Hell To Pay



Poate ca este gandul ca mai adaug inca un an in caietul meu, poate ca sunt unele ganduri ratacite care imi striga in cap, poate ca sunt unele fotografii care imi vorbesc, poate ca mi-e dor de prieteni de joaca, poate ca mi-e dor de tata, poate ca mi-e dor de martisorul pe care am scris doua versuri si timid l-a lasat pe banca a doua de la geam, poate ca vreau sa o vad pe mama alergand cu mine in parc, poate ca vreau sa o aud pe bunica vorbind despre razboi, poate ca mi-e dor de port si de orasul copiilor, poate ca mi-e dor de sifoanele de la colt si de mingea de 35, poate ca vreau iarasi la scara aia, poate ca iarasi vreau sa merg cu trenuletul din banii de pe sticlele de lapte ( chiar, mai exista vreun centru de colectare?), mi-e dor de sala de baschet, mi-e dor de excursiile multe la numar si de bicicleta albastra, poate ca mi-e dor de plimbarile mele de seara, sa vad iarasi figurinele, poate ca mi-e dor de drumul prea lung pana la sat si de asteptarea autobuzului, poate ca as vrea sa am iarasi carligele acelea colorate si sa le transform in doua armate combatante, poate ca multe lucruri nu sunt tocmai la locul lor acum, poate ca zambetul este mai rece, poate ca ma sperii acum de strazile pe care odata le iubeam, poate ca societatea ma face sa strig: i got stripes around my shoulders,i got chains around my feet, poate ca o sa fie bine, cu siguranta. Nu este o amintire via latrecut sau Jupiter, sunt doar niste ganduri amestecate cum zicea cineva. Da, Mirceone chiar am avut o copilarie fericita si plina de lucruri simple…




MPTY: You’re first album was released by Taang, are you satisfied with it?

Mike : Yes, Taang is great, I have been quite happy with them.

As i can see, it won’t be any show in the future period, why’s that?

Mike : Right now in California a lot of the all ages venues have shut
down, in fact in the US in general a lot of the all ages venues have
shut down, or the owners no longer allow hardcore punk bands to play.
We are starting to book some shows however it is much harder than it
used to be. Unfortunately there are a lot of kids in the scene who
start a lot of fights and destroy the venues, and its the bands and
those who are dedicated to the scene who are left picking up the

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MPTY Zine sustine:

07-03-2009-Cluj Napoca in Zvon Pub ora: 22.30


VIVE LA NOIZ-alternative ska/punk-Romania



No Border Festival #05

vineri 20 martie 2009 Deta-La Bomba

Mental Development//Last Minute//Bitov Terror//Jatagan//Pavilionul 32//Coercion//Smack Attack

No Border Fest 05

No Border Fest 05

UGTM #12

22-23 mai 2009 Setup Club-Timisoara

Vialka//HAOS//Romantic Jurgen//Don Vito//Arc Gotic// Boulevard//Miss Duckin+proiectii video, exhibition distro

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