Concert Rehab Nation

REHAB NATION lovesc din nou pe data de 15 iulie 2011 inBarrels Pub (Str.Republicii, nr.14 Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Rezervari : 0746-944-549, Intrare : MOKA

A mix of punk, folk ‘n’ roll, ska and alcohol

+ WE GO POGO! Afterparty

Horváth Hannah – Vocals
Gagyi Boti a.k.a. „The Sock” – Vocals and Bass
Hosszú Áron a.k.a. „Áron Stone” – Guitarrr
Kis Tamás a.k.a. „The Kid” – Guitarrr
Szallós Attila – Drums

Despre trupa:

We are Rehab Nation (Ex R.I.O.T.), we’ve changed our name, style and about everything humanly possible. R.I.O.T. was the warm-up for the real deal. We started out as a few friends just fooling around and enjoying themselves, nothing really changed except the fact that now others enjoy our music as well, this is a huge improvement. We try to address social issues through our music in non-conformist means. We take the world chew it up and regurgitate everything as we see it.

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