Guacamaya (combat punk-Italy) interview

FINO ALL’ULTIMO BANDITO!!! Interview with Reb (vocals) from Guacamaya (combat punk band from Milan-Italy). Enjoy

MPTY ZINE: Hello Reb, what’s up ?

REB: hello brother ,all right, and I thank you now on behalf of myself and for Guacamaya for the interview.

Please introduce us to Guacamaya, how did you start to play, why and other interesting facts.

Guacamaya are an anti-fascist and anti-racist combat punk band active since 2003.
The purpose of the bands is that, through a punk sound to give voice to all minorities in the world. Start from the Anti-Fascist partisans and get to the struggles of our time. In mind the example of Joe Strummer.In 2010 we received the „recognition to social commitment” to the Meeting of independent labels in Faenza.After several lineup changes the Guacamaya are now ELENA on guitar and vocals, MARCO on bass and CANNA on drums. Apart from me that I am singing.

I’ve noticed that Italy has many bands of combat-punk-ska, but is there public for it ?

In fact there are very few „combat punk” band in Italy.The term „combat” was born from the clash, and is indicative of a music of struggle.Unfortunately in Italy the scene is not very public, but many people who play and are part of the same bands, are the prime movers of events.So there is a connection line between association and bands joining the peninsula.

Guacamaya band

I know that you’ve released FINO ALL’ULTIMO BANDITO. Got anything prepared for 2011 ?

„FINO ALL’ULTIMO BANDITO” is an EP made in 2009 which marked a definitive step in the band’s sound toward a style similar to the folk, but „shot” with the brutality and wickedness typical of street punk.
The EP has sold out in just a few months, so in 2010 thanks to the french label RUSTY KNIFE rec. and italian LANTERNA PIRATA rec. of Genoa has been reissued. Also this second printing is nearly sold out, but at this time we have no intention of making further reprints. In May of this year we will go into the studio to record a new album which should then be distributed in September.

Pick between Erode and Los Fastidios

Can not choose. I love both bands.
With Enrico and Los Fastidios there is a relationship of friendship and collaboration that has lasted several years.
I would say that i would choose Erode for the music and Los Fastidios for contents and musical aptitude.

You’ve made a split with bands such as DCP, Los Fastidios, Red Union, as a benefit for the zapatista movement, do you think EZLN has any future as long as they’ve let the arms down and gotten into politics ?

I think you should ask Marcos. 🙂

Guacamaya band

Since we’re talking about politics, aren’t you sick of Berlusconi ?

Berlusconi is a new dictator, without beating about the bush too much talk or do I hope the same fate of Mussolini and quickly.

Tell me something about the Milano scene.

In Milan, the scene is perhaps much more developed in hardcore. A few spaces to play and if you have politicized texts remain the only places the occupied social centers. Accordingly, we play much more often in other regions of Italy.

Three things you would take with you on a deserted island.

Why should I go on a desert island? I love the contact with people, exchange of views. as Joe said, „without people we’re nothing ”

Have you got groupies ?

No. I’ve always preferred women who play. good for music and the male ass fucking.


WHat can you tell me about Romania ? Do you know about any bands, zines from here ? (well, about the zines you can’t really know, MTPY ZINE is anyway the best there could be)

Unfortunately I do not know the band of your country. I only know your fanzine thanks to the brothers of LA GHENGA DEL FIL DI FERRO

Thanks Reb for the interview and hope to see you in Romania at a concert. The last words belongs to you.

We hope to play you soon. a big hug to you all! stay free & rebel

Mirceone vs Reb – march 2011

thanks to Reb from Guacamaya, to Giuli from La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro and to you.


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